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Genealogy of John Godbold

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G. James Godbold b. Dec. 1785 Prince George Parish, Georgetown Dist. (later Marion Co.), S. C.; came to Port Gibson, Miss. with relatives in early 1800's; m. about 1808, ______ Tarver (or Tabor) (17  -1820); entry for land in Franklin Co. in 1817; m. Elizabeth K. Wright 28 May 1821; charter member and exhorter Bethesda Meth. Church, 1823; planter; d. 1 Mar. 1869, McCall Creek, Miss. Children 1. wife: Reason Erwin Godbold and three daughters; 2. wife: Mary Ann, Martha Jane, Levi R., James M., Blueford, William, Missouri and Thomas Godbold.

1. Reason Erwin Godbold b. 1812, Claiborne or Franklin Co., Miss.; m. 16 Dec. 1834, Rebecca Stroud; m. 10 Dec. 1836, Sarah Ann McLaurin, Caseyville; Meth.; owned much land in Copiah Co., Miss.; d. 1860 (or 1864), Caseyville, Miss. Children: Mary Anna, Nancy, Samantha, Mariah, Margaret, Daniel, Viola, Wallace and twins, Bruce and Luther Godbold.

a. Mary Anna Godbold b. 25 Jan. 1838; d. 17 Aug. 1841; Casey­ville, Miss.

b. Nancy Godbold b. 1840, Caseyville, Miss., m. Davis Applewhite. Children: Laurin and Hattie Applewhite.

c.  Samantha Jane Godbold b. 1842, Caseyville, Miss.; m. 9 Sept. 1860 William James "Bill" McRee; d. 20 May 1902, Lincoln Co., Miss. Children:

(1) Emma McRee b. 27 June 1861; m. Monroe Callender, Lincoln Co., Miss.

(2) Epsie Ann McRee b. 26 Feb. 1864; m. 8 Dec. 1881, Allan Cowart.

(3) David McRee b. 18 Feb. 1866; d. 5 Jan. 1904.

(4) Lula McRee b. 8 July 1869; m. Ernest Newman, Lincoln Co., Miss.

(5) Maggie Jane McRee b. 1 Oct. 1871; d.

(6) Katie J. McRee b. 13 Oct. 1873; m. Willie D. Jackson; d. 17 Mar; 1945.

(7) Marvin Davy McRee b. 28 Nov. 1875; d. in 1890's.

(8) Bettie Ida McRee b. 17 Feb. 1879; m. 9 Aug. 1904 Thaddeus Woolley (1859-1934); d. 28 Dec. 1926.

(9) Fannie C. McRee b. 4 Jan. 1882; m. Lewis P. Smith; d. 12 Apr. 1960.

(10) Horace McRee b. 16 June 1884; d.

d. Mariah Catherine Godbold b. 1846, Caseyville, Miss.; m. Griffith Mclntosh; m. 10 Nov. 1870, Duncan Cammeron Wright (1813-1898); Methodist; d. 9 Oct. 1883, Raymond, Miss. Children: George Mc­lntosh; Hope, Maggie, Viola, Prentiss and Charles Hooker Wright.

(1) Hope Wright b. 17 Sept. 1871, Raymond, Miss.; d. 19 Dec. 1903 Rayville, La.

(2) Maggie Wright b. 11 Sept. 1874, Raymond, Miss.; m. 28 Nov. 1895 ___Cade (18_-1900); m. H. M. Enlow (18_-1942); still living.

(3) Viola Godbold Wright b. 1 Mar. 1877, Raymond, Miss.; m. 21 Feb. 1899, Ural Rosco Sorey, Rayville, La.; d. 12 Oct. 1912, Rayville, La.; Methodists. Children; Leon Clyde, Clifton Wright, Hope Irvin, Lillian Mae, Gushin Ural, Pauline, Joe Herbert and Prentiss Sorey.

(a) Leon Clyde Sorey b. 23 June 1900; d. 16 Sept. 1900; Rayville, La.

(b) Clifton Wright Sorey b. 26 Aug. 1901; m. Eula Marie Sibley, 8 Nov. 1922; carpenter; Pentecostal. Children: Gordon Calvin, Ural Gene, Walter Ashley, twins John Paul and Joy Bell, Evelyn Janice and Peggy Sue Sorey.

1. Gordon Calvin Sorey b. 3 Nov. 1923, Eldorado, Ark.; m. Connie Mae Turner. Children:

a. Kenneth Sorey b. 13 Nov. 1951, Bakersfield, Calif.

b. Daphine Mae Sorey b. 28 Feb. 1956, Calif.

2. Ural Gene Sorey b. 23 Dec. 1927, Eldorado, Ark.; m. 31 May 1951, Johnnie Mae Marshall; carpenter; Baptist. Adopted children:

a. John Gordon Sorey b. 6 Dec. 1958.

b. Joni Rejean Sorey b. 4 Aug. 1961.

3. Walter Ashley Sorey b. 3 June 1926; d. 25 Aug. 1932, Rayville, La.

4. John Paul and Joy Bell Sorey, stillborn 15 Nov. 1933, Rayville, La.

5. Evelyn Janice Sorey b. 17 Nov. 1934, Rayville, La.; m. 12 July 1954 Perry Lee Green. Children:

a. Karen Diane Green b. 4 Aug. 1956, Longview, Tex.

b. Evelyn Janet Green b. 27 Feb. 1957, Longview, Tex.

c. Tina Shereen Green b. 30 Nov. 1962, Beaumont, Tex.

6. Peggy Sue Sorey b. 10 Jan. 1945, Rayville, La.

(c) Hope Irvin Sorey b. 3 Sept. 1903; m. 25 Jan. 1929, Lillian Windham; Meth.; butcher. Children: Irvin Earl & Mary Hope Sorey.

1. Irvin Earl Sorey b. 7 Jan. 1932, Rayville, La.; m. 1957, Betty Telford, Ruston, La.; Church of Christ; store manager. Children:

a. Irvin Ray Sorey b. 16 Jan. 1959, Lakevillage, Ark.

b. Cindy Sorey b. 29 July 1966, Pine Bluff, Ark.

2. Mary Hope Sorey b. 29 July 1934, Homewood, Miss.; m. 1954 Marvin Baldwin; nurse. Children:

a. Brenda Sue Baldwin b. 14 Aug. 1956, Rayville, La.

b. Earl Randal Baldwin b. 30 Jan. 1959.

c. Scott Ronnie Baldwin b. 28 Dec. 1962.

(d) Gushin Ural Sorey b. 28 Nov. 1904; d. 12 Apr. 1912, Rayville, La.

(e) Lillian Mae Sorey b. and d. 24 Nov. 1906, Rayville, La.

(f) Ethel Pauline Sorey b. 31 July 1908; m. 30 Aug. 1930 Riley Elkin Skaggs, Monroe, La.; L. P. Nurse; Meth. Children: Ethel Geraldine, Ivy Bernard, Evelyn Reaujean, Riley Elkin, Jr., and Olla Laverne Skaggs.

1. Ethel Geraldine Skaggs b. 21 Nov. 1932, Longview, Tex.; m. 25 July 1951 Barnie Horace Lee, Jr., Dodge City, Kans.; Methodist. Children:

a. Brent Howard Lee b. 6 Sept. 1954, Dodge City, Kans.

b. Ethel Lee and Deane Lee, stillborn 18 Feb. 1956, Dodge City, Kans.

c. Leon Richard Lee b. 7 June 1957, Dodge City, Kans.

2. Ivy Bernard Skaggs b. 28 Sept. 1934, Claremore, Okla.; d. 3 Mar. 1939, Longview, Texas.

3. Evelyn Reaujean Skaggs b. 24 July 1936, Taft, Texas; m. 29 Sept. 1956 Duane Roger Million, Dodge City, Kans.; Lutheran. Children:

a. Nettie Diane Million b. 15 Oct. 1957 Dodge City, Kans.

b. Stuart Michael Million b. 25 July 1959 Dodge City, Kans.

c. Barry Alien Million b. 4 Aug. 1961 Dodge City, Kans.

4. Riley Elkin Skaggs, Jr. b.21 Feb. 1943, Houston, Tex.; army three years; machinist; m. 2 July 1966 Lynette Kay Bauer.

5. Olla Laverne Skaggs b. 2 May 1945; d. 10 May 1945, Houston, Texas.

(g) Joe Herbert Sorey b. 5 Aug. 1910; m. 19 Nov. 1933 Jessie Ray Silk; Methodist; carpenter; Rayville, La. Children:

1. Joann Sorey b. 3 Oct. 1937, Rayville, La.; m. 3 Mar. 1962 John Hampton Durst, dentist; nurse; Catholic. Adopted daughter:

a. Teri Ann Durst b. 5 Aug. 1965, New Orleans, La.

