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Genealogy of John Godbold

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II. James Godbold b. Mars Bluff Community, Craven Co., S. C. about 1741; about 1759, or just prior to, moved down on Catfish Creek (near what later became Marion), S.C.; m. about 1760 Mrs. Mourning Elizabeth Baker Johnson; in 1769 and 1770 he received two land grants of 200 acres each from George III, King of England; a copy of one of these Royal grants may be seen in the Marion Public Library, Marion, S. C.; d. 1791, Liberty Co., S. C. Children: John, James, Zachariah, Cade, Abraham, Mourning Maria, Mary Elizabeth, Thomas and Sarah Godbold. 1 2

A. Lt. John Godbold b. about 1761, Craven Co., S. C.; served in American Revolution; m. about 1780; living in Caswell Co., N. C., 1800; at that time he had two sons over sixteen, a daughter or wife under 26, and daughter under 10.

B. Lt. James Godbold, Jr. b. about 1762, Craven Co., S. C.; served in the American Rev. under Gen. Marion; d. or moved away before 1790. 1 2

C. Lt. Zachariah Nathaniel Godbold b. 3 Apr. 1763, Craven Co., S. C.; served in American Rev.; m. 1790, Rachel ____ (   -1845); moved to St. Stephens, Ala., 1810, with wife and eight children; d. 13 July 1832; buried in Saluda Hill Cem., Bromley, Baldwin Co., Ala. Children: Mary, James, Nancy, William, Charlotte, Cade M., John Godbold, and probably others. (Census report)

1. Mary Godbold b. Marion Dist., S. C.; m._____Morgan, Ala.

2. James D. Godbold b. Marion Dist., S. C., 1890's; escort for Lafayette from New York to New Orleans; sheriff of Monroe Co., Ala., 1820. 1 2

3. Nancy Godbold b. Marion Dist., S. C.; m. _____ Ward, Ala.

4. William H. Godbold b. Marion Dist., S. C.; came to Monroe Co., Ala. 1810.

5. Charlotte Godbold b. Marion Dist., S. C.; m. _____Schackleford, Ala.

6. Cade M. Godbold b. 20 Mar. 1809, Marion, S. C.; 1810 came with parents to Monroe Co., Miss. Territory (now Baldwin Co., Ala.); U.S.Marshall prior to 1860's; Dem.; Mason; m. 10 July 1842 Mary Ann Hall (1816-1892), Carpenter Station, Ala.; quartermaster ser­geant, CSA; d. 16 Oct. 1879, Bay Minette, Ala. Children: Ann Hall, Aurelia, James Dargan, Florence, Burwell Boykin, Octavia Marcy, Grace and Cade M. Godbold, Jr. 1 2

a. Ann Hall Godbold b. 1840's, Baldwin Co., Ala.

b. Aurelia Mary Godbold b. 1840's, Baldwin Co., Ala.

c. James Dargan Godbold b. 1847, Baldwin Co., Ala.

d. Florence Godbold b. 10 Jan. 1849, Godbold Creek, Baldwin Co., Ala.; m. Gen. Earl Van Dorn of Miss.; m. 8 July 1875 at Jackson Street Presbyterian Church, Mobile, David Crawford Byrne (1843-1919); d. 4 Mar. 1919 Bay Minette, Ala. Children: Haynes Cornelius, Octavia Haynes, Mary Godbold, Clarissa, David, Jr. and Madison Godbold Byrne.

(1) Haynes Cornelius Byrne b. 7 July 1876; m. Lucy Purdy Head; d. 1954. No children.

(2) Octavia Haynes Byrne b. 18 Sept. 1877; m. 11 Jan. 1899 William DeVan Stapleton; d. 9 Jan. 1900. Son: William Wade Stapleton b. 1899 d. 1900.

(3) Mary Godbold Byrne b. 15 Aug. 1880; never married; d. 31 Aug. 1964.

(4) Clarissa Byrne b. 4 Aug. 1883; Oct. 1907 m. William Gasque Hall (   -1914); Bay Minette, Ala. Child:

(a) William Gasque Hall, Jr. b. 8 Apr. 1914; m. Jean Sellers. Child:

1. Julia Hall, Greenville, S. C.

(5) David Crawford Byrne, Jr. b. 25 Apr. 1886; m. 17 June 1925 Helen Elizabeth Embler; practiced medicine; d. 22 Sept. 1962, Magnolia Springs, Ala. Children: Jane Elizabeth, David, III, and Albert Embler Byrne.