2. Eddie Sue Sorey b. 19 Jan. 1944, Dallas, Tex.; m. 15 Mar. 1965 Wayne McKinsey, Marshall, Texas; Methodist. One son:

a. Calvin Wayne McKinsey b. 13 Oct. 1965, Homer, La.

3. Danny Herbert Sorey b. 30 Aug. 1948, Rayville, La.; m. 13 May 1966, Carol Jean Chilstian, Eudora, Ark.; in college; Methodist.

(h) Prentiss Benjamin Sorey b. 22 Sept. 1912; d. 14 Feb. 1930; Rayville, La.

(4) Prentiss S. Wright b. 21 May 1879, Raymond, Miss.; m. Ann Mary____; d. 1 Aug. 1951, Edwards, Miss.; farmer.

(5) Charles Hooker Wright b. 27 May 1881, Raymond, Miss.; m. Thelma Pace; U.S. Navy; farmer; d. 16 Aug. 1965, Tallahassee, Fla.

e. Margaret E. "Maggie" Godbold b. 1848, Caseyville, Miss.; m. 27 Oct. 1881 Robert "Bob" Cowart; moved to Louisiana.

f. Daniel M. Godbold b. 5 June 1851, Caseyville, Miss.; m. 1870's Novella Wright (1848-1922); moved from Copiah Co to Pike Co., Miss.; Methodist; d. 2 Nov. 1925, McComb, Miss. Children: Erva, Duncan, Charles Caldwell and Laura Godbold.

(1) Erva Godbold b. 1875, Copiah Co., Miss.; m. Will Bearden; d. No children.

(2) Duncan Godbold b. 1877; d. young; Copiah Co., Miss.

(3) Charles Caldwell Godbold "C.C.", b. 30 July 1880, Caseyville, Miss.; m. 16 Aug. 1901 Mamie Jane Smith; conductor for ICRR; d. 17 May 1957, McComb, Miss. Children: Hugh, Earl, Nell, Thelma, C.C., Edna, Harry, Ray and Ben Godbold.

(a) Hugh Morris Godbold b. 30 July 1902, Caseyville, Miss.; m. 17 Aug. 1923 Mollie Jim Cranberry; Meth.; McComb, Miss. Children:

1. James Morris "Jimmy" Godbold b. 23 July 1924, Mc­Comb, Miss.; WWII; Enterprise-Journal; Minneapolis Star; photographer; college degree; president of Field Enterprise Science Services, Inc., Houston, Tex.; m. Joy Elaine Marsalis. Children: James Morris, Jr., Jon Michel and Jan Marie Godbold.

2. Laura Mae Godbold b. 2 Nov. 1925, McComb, Miss.; grad. of Millsaps Col.; Christian Ed. Director; Emory Univ.; m. the Rev.C. Roger Elgert; Methodists; Mt. Airy, Md. Children: Janet Faye and Linda Sue Elgert.

3. Kathryn Godbold b. 29 Oct. 1929, McComb, Miss.; m. M. H. Piper, engineer for telephone & telegraph co.; Bel Air, Md. One son: Samuel M. Piper.

(b) Earl L. Godbold b. Lincoln Co., Miss.; m. Cora Ellen Cranberry; d. before 1957, Port Arthur, Texas. Children:

1. Earl L. Godbold, Jr. b. June 1926.

2. Amelia Louise Godbold, b.

3. Cora Lee Godbold b. 11 Mar. 1949, Port Arthur, Tex.

(c) Mamie Nell Godbold b. Lincoln Co., Miss.; m. Cecil H. Varnado; d. 30 Jan. 1959, Port Arthur, Tex. Children: Frances Elizabeth and Betty Nell Varnado.

(d) Thelma Godbold b. 15 Sept. 1909, McComb, Miss.; single.

(e) C. C. Godbold, Jr. b. and d. 1911, McComb, Miss.

(f) Edna Godbold b. 11 Aug. 1913; m. 3 Nov. 1934 Sidney Reeves. No children.

(g) Harry Victor Godbold b. 5 May 1916; m. Jessie Loury; Port Arthur, Tex. One child: Victoria Sue "Vicky" Godbold.

(h) Ray Garland Godbold b. 28 Feb. 1921; m. 3 Jan. 19__, Louise Brewer. Children: Jeannie Louise and Lloyd Ray.

(i) Ben Godbold b. 192__; d. 1944, while home on furlough.

(4) Laura Godbold b. 1880's, Caseyville, Miss.; baptized Oct. 1886 Bethel Meth. Church; m. L. O. Manning, McComb, Miss. Children:

(a) Troy Manning

(b) Annie Mae Manning b. Pike Co., Miss.; m. W. L. Crawford Osyka, Miss.

g. Viola V. "Ola" Godbold b. about 1854, Caseyville, Miss.; m. 30 Jan. 1879 D. Webb Davis. Iddo Lampton Davis is a grandson.

h. Wallace William Godbold b. 3 Mar. 1857 Caseyville, Miss.; m. about 1877 Nannie R. Davis (1860-1927); charter members of Bethel Meth. Church, Caseyville; farmer; sawmill owner; cotton ginner; camp meeting promoter; d. 15 Aug. 1935, Caseyville. Children: Jane, Marion, Ada, Mae, Erwin, Eva, Vera, Lee and William Godbold.

(1) Sarah Jane "Janie" Godbold b. 1878, Caseyville, Miss.; m. 5 Mar. 1898 G. Wilmer Peets (1873-1923); Meth.; Wesson, Miss. Children: Winnie, Elizabeth, Carroll, Wilmer, Jr., Laura, Lucille and Henry Peets.

(a) Winnie Peets m. Samuel T. Carroll; Wilmington, N. C.

(b) Elizabeth Peets m. Charles Rogillio; Jackson, Miss. One son:

1. Charles Eugene Rogillio, Jackson, Miss.

(c) Carroll W. Peets m.; d. 1963, Wesson, Miss.

(d) G. Wilmer Peets, Jr., Abbeville, La.

(e) Laura Mae Peets m. Scheuman Day; Brookhaven, Miss. Children:

1. Jane Day m. Jerel West, Brookhaven, Miss. Son: Jerry.

2. Sallie Day m. Royce Bullock. Son: Roland Bullock.

3. Martha Day, Brookhaven, Miss.

(f) Lucille Peets m. G. Yates Field, Wesson, Miss. Daughter: Kathryn Field.

(g) Henry Peets, Montgomery, Ala.

(h) Eva Nell Peets b. and d. 15 Oct. 1919; buried Caseyville.

(2) Marion Bern Godbold b. 1880, Caseyville, Miss.; m. 22 Dec. 1900 Cora Kelly; conductor SPRR; m.; d. 1964, Bakersfield, Calif. Children: Robert W. and Bernie Lee Godbold.

(a) Robert W. "R. W." Godbold attended Centenary Col.; m.; went to Ark. Children: Betty Jo and Alice Godbold.

1. Betty Jo Godbold b. Eureka Springs, Ark.; m. ____ Watkins, Little Rock, Ark. Children: Patricia, Maline and Alice Lee.

2. Alice Godbold b. Eureka Springs, Ark.; m. ______ Brogden. Children: Kelly Brogden and baby b. Oct. 1962.

(b) Bernie Lee Godbold, Caseyville, Miss.; m. Homer W. McLeod; musician; Meth.; Greenwood, Miss. One child:

1. Nancy McLeod b. Greenwood, Miss.; m. 1962 Elmer Rouse.

(3) Ada Godbold m. 6 Oct. 1902, Walter Bayless. No children.

(4) Mae Godbold m. 15 July 1916 William J. Barnes; m. 8 July 1948 Ernest G. Dacus; milliner, Yazoo City, Miss. One son:

(a) Billy Barnes m. 1962; Arlington, Va.

(5) Erwin Davis Godbold b. Caseyville, Miss.; m. 11 Feb. 1916 Willie B. Pepper; Meth.; d. McComb, Miss. Daughter:

(a)  Evelyn Godbold b. McComb, Miss.; m. George Maddox Methodist preacher and professor at Millsaps College. Children:

1. Patricia Alise Maddox b. 1 Jan. 1953, Jackson, Miss.

2. George David Maddox b. 10 Nov. 1958, Jackson, Miss.

(6) Eva Godbold b. Caseyville, Miss.; m. 15 Apr. 1922 Harry M. Youngblood; Methodists; New Orleans, La.

(7) Vera Godbold b. 2 Aug. 1897 Caseyville, Miss.; d. 16 Sept. 1901,

(8) Levi "Lee" Godbold b. 28 Aug. 1900, Caseyville; m. 20 Dec. 1922 Hazel E. Regur; d. 1952, Brookhaven, Miss. Children:

(a) Sara Godbold m. 9 Mar. 1944 Alfred Henderson; Baton Rouge.

(b) Nan Godbold m. 3 July 1945 Vince Bailey, Jr.; Brookhaven, Miss. Children: One son and one daughter.

(c) Arthur Lee Godbold m. 24 May 1952 Wilma Glen Sumrall of Yazoo City, Miss.; Lake Charles, La. One child:

1. Arthur Lee Godbold, Jr. b. 24 Nov. 1953, Brookhaven.

(9) Wallace William "Bill" Godbold b. Jan. 1903, Caseyville, Miss.; m. 1 Oct. 1926, Myrtis Frances Sumrall; Meth.; mayor of Brookhaven, Miss.; d. 1 Nov. 1962. One son:

(a) Wallace William "Bill", Jr. Godbold b. 1927, Brookhaven, Miss.; m. 26 Nov. 1950 Barbara Dare Hooper; B.S. degree USM; owns and manages Brookhaven Asphalt Co.; mayor of Brookhaven since 1963. Children:

1. Betty Margaret Godbold b. 12 Nov. 1951, Brookhaven.

2. Stacy Dare Godbold b. 12 Sept. 1953.

3. Hugh B. Godbold b. 1955.

i. Peter Bruce Godbold b. 10 April 1860, Caseyville, Miss.; bachelor; overseer; Methodist; d. 3 Oct. 1939, Natchez, Miss.

j. Duncan Luther Godbold b. 10 April 1860, Caseyville, Miss.; m. 16 Nov. 1885 Cordelia J. Godbold (1867-1954); farmer; Meth.; d. 22 June 1945, McComb, Miss. Children: Katie, Hattie, Edgar, Robert, Gladys, Lee, Sadie, Davis, Lewis, Bertha Mae, Nelson and Earl Godbold.

(1) Katie Godbold b. 1886, Kennolia, Miss.; d. young.

(2) Hattie B. Godbold b. 1888, Kennolia, Miss.; m. W. M. Myers; m. J. A. Poss; registered nurse; Meth.; McComb, Miss. No children.

(3) Edgar Erwin Godbold b. 6 Apr. 1890, Kennolia, Miss.; m. 25 May 1916 Vada Carter; sales manager. Gulf Refining Co., Tupelo, Miss.; Methodist. No children

(4) Robert Rawls Godbold b. 19 Apr. 1892, Kennolia, Miss.; m. 24 June 1923 Annie Elizabeth Kersh; Meth.; Tunica, Miss. Children:

(a) Robert Rawls Godbold, Jr. b. 31 July 1925, Hillhouse, Miss.; m. Bettie Ellington; Meth. minister, N. Miss. Conf.; grad. of Millsaps Col. & Emory U. Children:

1. Robert Rawls "Bob" Godbold, III, b. 9 Feb. 1954, Moorhead, Miss.

2. Richard Dewey Godbold b. 30 July 1957, Lexington, Miss.

(b) Duncan Leon Godbold b. 8 Jan. 1928, Cleveland, Miss.; m. Doris Lockheart; grad. MSU; Memphis, Tenn. One daughter:

1. Lauren Elizabeth Godbold b. 11 Nov. 1953, Memphis, Tenn.

(c) Samuel Davis "Sammy" Godbold b. 27 July 1929, Hollywood, Miss.; valedictorian H. S. class. Tunica, Miss.; graduate MSU & U. of Texas.

(5) Gladys Gertrude Godbold b. 12 Sept. 1894, Kennolia, Miss.; registered nurse; Meth.; d. 8 Sept. 1954, McComb, Miss.

(6) Ronald Lee Godbold b. 8 Jan. 1897, Meadville, Miss.; m. 23 Jan. 1938 Annie Lucille Brooks; Meth.; Gulf Oil Co., Mont­gomery, Ala. Children;

(a) Ronald Lee Godbold, Jr. b. 6 May 1943, Montgomery, Ala.; BS U. of Ala.; m. 6 June 1965 Patricia Anne Harvard; Med. Sch. Birmingham, Ala.

(7) Sadie Godbold b. 9 Dec. 1898, Meadville, Miss.; registered nurse; Supt. of McComb Infirmary; Meth.; McComb, Miss.

(8) Davis W. Godbold b. 29 July 1901, Meadville, Miss.; bachelor.

(9) Lewis Henry Godbold b. 1 Nov. 1903, Kennolia, Miss.; m. Mary Pilcher; Gulf Oil Co., Montgomery, Ala. Children:

(a) Edward Lewis Godbold b. 20 Dec. 1935; Bus. Adm. degree, Auburn U.; m. Mary Elenor Williams; Montgomery, Ala. Children:

1. Edward Lewis Godbold, Jr. b. 31 Dec. 1958, Montgom­ery, Ala.

2. Michael William Godbold b. 1 April 1960, Montgomery.

3. Laura Frances Godbold b. 15 Feb. 1962, Montgomery.

(b) David Mitchell Godbold b. 5 Oct. 1939; m. Cynthia Judkins; Montgomery, Ala. One son:

1. David Mitchell Godbold, Jr. b. 12 Mar. 1961, Montgomery.

(10) Bertha Mae Godbold b. 12 Feb. 1906, Caseyville, Miss.; regis­tered nurse; m. Joe L. Rock, Meth., McComb, Miss. No children.

(11) L. Nelson Godbold b. 26 Apr. 1909, Caseyville, Miss.; m. Ruby Corrine Tyler; Water Valley, Miss. No children.

(12) Earl Patrick Godbold b. 26 Feb. 1912, Caseyville, Miss.; m. Mary Gill; Methodist; McComb, Miss. Children:

(a) Gill Godbold b. 26 Feb. 1948, McComb, Miss.; attending Southwest Junior College, Summit, Miss.; Methodist; MYF Dist. Pres.

(b) Loubet Brock Godbold b. 5 Apr. 1950; d. 31 Aug. 1951, McComb, Miss.

(c) Rebecca Godbold b. 25 June 1952, McComb, Miss.

(d) Jane Godbold b. 22 Jan. 1956, McComb, Miss.

2. Mary Ann Godbold b. 13 Apr. 1822, N. E. Franklin Co., Miss.; m. 10 Oct. 1853 Horace M. Gilmer (1808-1854) of Copiah Co., Miss.; m. William Webster "Billy" Millsaps (1804-18__); Methodist; d. 2 Nov. 1875; buried Rosehill Cem., Brookhaven, Miss. No children. Stepchildren: Martha Jane, Horace H. &c America Fredonia Gilmer; Rev. Wm. R. Millsaps and possibly others.

3. Martha Jane Godbold b. 1824, Franklin Co., Miss.; m. 23 June 1842 Ezra Knapp (1816-18 ) of Ohio; settled on farm near her father; 1859 moved away; member of Bethesda (Wright's) Methodist Church. Children:

a. Samuel D. Knapp b. 1844, northeast corner of Franklin Co., Miss.

b. James W. Knapp b. 1847, Franklin County, Miss.

c. Mary E. Knapp b. 1849, Franklin County, Miss.

4. Levi R. Godbold b. 4 Nov. 1826, Franklin Co., Miss.; m. 19 Nov. 1846 Sarah Jane Rawls (1829-1908); lived on Rawls place for about 10 years; moved back to father's place; lived in father's house after 1869; farmer; ginner; class leader, Bethesda Meth. Church; d. 4 Mar. 1878; buried in old Wright's Cem., Franklin County, Miss. Children: William, James, Elizabeth, Horace, Sarah, Thomas, Pinkney, Cordelia and Hattie Godbold.

a. William P. Godbold b. 1847; d. young; Franklin Co., Miss.

b. James Arthur "Jim" Godbold b. 17 Sept. 1849, Franklin Co., Miss.; m. 29 Oct. 1873 Margaret Jane Lee (1855-1927); farmer; Bethesda Meth. Church; d. 7 Oct. 1926, McCall Creek, Miss. Children: Johnie, Joanna, Lillian, Landrum, Cammie, Daisy, Denon, Frances, Addie, Emmett and Myrtle Godbold.

(1) Johnie L. Godbold b. 11 Sept. 1874, Franklin Co., Miss.; d. 2 Aug. 1877.

(2) Joanna Godbold b. 15 Mar. 1876, Franklin Co., Miss.; m. 12 Feb. 1903 Thomas Henry "Tom" Herring (1870-1960); Meth.; d. 15 Oct. 1962, Brookhaven, Miss.; buried in Bethesda Cem. Children: Lamar, Hoy, Ola and Willie Herring.

(a)  Lamar Lee Herring b. 15 Jan. 1904, Franklin County, Miss.; m. 29 June 1924 Dora Dickey (1905-1938), Lucien, Miss.; worked in furniture factory, Vicksburg, Miss.; worked at Air Base, Oklahoma City, Okla.; m. 17 Aug. 1940, Mildred Marie Decker. Children: Wife 1, Vivian, La Verne and W. L.; Wife 2, Thomas and Edith Fay Herring.