(a) Jane Elizabeth Byrne b. 30 Mar. 1925; m. 14 June 1950 John Ray Nelson, Bon Secour, Ala. Children:

1. John Andrew Nelson b. 5 Nov. 1954.

2. David Byrne Nelson b. 6 Nov. 1956

3. Christopher Lee Nelson b. 16 July 1962.

(b) David Crawford Byrne, III b. 26 Nov. 1929.

(c) Albert Embler Byrne b. 25 June 1931; m. 17 Dec. 19__ Bobbie Ann Neckles, Augusta, Ga. Children:

1. Parralee Byrne b. 22 Nov. 1958.

2. Albert Embler Byrne, Jr. b. 5 Apr. 1961.

(6) Madison Godbold Byrne b. 24 Feb. 1890; m. Eloise Johnston, Children:

(a) Madison Godbold Byrne, Jr. b. 31 Jan. 1917; m. Mary Elizabeth Francis. Children:

1. David Madison Byrne.

2. James Francis Byrne b. 22 Oct. 1942.

3. Mary Elizabeth Byrne.

(b) Haynes Crawford Byrne, M.D. b. 17 July 1919; m. Margaret Gibbons; practices medicine in Montgomery, Ala. Children: Margaret, Elizabeth, Haynes Crawford, Jr., and Laura Byrne.

e. Burwell Boykin Godbold b. Baldwin Co, Ala. in 1850's; m. Kate Bingood Drake.

f. Octavia Marcy Godbold b. Baldwin Co., Ala. 1850's; m. William Alfred Smith Haynes.

g. Grace Godbold b. 1850's, Baldwin Co., Ala.

h. Cade M. Godbold, Jr. b. Baldwin Co., Ala.

7. John Godbold b. about 1811, Monroe Co., Ala.

D. Cade Godbold b. 1760's, Craven Co., S.C.; unmarried in 1790; d. or moved away before 1800. There was a Cade Godbold from S.C. who came to Copiah Co., Miss. around 1820 or -25, with his daughter, Avis Godbold, who married someone, who was living in Copiah Co., later in the century. 7

E. Abraham Godbold b. Craven Co., S. C.; 1791 was given power of attorney in settling of his father's estate; m. and living in Fairfield Co., S. C. 1800. At that time he had two sons and one daughter under ten years of age. There was an Abraham Godbold, b. 1802, S. C. living in Wilcox Co., Ala., in 1850. His wife, Ann____ b. 1806, S.C.

F. Sarah Godbold b. Craven Co., S. C.; never married.

G. Mourning Maria Godbold b. Craven Co. , S.C.; m. prior to 1790, Thomas Smith.

H. Gen. Thomas Godbold b. 22 Aug. 1774, Craven Co., S.C.; m. about 1795 Sarah Fladger; he inherited his father's land grant, 1767; 1800 gave land for Marion City Park; served in S. C. Militia; d. 21 July 1825, Marion, S. C. Children: Son, Charles, Hugh, James, Sarah Anne, Elizabeth Keene, John and Mary Jane Godbold. 2

1. Son, _____Godbold b. about 1796, Liberty Co., Marion Dist., S.C.

2. Dr. Charles F. Godbold b. Dec. 1798, Liberty Co., S. C.; d. 15 Apr. 1827, soon after graduating from South Carolina College.

3. Hugh G. Godbold b. 1800, Liberty Co., S. C.; m. 24 Sept. 1817, Rhoda Crawford; 19 slaves, 1830; remarkably intelligent; d. 1859. No children.

4. James T. Godbold b. 1803; d. 1823; Marion, S. C.

5. Sarah Anne Godbold b. 1807, S. C.; m. Gen. William Evans (1804-1876); d. 1885. Children: 2 sons and 7 daughters, one of whom was Annie Mariah.

a. Annie Mariah Evans b. 1837 Marion S. C.; m. 21 Dec. 1854, Col. John Gilchrist Blue; d. 1912. Children: Sallie, Effie, Ida, William Evans, Victor, Rupert, Kate Lilly and Henriet Blue.

(1) Sallie Blue b. 1856, Marion, S. C.; m. Peter M. John; d. 1931. No children.

(2) Effie Blue b. 1859, Marion, S.C.; m. E. B. Wheeler.

(3) Ida Blue b. 1861, Marion S. C.; m. B. I. Nicholson; m. Capt. James T. Johns; d. 1940.

(4) William Evans Blue b. 8 May 1863, N. C.; m. 26 July 1911, Elizabeth Godbold (   -1935) Marion, S. C.; d. 2 Sept. 1927. They had one son who died at birth.

(5) Victor Blue b. 6 Dec. 1865, Richmond Co., N. C.

(6) Rupert Blue b. 30 May 1867, Richmond Co., N. C.