1. Vivian Herring b. Vicksburg, Miss.; m. 20 May 1945 Leonard D. Posey, Brookhaven, Miss. Children: Michael and Deborah Posey.

a. Michael Felder Posey b. 1946, Brookhaven, Miss.

b. Deborah Posey b. 1955, Brookhaven, Miss.

2. Ora La Verne Herring b. 20 Feb. 1932, Vicksburg, Miss.; m. Lloyd Smith, Lincoln Co., Miss.; Natchez, Miss. Children:

a. Glen Lloyd Smith b. 1947, Brookhaven, Miss.; Natchez, Miss.

b. Frances Elaine Smith b. 10 Feb. 1953, Brookhaven.

c. Nancy Lee Smith b. 4 Jan. 1960, Brookhaven, Miss.

3. Willard Lamar "W. L." Herring b. 14 Jan. 1937, Okla­homa City, Okla.; m. 25 Oct. 1958 Darlene Faye Hauserman, Salina, Kans. Children: 2.

4. Thomas Ray "Tommy" Herring b. 31 Jan. 1945, Okla­homa City, Okla.; attending college; preparing to be a minister.

5. Edith Fay Herring b. 29 Sept. 1947, Oklahoma City, Okla.

(b) Hoy Herring b. 6 Feb. 1905, Franklin Co., Miss., m. 22 Dec. 1938 Ether Mae Smith of Lincoln Co., Miss.; Baptist; works at International Paper Mill, Natchez, Miss. Children:

1. Jerry Edward Herring b. 28 Feb. 1940, Oklahoma City, Okla.

2. Patricia Ann "Pat" Herring b. 15 May 1941, Natchez, Miss.; A.B. Miss. Col.; m. 19 Aug. 1962 Milton Lavelle Bradley, working on M.S., Ole Miss; Yazoo City, Miss. Daughter:

a. Allison Ann Bradley b. 29 Dec. 1966, Oxford, Miss.

3. Paul Richard Herring b. 31 Jan. 1943, Brookhaven, Miss, m.; Natchez, Miss.

(c) Ola Herring b. 7 May 1908, Lucien, Miss.; m. 25 Oct. 1930 Carl Posey, Brookhaven, Miss.; Baptists. Children:

1. Georgia Joan Posey b. 13 Aug. 1937, Brookhaven, Miss.; BS in Home ec., USM; m. 8 June 1958 Larry Keith Mullen; telephone operator; Brookhaven, Miss. Child:

a. Donna Suzette Mullen b. 12 Sept. 1960, Brookhaven, Miss.

2. Dorothy Posey b. 11 May, 1943, Brookhaven, Miss.; graduate Draughon's Bus. Col., bookkeeper, Brookhaven.

(d) Willie Tommy "Bill" Herring b. 16 Feb. 1912, Lucien, Miss.; m. 22 Feb. 1936 Leathan Lofton; works at Arm­strong Rubber Plant, Natchez, Miss.; Baptists. Children:

1. Infant daughter b. and d. 4 Aug. 1940, Lincoln Co.

2. Willie Calvin Herring b. 28 July 1941, Lincoln Co., Miss.; U.S.Army; m. 21 Aug. 1962 Shirley Bellis, Vidalia, La.; A.M. Miss. Col.; working on M.S. Miss. Col., Clinton, Miss. Child: Loree Lynn Herring b. 30 Nov. 1965, Jackson, Miss.

(3) Teresa Lillian "Lil" Godbold b. 24 June 1877, Franklin Co., Miss.; m. 12 Feb. 1902 John Deloss "D" Mullins (1870-1943); Baptists; d. 18 Nov. 1968, Franklin Co., Miss.; buried Natchez, Miss. Children: Uimo, Annie, Walton, Reuben and Rita Mullins.

(a) Infant son b. and died 28 Nov. 1902, Monroe, Miss.

(b) Uimo Deloss Mullins b. 29 Jan. 1904, Franklin Co., Miss.; U.S. Navy; m. 18 July 1930 Vera Alice May Patnode, Seattle, Wash.; m. 5 Mar. 1951 Bertha Lee Jones; mechanic; mem­ber of Damascus Bapt. Church; Union Church, Miss. Children: Wife 1, Patricia; Wife 2, Jeannette and John.

1. Lillian Patricia "Pat" Mullins b. Seattle, Wash.; m.

2. Margaret Jeannette "Jan" Mullins b. 19 Nov. 1951; Baptist.

3. John Deloss Mullins b. 26 Nov. 1952; Bapt.; Union Church, Miss.

(c) Annie Margaret Mullins b. 29 Feb. 1906, Kennolia, Miss.; registered nurse; m. 1925 Aubrey Starnes, Natchez, Miss.; (d. 1926); m. 1929 Willie Smith, Natchez, Miss. (d. 1936); nursing at Foundation Hospital, New Orleans, La. Baptist. No children.

(d) Walton Alain Mullins b. 25 Oct. 1908, Monroe, Miss.; bachelor; d. 23 Feb. 1939, Tenn.; buried in Natchez Cem.; Natchez, Miss.

(e) James Reuben Mullins b. 19 Dec. 1910, Monroe, Miss.; m. 16 July 1938 Rosalie Mclntyre of Lucien, Miss.; lives and works in New Orleans, La. Children: Teresa, Randall, Phyllis, Ramona and Baronica Mullins.

1. Teresa Ann Mullins b. 13 Feb. 1939, McCall Creek, Miss.;m. 12 Apr. 1958 Charles Anthony Ruffina. New Orleans, La. Children:

a. Attanya Ann "Tanya" Ruffina b. 1959, New Orleans, La.

b. Susan Celeste Ruffina b. 28 Aug. 1961; d. 12 Sept. 1962.

2. Infant son b. and d. 1940, McCall Creek, Miss.

3. Randall Mullins b. 25 June 1941, McCall Creek, Miss.; U.S. Navy; m. 13 May 1965, Mrs. Johnnie Lett, New Orleans, La. Children:

a. Kelly Laraine Mullins b. 1 Mar. 1967, New Orleans.

4. Phyllis Kay Mullins b. 9 Sept. 1943, Bude, Miss.; m. 24 Aug. 1963 Ronald Smith, New Orleans, La. Child;

a. James Reuben Smith b. 4 June 1964, New Orleans, La.

5. Rhoda Ramona Mullins b. 27 Dec. 1949, New Orleans, La.

6. Baronica LaRube Mullins b. 27 July 1951, New Orleans.

(f) Rita Lucile Mullins b. 16 Aug. 1913, McCall Creek, Miss.; m. 25 Dec. 1932 Carter Edward "Ed" Moore; lives at great grandfather's old home site; Wright's Com.; Union Church, Miss. Child:

1. Reuben Edward Moore b. 14 Feb. 1934, McCall Creek, Miss.; B.S. La. Tech.; accountant; Public Service, New Orleans, La.

(4) Landrum Lee "Lan" Godbold b. 21 Dec, 1878, McCall Creek, Miss, m. 19 Feb. 1899 Margret Ella Enrrican (1880-1947); cattleman; owned and operated a meat market in Brookhaven, Miss.; later in Navasota, Texas. Children: Vadie Lee, W. L., and Julian Godbold.

(a) Vadie Lee Godbold b. 20 Apr. 1903, Franklin Co., Miss.; d. 21 Sept. 1904; buried Rosebill Cem. Brookhaven, Miss,

(b) Warren Landrum "W.L." Godbold b. 1907, Brookhaven, Miss.; Co-Lin Jr. Col.; m. 15 June 1927, Laura Ellen Lusk of Barlow, Miss.; m. 1930's Hattie "Billie" Grebe (19_-1952), R. N., Sherman, Tex.; works for railroad company in Ark. Children:

1. Charles Warren "Funnyman" Godbold b. 1928, Brookhaven, Miss; moved away; m. Children: Two.

2. Sarah Frances Godbold b. Brookhaven, Miss.; moved away; m.; Children: Two.

(c) Charles Julian "Tom" Godbold b. 25 June 1909, Brookhaven, Miss.; Co-Lin Jr. Col.; moved to Texas about 1932; m. 27 June 1941 Elaine Kidd; Ford or Dodge Motors agency, Navasota, Texas. Child:

1. Amy Lou Godbold b. 23 Jan. 1948, Texas.

(5) Cammie Norman "Cam" Godbold b. 2 July 1880, McCall Creek, Miss.; m. 8 May 1902 Demaris "Dollie" Walker (1881- ); farmer; Meth.; cattle buyer; Union Church, Miss. Children: Mavis, Lottie, Homer, Ethel, Wilmer, Cammie, Alton and Glendon.

(a) Bessie Mavis Godbold b. 19 June 1903, Kennolia, Miss.; B.S. STC (USM); M.A. Geo. Peabody Col.; teacher (25 years) in high schools of Miss. and Giffin Col., Van Wert, Ohio; Meth.; never married; Union Church, Miss.

(b) Lottie Mary Godbold b. 12 Jan. 1905, Kennolia, Miss.; B.S. STC; teaching at Franklin Attendance Center, Meadville. Miss.; never m.; Meth.; Delta Kappa Gamma.

(c) James Homer Godbold b. 6 June 1907, Kennolia, Miss.; B.S. STC; m. 21 June 1940, Josephine "Jody" Lessley of Woodville, Miss.; teacher; Meth.; d. 15 May 1962, Brook­haven, Miss. Son:

1. James Homer "Jimmy" Godbold, Jr. b. 1 Nov. 1947, Natchez, Miss.; attended Millsaps Col.; Meth.; winner of National Meth. Scholarship; Brookhaven, Miss.

(d) Myrtle Ethel Godbold b. 31 Dec. 1908, Kennolia, Miss.; B.S. Home ec., STC; Meth.; FSA Home Superv.; m. 24 Aug. 1947 Charles Hubert Huff, Forest, Miss.; Union Church, Miss. No children.

(e) Wilmer Wesley Godbold b. 30 Sept. 1911, Veto, Miss.; Co-Lin; WWII; m. 22 Dec. 1950 Allie Theodosia "Dosia" Miller, Jackson, Miss.; Polled Hereford, Riverside Farm; Meth.; clerk; Union Church, Miss. Children:

1. Laura Demaris Godbold b. 21 Dec. 1952, Jackson, Miss.; Meth.; 4-H Club; Union Church, Miss.

2. Patsy Ann Miller Godbold, foster daughter, b. 12 Nov. 1955, Calif.; Meth.; Union Church, Miss.

(f) Cammie Norman Godbold, Jr. b. 24 Apr. 1914, Union Church, Miss.; B.S. Miss. State (MSU): WWII; m. 22 Apr. 1944 Janice Calhoun, Grove Hill, Ala.; Meth.; Soil Cons. Service, Phoenix City, Ala. No children.

(g) Alton Landy Godbold b. 25 Jan. 1917, Union Church, Miss.; B.S. & M.A. Miss. State Col.; Meth.; m. 14 Sept. 1945, Mittie Elsie White, Hazelhurst, Miss.; sales representative for Steck-Vaughn Co.; Clanton, Ala. Children:

1. Alton Landy Godbold b. 19 May 1950, Starkville, Miss.; Meth.; Eagle Scout; Clanton, Ala.

2. Brenda Kay Godbold b. 3 Dec. 1951, Ellisville, Miss.; Meth.; Clanton, Ala.

(h) Glendon (Glyn) Harold Godbold b. 13 Oct. 1921, McCall Creek, Miss.; WWII; Meth.; m. 20 Dec. 1947 Martha Jean Adams, Jackson, Miss.; Meter Dept., Miss. Power & Light Co.; Grenada, Miss. Children:

1. Glendon Harold Godbold, Jr. b. 24 Mar. 1951, Jackson, Miss.; d. 25 Mar. 1951.

2. Mark Adams Godbold, adopted, b. 8 Aug. 1955, New Orleans, La.; Boy Scout; Meth.; Grenada, Miss.

3. Glenda Michelle Godbold, adopted, b. 3 Sept. 1957, New Orleans, La.; Grenada, Miss.

(6) Daisy Naomi Godbold b. 6 Mar. 1882, McCall's Creek, Miss.; m. 10 Jan. 1904 William Monroe "Bill" Wentworth (1881- 1965), of Meadville, Miss.; Presbyterian; Meadville, Miss. Children: James, Irene, Alene and twins, Ruth and Naomi Wentworth.

(a) James Wiley Wentworth b. 25 Sept. 1904, Monroe, Miss.; attended Bowling Green; m. 13 Apr. 1929 Ruby Mae Sullivan; Dodge Motors, Meadville, Miss. Children: Nancy Grace, Harold and Daisy Sue Wentworth.

1. Nancy Grace Wentworth b. 27 Mar. 1930, Meadville, Miss.; grad. Co-Lin; attended USM; m. 28 Apr. 1950 James Winston Corley of Mt. Olive, Miss.; Jackson Miss. Children: James, Nona and Nancy Corley.

a. James Winston "Buster" Corley, Jr. b. 1 Jan. 1951, Brookhaven, Miss.

b. Nona Rebecca "Becky" Corley b. 10 Nov. 1955, Jackson, Miss.

c. Nancy Allycen Corley b. 20 June 1961, Jackson.

2. James Monroe Wentworth b. 12 Aug. 1931; d. 11 Jan. 1933.

3. Harold Leroy Wentworth b. 7 Feb. 1933, Meadville, Miss.; attended USM & Co-Lin; U.S. Navy; Bowling Green U.; m. 3 Jan. 1958 Maye Griffing of Brookhaven, Miss.; Dodge Motors, Meadville, Miss. Children:

a. Harold Leroy "Hal" Wentworth, Jr. b. 18 Aug. 1958, Meadville, Miss.

b. Forrest Wentworth b. 23 Sept. 1959, Meadville.

c. James Denman Wentworth b. and d. 27 Feb. 1961, Meadville, Miss.

4. Daisy Sue Wentworth b. 23 Apr. 1938, Meadville, Miss.; m. 15 Sept. 1956 Robert Gotten, Meadville, Miss. Children:

a. Gregory Lane Gotten b. 3 June 1957, Meadville.

b. Bobbette Gotten b. 19 Apr. 1959, Meadville, Miss.

(b) Irene Wentworth b. 11 Feb. 1906, Meadville, Miss.; teacher; Presbyterian; employee of New Orleans Public Service; pres. of New Orleans Credit Women's Club; never married; New Orleans, La.

(c) Alene Wentworth b. Meadville, Miss.; attended Woman's Col.; teacher; m. Julian Hutson of McCall, Miss.; records clerk at Charity Hospital, Vicksburg, Miss. One son:

1. Charles William Hutson b. Meadville, Miss.; USM; m. 1957 Sallie_____, Vicksburg, Miss.; m. 1961 Judy Lum, Vicksburg, Miss. Children:

a. Charles William Hutson, Jr. b. June 1963, Vicks­burg, Miss.

b. Elizabeth Hutson b. May 1965, Vicksburg, Miss.

(d) Mattie Maurice Wentworth b. May 1917, Meadville, Miss.; m. Pernell Emfinger; Reece's Florist & Gift Shoppe, Meadville, Miss. Children:

1. Warren Pernell Emfinger b. Franklin Co., Miss.; m. 1963 Linda Harvey, Mt. Olive, Miss. Children:

a. Cynthia Diane Emfinger b. Feb. 1964, Jackson.

b. William Allen Emfinger b. 22 Feb. 1965, Jackson.

2. William Albert "Billy" Emfinger b. Franklin Co., Miss.; m. Sept. 1964 Carolyn_____ of Natchez, Miss.

3. Willard Ray Emfinger b. Franklin Co., Miss.; m. 1966.

4. Wiley Shelton Emfinger b. 1943 Franklin Co., Miss.

5. Relda Diane Emfinger b. 28 Dec. 1949, Meadville, Miss.

(e) Ruth Louise Wentworth b. 1 Aug. 1923, Meadville, Miss.; m. 8 Jan. 1944 Paul Holland; New Orleans, La. Children:

1. George Michael Holland b. 22 June 1946, New Orleans, La.; Active Naval Reserve, U.S.S. Jonas Ingram.

2. Deborah Ann Holland b. 9 Apr. 1953, New Orleans, La.; Metairie.

3. Karen Naomi Holland b. 21 Oct. 1956, New Orleans, La.

(f) Naomi Elise Wentworth b. 1 Aug. 1923, Meadville, Miss.; m. Cloie Foy; lives in Harahan, La. Children:

1. Kenneth Cloie Foy b. 19 Feb. 1941, New Orleans, La.; carpenter; m. 18 Feb. 1966 Barbara Scherer Lawson; Harahan, La.

2. Gary Foy b. 20 Jan. 1943, New Orleans, La.; carpenter; m. 15 June 1962 Doris Moore; Harahan, La. Child:

a. Don Elise Foy b. 1 Aug. 1964, New Orleans, La.

(7) Denon David Godbold b. 29 Feb. 1884, McCall's Creek, Miss.; m. 3 Feb. 1907 Jessie Elizabeth Sullivan; WWI; m. 27 June 1920 Bessie Gertrude Lawrence of Kentucky; Continental Oil Co., Tulsa, Okla.; d. 16 Feb. 1957. Children: Ellis, J. D. and Doris.

(a) Infant son b. and died 1908, Kennolia, Miss.; Bethesda Cem.

(b) Ellis Robert Godbold b. 18 Aug. 1909, Veto, Miss.; m. 18 May 1935 Beatrice Ida Price of Ontario, Canada; Mormons; gun shop; El Cajon, Calif. Children: Marianne, Melba, Robert and Myrtle Bessie Godbold.