(7) Kate Lilly Blue b. 23 Sept. 1869, Marion, S. C.; lived at "Bluefield".

(8) Henriet Blue b. 1875, Marion, S. C.; lived at "Bluefield".

6. Elizabeth Keene Godbold b. Marion S. C.; m. about 1825 John Haselden (1805-1834); m. David Monroe. Children: Sarah Jane, Hugh Godbold, Cyrus, James and Frank Haselden.

a. Sarah Jane Haselden b. 3 Dec. 1826, S. C.; m. 9 Dec. 1847 Chesley Daniel Evans. Son: James Daniel Evans.

b. Hugh Godbold Haselden b. S. C.; d. a prisoner during Civil War.

c. Cyrus B. Haselden b. S. C.; m. ____Monroe in Ark.; m. ____ Monroe.

d. Col. James Monroe Haselden b. S. C.; killed in action, Mexican War.

e. Dr. Frank Monroe Haselden b. S. C.; surgeon in Civil War.

7. John Godbold b. Marion, S. C.; m. about 1823; d. around 1890, Marion, S. C. Children: 3 daughters under ten years of age in 1830.

8. Mary Jane Godbold b. Marion, S. C.; m. James Haseldon.

IV. Mary Elizabeth Godbold b. Craven Co., S. C.; m. James Buckingham Keene 1789, Prince George Parish, Georgetown Dist., S. C.

III. Thomas Godbold b. 1740's, Mars Bluff, near Florence; S.C.; moved with parents 1759, or thereabout, to Catfish Creek, near Marion, S.C.; m. about 1766 Martha Herron; 2 July 1767, received his father's grant of land on Catfish Creek; d. 1825, Marion S.C. Children: Stephen, Edith, David, Thomas, Jr. and Elly Godbold.

A. Stephen Godbold b. 1767, Craven Co., S.C.; m. about 1789 Rebecca Grice; m. around 1815; m. 1822 Rebecca Woods; 37 slaves, 1830; living in Prince George Parish, Georgetown Dist., S. C. 1790; in Fairfield Co., S. C. 1800; in Marion Co. 1830; d. 1845 Wahee Town­ship, Marion Co, S.C. Children: Wife 1, 3 sons and 2 daughters b. before 1800, Stephen G., 2 and 2 other sons and 1 daughter b. before 1810; Wife 2, 1 son and 1 daughter; Wife 3, 1 son and Elizabeth A. Godbold.

1. Stephen G. Godbold b. 1804, Fairfield Co., S. C.; m.; m. Elizabeth Haseldon (1807-1868); d. 1871, Wahee Twp., Marion Dist., S.C. Children: 1 son and daughter, Annie Godbold.

a. Son Godbold b. between 1825 and 1830, Marion Co., S.C.; probably d. young.

b. Annie Godbold b. between 1825 and 1830, Marion Co., S.C.; m. Francis A. "Frank" Miles; inherited father's estate in Wahee. Children: Dr. David Franklin, Stephen G., daughter m. _____ Lide, daughter m. W. L. Durant, and Dr. Samuel A. C. Miles m. Caroline Ellerbe.

2. Elizabeth A. Godbold b. 1832, Marion Co., S.C., m. 1847 John F. Spencer (1811-1898); d. 1916. Children: Ten living in 1900 and all married except Nathan Spencer. 2

B. Edith Godbold b. around 1770, Craven Co., S. C.; m. Nathaniel Evans (   -1810). Children:

1. Thomas Evans b. 1790; m. Jane Beverly Daniels; d. 1845. Son; George Evans.

2. Gen. William Evans b. 1904; m. Sarah Anne Godbold. Daughter:

a.  Annie Maria Evans b. 1837; m. Col. John G. Blue; d. 1912. See p. 80.

C. David Godbold b. between 1770 and 1780, Craven Co., S. C.; m.; probably moved away. Children: 3 sons born between 1815 and 1830, Marion Co., S. C.

D. Thomas Godbold, Jr., b. 1779, Craven Co., S. C.; m. 1 Mar. 1803 Nancy Ann Gasque (1780-1890); senator 1808-1820; 19 slaves, 1830; d. 1837 Marion, S. C. Children: Asa, Jehu, Robert, Thomas, Alexander, Charles, William, Anne, Son and Martha Ann Godbold. 2

1. Asa Godbold b. 1804, Marion, S. C.; m. 1828 Sarah Cox 2; elected Ordinary 1859; held office until Reconstruction days. 2 Children; James, Mary Jane, Thomas, Asa, Jr., Sarah, Annie Eliza and F. Marion Godbold. 2

a. James Godbold m. ____Richardson; lived south of Marion, S.C. Children: 2 sons and 3 daughters.

b. Mary Jane Godbold m. Capt. Mat. B. Stanley of Darlington, S.C. Children: 2 sons and 1 daughter.