1. Marianne Louise Godbold b. 21 Feb. 1936, San Diego, Calif.; m.

2. Melba Roberta Godbold b. 5 Nov. 1937, San Diego, Cal.; m. 1957; Child born 5 Sept. 1958.

3. Robert David Godbold b. 16 Mar. 1939, San Diego, Cal.; m. 26 June 1964 Doris Jenean Jesperson; Mormon. Children:

a. Jennifer Rene' Godbold b. 12 May 1965, La Mesa, Calif.

b. Andrea Godbold b. 5 Oct. 1966, La Mesa, Calif.

4. Myrtle Bessie Godbold b. 22 Feb. 1945, San Diego, Cal.; Mormon; m. 13 May 1963 Franklin Edward Carstensen, El Cajon, Calif.

(c) James Denon "J.D." Godbold b. 19 Sept. 1921, Tulsa, Okla.; m. 27 Nov. 1943 Velma Cantrell; Tulsa, Okla. Children:

1. Donna Marlene Godbold b. 19 Dec. 1948, Tulsa, Okla.

2. Susan Evelyn "Sue" Godbold b. 26 Nov. 1949, Tulsa.

3. James Denon "Jimmy" Godbold, Jr. b. 30 Apr. 1951, Tulsa, Okla.

4. Dixie Lee Godbold b. 10 Apr. 1959, Tulsa, Okla.

(d) Doris Pauline Godbold b. 16 Oct. 1926 Tulsa, Okla.; m. 26 Dec. 1946 Donald Rose; Tulsa. One son:

1. Lawrence Donald "Larry" Rose b. 13 Apr. 1948, Tulsa.

(8) Frances Rebecca "Fannie" Godbold b. 23 Oct. 1885, Kennolia, Miss.; m. Jan. 1905 James Edward "Jim" Posey (1884-1960); d. 6 Mar. 1961. Children:

(a) Thomas Jefferson "T.J. " Posey b. 13 June 1907, Jefferson Co., Miss.; WWII; McCall Creek, Miss.; bachelor.

(b) Neal Ross Posey b. 19 Oct. 1911, Veto, Miss.; WWII; Nat. Guard; bricklayer; carpenter; m. Josie Enley Smith; McCall Creek, Miss. Children:

1. Jimmie LaNeal Posey b. 10 Oct. 1950, Brookhaven, Miss.; Methodist; McCall Creek, Miss.

2. Robert Lee "Bobby" Posey b. 5 Apr. 1952, Brookhaven, Miss.; Methodist; McCall Creek, Miss.

3. Judy Louise Posey b. 19 Apr. 1953, Brookhaven, Miss.; Methodist; McCall Creek, Miss.

(9) Addie Emma Godbold b. 4 Oct. 1888, Kennolia, Miss.; m. 4 Nov. 1906 Roderick Gambrell Porter (1887-    ); Baptists; McCall Creek, Miss. Children: Arie, Edwina, Pearl and Pauline Porter.

(a) Evie Arie Porter b. 4 Nov. 1907, Kennolia, Miss.; A.B. Woman's Col.; attended U. of Ill.; m. 16 Aug. 1932 Dr. Eugene Ijams Farr, prof. at Miss. Col.; Bapt; asst. librarian at Miss. Col.; Clinton, Miss. Children: Nancy and Addie Farr.

1. Nancy Catherine Farr b. 4 Oct. 1934, Jackson, Miss.; A.B. Miss. Col.; Bapt.; teacher; attended Ole Miss.; Librarian; m. 26 June 1960 William Eugene "Billy" Hughes, prof. at Stetson; DeLand, Fla. Children:

a. William Eugene Hughes, Jr., b. 17 Feb. 1962, Tuscaloosa, Ala.; DeLand, Fla.

b. Thomas Farr "Tommy" Hughes b. 4 Dec. 1963, Tuscaloosa, Ala.; DeLand, Fla.

2. Addie Rebecca Farr b. 24 Mar. 1937, Jackson, Miss.; A.B. Miss. Col.; m. 1 June 1959 Gerald Eugene "Jerry" Hall of Clinton, Miss.; Bapt.; Decatur, Ala. Children:

a. Rebecca Olivia Hall b. 11 Feb. 1960, Decatur,Ala.

b. Sarah Eugenia Hall b. 3 May 1962, Decatur, Ala.

c. Catherine Evie "Cathy" Hall b. 20 Apr. 1964, Decatur, Ala.

(b) Margaret Edwina Porter b. 13 Nov. 1911, McCall, Miss.; Bapt.; paints pictures; McCall Creek, Miss. Never married.

(c) Pearl Fidelia Porter b. 30 Aug. 1916, McCall, Miss.; Bapt.; Draughon's Bus. Col.; secretarial work, MP&L; m. 19 Feb. 1955 Joseph Freeman "Joe" Davis, salesman; Jackson, Miss. No children.

(d) Infant son, b. and d. 1 Mar. 1918, McCall, Miss.

(e) Emma Pauline Porter b. 3 May 1925, McCall, Miss.; B.S. USM; m. 13 June 1948 Archie Monroe "Dick" Wilkins of Hattiesburg, Miss., engineer for Shell Oil Co.; Meth.; New Orleans, La. Children:

1. William Porter "Bill" Wilkins b. 23 May 1951, Eagle Lake, Tex.

2. Robert Monroe "Bob" Wilkins b. 14 Apr. 1953, Kilgore, Tex.

3. Joseph Eugene "Joe" Wilkins b. 21 Dec. 1955, Houston, Tex.

4. Janet Lynn "Jan" Wilkins b. 27 Mar. 1958, Houston, Tex.; New Orleans, La.

(10) Emmett Neal Godbold b. 19 Feb. 1891, Kennolia, Miss.; m. 1 Jan. 1925 Elizabeth Rebecca "Bessie" Buie (1896-1953); teacher; cattle farmer; Methodist; lives on old home place. Union Church, Miss.

(a) Mary Elizabeth Godbold b. 15 Mar. 1926, McCall, Miss.; B.S. USM; home economics teacher; m. 5 June 1949 to Carleton Edward "Ned" Dillard, foreman at Masonite, Laurel, Miss.; Methodists; Sandersville, Miss. Children:

1. Drusilla Rebecca "Becky" Dillars b. 2 Aug. 1950, Laurel, Miss.

2. Carleton Edward Dillard, Jr., b. 23 Dec. 1952, Leakesville, Miss.; Sandersville, Miss.

3. Susannah Elizabeth Dillard b. 30 Jan. 1964, Laurel, Miss.; Sandersville, Miss.

(11) Ruby Myrtle Godbold b. 11 Aug. 1894, Kennolia, Miss.; teacher; Meth.; m. 2 July 1922, Charles Spurgeon Nevels (1898-1949) of Union Church, Miss., D.S., Superior Oil Co.; d. 2 Sept. 1956, Grayville, Ill. Children: Margaret and Charles Spurgeon Nevels, Jr.

(a) Margaret Lucinda Nevels b. 14 Mar. 1925, El Dorado, Ark.; B.S. Mich.; m. 11 Aug. 1945 Robert Dean "Bob" Wallen of Detroit, Mich., teacher; Frankenmuth, Mich.; Springfield, Mich. Daughter:

1. Marie Janet Wallen b. 6 Nov. 1946, Mich. (or Ill.); attending junior college; Springfield, Mich.

(b) Charles Spurgeon Nevels, Jr. b. 26 Sept. 1926, El Dorado, Ark.; B.S. U. of Ill.; WWII; m. 1949 Patricia Jeanne "Patsy" Spitz, Carmi, Ill.; engineer for oil co.; Bridgeport, Texas. Children: David, Deborah, Mark and Kathy.

1. David Lee Nevels b. 27 May 1955, Crossville, Ill.; Bridgeport, Texas.

2. Deborah Ann "Debbie" Nevels b. 19 Sept. 1958, Bridge­port, Texas.

3. Mark Allen Nevels b. 7 July 1961, Bridgeport, Texas.

4. Kathy Jeanne Nevels b. 10 Oct. 1963, Bridgeport, Tex.

c. Orpha Elizabeth "Lizzie" Godbold b. 1 Dec. 1851, Franklin Co., Miss.; m. 5 Feb. 1872 Eli Cupit (1844-1934); Methodists; d. 2 Aug. 1902; buried in Bethesda Cem. (Wright's), McCall Creek, Miss. Children: Evie, Jim, Sallie, Minnie, Ida, Luna, Prentiss, Homer, Leon, Quinnie, Ella and Ettie Cupit.

(1) Evelyn "Evie" Cupit b. 22 Nov. 1872, McCall's Creek, Miss.; m. 13 Dec. 1894 George Wells (1873-1937); d. 20 Apr. 1960, Wesson, Miss. Children: Vida, Johnny, Versie, Launa, Cody and Lillie Mae Wells.