(1) Asa Stanley b. 18 May 1858; d. 8 Nov. 1862.

c. Thomas W. Godbold never m.; extraordinary personality; d. about 1899. 2

d. Asa Godbold, Jr., b. 30 Mar. 1835; m. 21 Jan. 1858 Sallie Ellerbe (1839-   ); planter; volunteer veteran in Civil War; d. 15 Oct. 1883. Children: Walter, William, James, Lawrence, Luther, Alice, Mollie, Anne, Victoria, Bessie and Daisy Godbold. 2

(1) Walter Godbold m. _____Williams, Near Nichols, S. C. 2

(2) William Asa Godbold b. 14 July 1868; m. Lucia Ellerbe (1869-1936), sister of Gov. Ellerbe, S. C.; d. May 1928, Marion, S.C. Children: Eva, William, Sarah, Lucile, Asa, Omega, Cash and Thomas Marion Godbold.

(a) Eva Ellerbe Godbold b. 22 Nov. 1895, Marion, S. C. Unmarried; lives in Estill, S. C.

(b) William Ellerbe Godbold b. 13 Dec. 1896, Marion, S. C.; m. Lillie Mae Davis; lives in Augusta, Ga. Children:

1. William Ellerbe Godbold, Jr.; Memphis, Tenn.

2. Charles Thomas Godbold; Orlando, Fla.

3. Jack Godbold, adopted; Stone Mountain, Ga.

(c) Sarah Ellerbe Godbold b. 27 Aug. 1898, Marion, S. C.; teacher, Chicona College, Columbia, S. C. and high school; director Camp Jocassee for Girls, 37 years; retired; unmarried; Columbia, S. C.

(d) Lucile Ellerbe Godbold b. 31 May 1900, Marion, S.C.; athletic director, Columbia College, Col­umbia, S. C; top scorer in first Olympics for women, 1922; S.C. Athletic Hall of Fame; still teaching.

(e) Asa Godbold b. 15 Feb. 1902, Marion, S. C.; m. Edna Spann; farmer; Bamberg, S. C. Children:

1. Jacqueline Godbold m. Dr. Jim Walter, phar­macist, Atlanta, Ga. Children: Steven and Cynthia Walter.

2. Lucie Ellerbe Godbold m. J. L. Flake, Jr.; works with Social Security; Florence, S. C. Children: Lee, Linda and Victoria Flake.

3. Asa Godbold, Jr. m. Shirley Jones; Bamberg, S. C. Children: Joycelyn, Denise, Mary Elaine, and Asa Godbold, III.

(f) Omega Godbold b. Marion, S. C.; died in infancy.

(g) Cash Ellerbe Godbold b. 16 July 1906, Marion, S. C.; m. Laura Oswald; teacher; merchant; Columbia, S. C. Children:

1. Cash Ellerbe Godbold, Jr. m. Ann Mickle; both missionaries to Niger Republic, Africa. Children: Cash, Stephen, Elizabeth, and Sally Godbold.

2. Dunbar Oswald Godbold m.; dentist; Capt. US Army; Ft. Jackson, S. C.

(h) Rev. Thomas Marion Godbold b. 5 June 1908, Marion, S. C.; m. Dorothy Henderson; Methodist minister; d. 22 Dec. 1962. Children;

1. Thomas Marion Godbold, Jr. m. Kathy Sartain; teaches in a Govt. School in Philippine Islands.

2. Lu Ann Godbold teaches in Atlanta, Ga.

(3) James C. Godbold b. Marion, S. C.

(4) Lawrence Godbold b. Marion, S. C.

(5) Luther Godbold.

(6) Alice Godbold m. 1879 Rev. J. Thomas Pate, Florence, S.C. 2

(7) Mollie Godbold m. J. B. Moore, Latta, S.C. 2

(8) Annie Godbold m. James Harrel, Cheraw, S. C. 2

(9) Victoria Godbold m. W. H. Breeden, Campbell's Bridge, S.C. 2

(10) Bessie Godbold.

(11) Daisy Godbold b. 5 Aug. 1883, Marion Co., S. C.; m. 10 Dec. 1912 N. Bruce Hargrove; widow; only member of her father's family still living, 1967; Dillon, S.C. Child:

(a) Bessie Hargrove b. 25 Jan. 1916, Dillon, S.C.

e. Sarah Godbold b. Marion Co., S.C.; m. Col. E. B. Ellerbe; lived in Horry Co., S.C.; had large family. 2

f. Annie Eliza Godbold m. Edwin Bethea, Latta, S. C. 2

g. F. Marion Godbold b. Marion Co., S. C.; m. _____ Vance, Abbeville, S. C.; around 1900 moved back to Marion from Abbeville. 2 Son:

(1) Rev. Thomas W. Godbold b. Abbeville, S. C.; Methodist minister.