(a) Infant son, b. 18 Dec. 1897, McCall Creek, Miss.;d. 1 Mar. 1898.

(b) Ersa Vida Wells b. 30 Oct. 1898; d. 5 Nov. 1900.

(c) Johnny Wells b. 1902, Franklin Co, Miss.; m. Pauline Haley, Lincoln Co., Miss. Children: Laverne, Maurine, Neilson, George and Steven Wells.

1. Johnny Laverne Wells b. Lincoln Co., Miss.; m. Paul Norwood; Johnson Station, Miss. Children: Jennifer Laverne and Robert Paul Norwood.

2. Frances Maurine Wells b. Lincoln Co., Miss.; m. Shelton Richardson; Brookhaven, Miss. Children: Frances Renee, Katherine, Karl and Sharen.

3. Arthur Neilson Wells b. Lincoln Co., Miss.; m. Rosilee ______. Children: 3 daughters.

4. George Elliot Wells b. Lincoln Co., Miss.; m. Shirley Day. Children:

a. Stuart Wayman Wells b. 11 Dec. 1961, Brookhaven.

b. Baby daughter Wells, b. Brookhaven, Miss.

5. Steven Wells b. Lincoln Co., Miss.; not married.

(d) Versie Virgil Wells b. Franklin Co., Miss.; m. Eula Mae Thompson; Lincoln Co., Miss. Children: Mattie Evelyn, Johnnie Modena, Lavone and Lavene (twins), Versie, Jr. and Barney Wells.

1. Mattie Evelyn Wells m. Eugene Richardson. Children: Amelia Ann and Michael Richardson.

2. Johnnie Modena Wells m. Vernon Smith. Children: Sherman, Virgil and _____Smith.

3. Lavone Wells m. Claud Smith. Children; Gary and Katherine Smith.

4. Lavene Wells m. Edward Ashley. Children: Eddie Lee, Charlotte, Betty Ashley and a son.

5. Versie Wells, Jr., m.; lives in La. Children: a daughter.

6. Barney Lee Wells, m.

(e) Launa Wells b. Franklin Co., Miss.; m. Truman W. Haley; works at Stahl-Urban, Brookhaven, Miss. Children: Mildred Magdalena, Elwin, Walter, Bennie and Frances Haley.

1. Mildred Magdalena Haley m. Cecil Reeves; Wesson, Miss. Children: Ann, Nancy and Robert Daniel Reeves.

2. Elwin Haley m. Dorothy Burk; Stahl-Urban; Wesson, Miss. Child:

a. Debra Rose Haley b. 1959; Brookhaven; Heucks Retreat.

3. Walter Haley m. Faye Pickett; Heucks Retreat, Miss.

4. Bennie Haley m. Janice Smith.

(f) James Cody Wells b. 28 Jan. 1908, Franklin Co., Miss.; m. 28 Jan. 1937 Hazle Norton of Lincoln Co., Miss.; dairyman; Heucks Retreat, Miss. One child: Vida Wells.

(g) Lillie Mae Wells b. 31 Oct. 1912; m. 10 Sept. 1938, Jesse W. Sandifer; Wesson, Miss. No children.

(2) James Levi "Jim" Cupit b. 17 Oct. 1874, McCalls Creek, Miss.; m. 1896 Florence Walker; farmer; d. Children: Lena, Lawrence, Hugh, Minnie, Percy and Irene Cupit.

(a) Lena Cupit b. Franklin Co., Miss.; m. John W. Williams; Shreveport, La.

(b) Lawrence Cupit b. 1902; Miss. Hwy. Dept.; d. 9 Nov. 1966, Natchez, Miss.

(c) Hugh Cupit b. Franklin Co.; m.; Heucks Retreat, Miss.

(d) Minnie "Polly" Cupit b. 15 Dec. 1903, Franklin Co., Miss.; m. W. E. Ward; d. 11 July 1960; Eddiceton, Miss. No children.

(e) Percy Cupit b. Franklin Co., Miss.; m.; Oak Grove, La.

(f) Irene Cupit b. Franklin Co., Miss.; m. ______McMillan, Washington, Miss.; m. Coy Plunkett, Natchez, Miss. Son: Malcolm McMillan.

(3) Sarah Louise "Sallie" Cupit b. 4 Oct. 1876, McCall's Creek, Miss. m. 13 Jan. 1898 Edgar David Herring (1870-1948); member Bethesda (Wright's) Meth. Church 78 years. Children: Minerva, Bessie, Edgar, Jr., Edwin, Robert, Burch, Clara Blanche and Katherine Herring.

(a) Minerva Herring b. McCall Creek, Miss.; m. Perlie Young of Lucien, Miss.; Bapts.; teacher; Brookhaven, Miss. Children:

1. Margaret LyNelle Young b. 17 Apr. 1926; m. 10 Dec. 1948 Walter Rankin Barksdale; Texas. Children:

a. William Horton "Bill" Barksdale, b. 1 Dec. 1948.

b. Walter Rankin Barksdale, Jr. b. 6 Dec. 1953.

c. Wayne Young Barksdale b. 18 June 1955.

d. Wendy Melissa Barksdale b. 6 June 1960.

e. Wayde Lee Barksdale b. 9 Mar. 1965.

2. Louise Young b. Lincoln Co., Miss.; m. Ed Smith; Bapt. Son:

a. Tommy Smith b. 1947, Brookhaven, Miss.; U.S. Service, Korea.

(b) Mary Elizabeth "Bessie" Herring; Bluff City Motors, Natchez, Miss.; m. Henry M. Branch (   -1964); Meth.; Brookhaven, Miss. No children.

(c) Edgar David Herring, Jr. b. 24 May 1902, McCall Creek, Miss.; Meth.; WWII; sales clerk, Keesler Air Base, Biloxi, Miss.; m. Luna Woolley.

(d) Edwin Lamar Herring b. 10 July 1904; Soule Bus. Col.; m. Hilda Engles; Bapts.; Marble & Granite Works, Mendenhall, Miss. Son:

1. James Herring b. Jackson, Miss.; musician; teaching in Mich.

(e) Robert Sibley "Bob" Herring b. 1906, McCall Creek, Miss.; Bowling Green Bus. Col.; MP&L; m. Vana Lee Ridgeway; m. Imogene Shows; electrician; Sanford, Miss. No children.

(f) Joseph Burch Herring, II, b. 21 Feb. 1912, Eddiceton, Miss.; WWII; m. 10 May 1937 Cecile Dickerson of Quentin, Miss.; Meth.; works for Herring Gas Co.; McCall Creek, Miss. Children:

1. Charlotte Jean Herring b. 13 Jan. 1948, Brookhaven, Miss.; Meth.; training as technician, Bapt. Hosp., Jackson, Miss.

2. Janice Margie Herring b. 5 May 1953, Brookhaven, Miss.; Meth.; F. C. A. C. Band; McCall Creek, Miss.

(g) Clara Blanche Herring b. 1915; B.S.USM; m. 1941 Aubrey Sellers; Bapts.; teacher; Moselle, Miss. Children:

1. Elizabeth Ann Sellers b. 1942; m. 17 July 1964 Ronald Mangum, Bapt. minister; A.B., William Carey Col.; Magee, Miss. Daughter.

2. Sandra Sellers b. 1943; business course; stenographer; Biloxi, Miss.

(h) Katherine Herring b. 5 Jan. 1919, McCall Creek, Miss.; Co-Lin; Draughon's Bus. Col.; Meth.; m. 14 Sept. 1945 Andrew Tyson Davis, Jackson, Miss.; McCall Creek, Miss. Children:

1. Patricia Margueritte "Pat" Davis b. 9 Aug. 1948, Mobile, Ala.; attending Delta State Teachers Col.; Cleveland, Miss. Methodist.

2. Carolyn Davis b. 18 June 1950, Mobile, Ala.; 4-H Club; Beta; Franklin High Band Majorette; Methodist; McCall Creek, Miss.

3. Vanalee Katherine Davis b. 22 Sept. 1958, Meadville, Miss.

(4) Minnie E. Cupit b. 10 Oct. 1878, McCall's Creek, Miss.; m. 9 Dec. 1896 Robert L. Walker, Franklin Co., Miss.; Meth.; d. Children: Myrtis, Tillman, Leta, Eula and Sarah Walker.

(5) Ida Cupit b. 7 Mar. 1881, McCalls Creek, Miss.; m. 30 Mar. 1902 Pinkney Lee Godbold (1879-1926); Meth.; Smithdale, Miss. (For descendants see Pinkney Lee Godbold, page 36)

(6) Luna Cupit b. 7 Apr. 1883 McCall's Creek, Miss.; unmarried.

(7) Prentiss B. Cupit b. 19 Nov. 1885, Kennolia, Miss.; m. 1903 Dezzie Walker, Fayette, Miss.; worked in Detroit, Mich.; 1915-1933; McCall Creek, Miss. Children:

(a) Leta Cupit b. 8 Nov. 1904.