(a) Caroline Godbold m. Lester Walter; Columbia, S.C.

2. Jehu Godbold b. Marion Co., S. C.; bachelor.

3. Robert Godbold b. Marion Co., S. C.; m.; d. soon afterward. Daughter.

4. Thomas E. Godbold b. 1814 Marion Co., S. C.; bachelor; d. 17 Jan. 1859.

5. Alexander Godbold b. S. C.; bachelor.

6. Charles Godbold b. S. C.; bachelor.

7. Dr. William H. Godbold b. Marion Co., S. C.; m. ____ Mendenhall of N. C.; m. Mary E. Hunt, High Point, N. C.; d. when children were small. Children:

a. Thomas N. Godbold m. 10 Jan. 1888 Mary Sellers, daughter of John C. Sellers, author of Hist. of Marion Co. Children: Thomas Carroll, Anna and Mary E. Godbold. 2

b. William H. Godbold, Jr. m. 1886, Mattie Beatty; disappeared from home, 1893. Children: 2 daughters and 2 sons.

c. Mattie Godbold m. J. E. Stevenson; d. about 1896. Children: 2 sons and 1 daughter. 2

d. Mary L. Godbold m. Richard Davis; lived below Marion in 1900. 2

8. Anne Godbold b. Marion Co., S. C.; m. ____ Harrington, Georgetown, S.C.

9. Martha Ann Godbold b. between 1825 and 1830, Marion, S.C.

E. Elly Godbold, Sr. b. about 1771, Craven Co., S.C.; m. around 1800; d. prior to 1830. Children: Elly, Jr., Stephen and Erwin M. Godbold. 2

1. Gen. Elly Godbold, Jr., b. 1804, Marion Co., S. C.; m. ____Flowers; sheriff of Marion Co. 1837-1841, 1845-1849 and 1853-1857; m. 16 Feb. 1874 Mrs. ____Kelly; d. 12 Jun  1874. Children: Huger, David, Zachariah and two daughters. 2

a. Huger Godbold b. about 1825, Marion, S.C.; m. ___White (    -1870); worked in printing office, Washington, D. C.; still living 1901. Children: 3 sons and 3 daughters. 2

(1) Son ____ Godbold, went to the West; m. Children: Huger, Wilmer and Elmer Godbold.

(a) Huger W. Godbold, Sr., b. 1884; m.; d. 20 Sept. 1961, Meridian, Miss. Children: 2 daughters and 1 son. Eleven grandchildren.

1. Daughter _____ Godbold m. John A. Warren; Columbia, S. C.

2. Irene Godbold m. Charles C. Moss; Meridian, Miss.

3. Huger W. Godbold, Jr., Jackson, Miss.

(b) Wilmer Godbold living in Birmingham, Ala., 1961.

(c) Elmer Godbold, Opp, Ala. 1961.

(2) Son ____ Godbold went to the West.

(3) Waties Godbold lived in Wahee Township, S. C.

(4) Daughter ____Godbold, m. ____Game. 2

(5) Daughter ____ Godbold, m. Truman Foxworth. 2

(6) Daughter ____ Godbold unmarried in 1900. 2

b. David Godbold, 3rd Sgt. CSA; d. at Charlottesville.

c. Zachariah Godbold b. Marion Co., S. C.; m.; wife d. when children were small; Capt. of Co. D 10th Inf., CSA; m. Children: Wife 1,

(1) D. E. Godbold m. ____Young; merchant; mayor; Mullins, S. C.

(2) Daughter _____ Godbold, m.

(3) Daughter _____ Godbold d. a young woman. 2

(4) Daughter _____Godbold, unmarried in 1900. 2

2. Capt. Stephen T. Godbold b. early 1800's, Marion Co., S. C.; left when a young man.

3. Erwin M. Godbold b. Marion Co., S. C.; m. ____ Foxworth; served CSA; d. prior to 1900. Children: Thomas Godbold, a daughter who married S. G. Owens, Clerk of  the Court, and several others, whose names we do not know. 2

IV. Elizabeth Godbold b. 1740's, Mars Bluff, S. C., a daughter of immigrant John Godbold and Elizabeth McGurney.

V. Annie (Anne) Godbold b. 1740's, Mars Bluff, S. C.

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