(b) Andrew "Jack" Cupit b. 1907.

(c) Geraldine Cupit b. 1911, Fayette, Miss.; d. 1963.

(8) Homer Cupit b. 12 May 1888, Kennolia, Miss.; d. 31 July 1893.

(9) Leon Cupit b. 27 Dec. 1890, Kennolia, Miss.; m. 1912 Sallie Wright. Children: Eli, Flora Mae, George, and Ames Cupit.

(a) Eli Cupit b. 21 Dec. 1913, McCall Creek, Miss.; m. 20 Apr. 1934 Ammie Burris; farmer; logger; McCall Creek, Miss. Children: Claudell, Clayton, Doris Glynn, W. L., Nina Dale, Judy and Thomas Cupit.

1. Mary Claudell Cupit b. 9 Jan. 1936, McCall Creek, Miss.; m. 2 Apr. 1954 Reginald Roger Jones; Meth.; McCall Creek, Miss. Children:

a. Milton Ellis Jones b. 22 May 1955.

b. Limuel Erwin Jones b. 26 June 1956.

c. Glen Dale Jones b. 27 Dec. 1959.

2. Clayton Eli Cupit b. 18 Dec. 1939; m. 25 Nov. 1960, Shirley Fay Seale; Houston, Tex. Children:

a. Wanda Gale Cupit b. 8 Oct. 1961.

b. Angela Fay Cupit b. 8 Sept. 1963.

3. Doris Glynn Cupit b. 3 Jan. 1942; m. 1 Sept. 1962 Harold Robert Dillon; Bude, Miss. Children:

a. Terrica Dawn Dillon b. 2 June 1963, Meadville, Miss,

b. Tommy Lavon Dillon b.

c. Timothy Lane Dillon b. 30 June 1966, Meadville; Bude, Miss.

4. W. L. Cupit b. 20 Oct. 1945; m. 5 Nov. 1965 Peggy Ruth Fauver.

5. Nina Dale Cupit b. 2 Apr. 1948.

6. Judy Carol Cupit b. 28 May 1951.

7. Thomas May Cupit b. 24 Dec. 1953, Brookhaven, Miss.

(b) Flora Mae Cupit b. Franklin Co., Miss.; m. Lewis Jackson. Son;

1. Johnny Jackson m.; teaching in Jackson, Miss. Son:

a. John Carter Jackson b. 1966, Jackson, Miss.

(c) George "Pete" Cupit b. 26 Mar. 1920, McCall Creek, Miss.; worked with Forestry Dept.; d. 26 Mar. 1967; buried in New Salem Bapt. Church Cemetery.

(d) Agnes Cupit b. McCall Creek, Miss.; m. Robert Rowe; Baptist; stenographer at Sears, Brookhaven, Miss. Child: Peggy Rowe.

(10) Quinnie Ella Cupit b. 2 May 1893, Kennolia, Miss.; Methodist; teacher; m. 1923 Clifton Speed of Heucks Retreat, Miss. Children:

(a) Rembert Speed b.. Lincoln Co., Miss.; m.

(b) M. Charles Speed, m. ___Hughes. Children: Steve, Mike, Ronny and Clifton Eugene Speed, who was b. Nov. 1962, Hattiesburg, Miss.

(11) Ettie Lee Cupit b. 31 Dec. 1896, Kennolia, Miss.; m. 1919 Scuyler Schroeder; Jackson, Miss. Children: Nellie and Clifton Schroeder.

d. Horace Gilmore Godbold b. 25 Oct. 1853, Franklin Co., Miss.; Meth.; m. 29 Oct. 1873 Evelyn Virginia "Evie" Lee (1849-1904); farmer; camp-meeting promoter; m. 23 Nov. 1906 Mattie Fredonia Herring (1873-1955); d. 26 June 1929; buried in Bethesda Cem. Children: Wife 1, Hattie, Olive, Pinkney, Allie, Mary, Clara, Howell and Marshall Godbold. Wife 2, Tillman, Jewell, Leslie and Horace Godbold, Jr.

(1) Hattie A. Godbold b. 28 Aug. 1874, McCall's Creek, Miss.; d. 16 Aug.1876.

(2) Olive Godbold b. 24 June 1876, McCall's Creek, Miss.; attended Whitworth Col.; teacher; m. 4 Dec. 1904 William Albert "Will" Jordan (1884-1961); Methodists; d. 8 July 1954, Zetus, Miss. Children: Berta Lee, Jewell, Clara Belle, Bertram, Ruby, Marvin and Bessie.

(a) Berta Lee Jordan b. 16 June 1906; d. 26 June 1907, Zetus.

(b) Jewell Grady Jordan b. 11 Nov. 1907, Zetus, Miss.; m. 24 Dec. 1929 Geneva Watts; Meth.; clerk; Brookhaven, Miss. Children: Elsie, Jewell, Jr., Betty Faye and Barbara Ann.

1. Elsie Marie Jordan b. 17 Nov. 1932, Brookhaven, Miss.; m. 18 Mar. 1949 Robert Luther Bowman. Children:

a. Cynthia Ann Bowman b. 25 Sept. 1953.

b. Linda Kay Bowman b. 3 Nov. 1955.

2. Jewell Grady Jordan, Jr., b. 8 Feb. 1936, Brookhaven, Miss.; m. 22 Dec. 1957 Patsy Ruth Smith. Children:

a. William Timothy Jordan b. 15 Jan. 1960.

b. Jody Patricia Jordan b. 14 Aug. 1961.

3. Betty Faye Jordan b. 17 Dec. 1942, Brookhaven, Miss.; m. 31 Mar. 1963 Clyde Strahan Moody.

4. Barbara Ann Jordan b. 25 June 1944, Brookhaven, Miss,; m. 19 July 1964 Don Paul Smith.

(c) Clara Belle Jordan b. 2 June 1910, Zetus, Miss.; B.S. USM; Home Dem. Agent; Meth.; never married; Purvis, Miss.

(d) Horace Bertram "Bert" Jordan b. 4 Dec. 1913, Zetus, Miss.; m. 24 Dec. 1939 Mary Louise Barthel; grocer; Exec. Sec. of Lay Act. of Miss. Meth. Conf.; Jackson, Miss. Children:

1. George William "Billy" Jordan b. 28 Aug. 1940, Jackson, Miss.

2. Bert Marion Jordan b. 15 Jan. 1942, Jackson, Miss.; Millsaps Col.; m. 28 Jan. 1962 Mary Kayle McCarley. Children:

a. Mary Kathryn Jordan b. 12 Aug. 1962, Jackson. b. Jay Marvin Jordan b. 28 July 1963, Jackson, Miss.

3. Robert Dewey Jordan b. 2 Aug. 1945, Jackson, Miss.

4. Susan Faye Jordan b. 14 Oct. 1946, Jackson, Miss.

(e) Ruby Mae Jordan b. 6 July 1914, Zetus, Miss.; grad. Co-Lin; m. 25 Jan. 1942 Eugene L. Klein; attended William & Mary Col. and Drake; Meth.; d. 7 Sept. 1961, Des Moines, Iowa. Children;

1. Robert E. Klein b. 17 Oct. 1943; U. S. Service.

2. Raymond Klein b. 10 Aug. 1945.

(f) William Marvin Jordan b. 15 Oct. 1915, Zetus, Miss.; m. 18 June 1939 Hattie Vaughn; Meth.; Magnolia, Miss. Child:

1. Harriet Jordan b. 1947, Magnolia, Miss.

(g) Bessie Jordan b. 23 Aug. 1919, Zetus, Miss.; m. 25 Jan. 1941 Henry C. Ashcraft; Greenville, Miss. Children: Twins Beverly Ann and David Lee Ashcraft, b. 17 Mar. 1946, Greenville, Miss.

(3) Pinkney Lee Godbold b. 21 Jan. 1879, McCall's Creek, Miss.; Meth.; m. 30 Mar. 1902 Ida Cupit; farmer; d. 22 Feb. 1926. Children: Peyton, Sherall, Elaine, Enoch, Wauline, Eula Mae and P. L., Jr.

(a) Peyton Earl Godbold b. 3 June 1903, Kennolia, Miss.; m. Mattie Evans; Bapt.; merchant; postmaster, Eddiceton, Miss. Children: Charles, Peyton Earl, Jr., and Philip Godbold.

1. Charles Evans Godbold b. 5 May 1928, Franklin Co., Miss.; grad. Clarke Memorial Jr. Col.; Bapt.; m. 8 June 1954 Peggy Jean Dukes, Natchez, Miss.; head timekeeper International Paper Co.; Natchez, Miss. Children:

a. Pamela Lynn Godbold b. 27 July 1955, Natchez.

b. Charles Craig Godbold b. 18 Mar. 1958, Natchez.

c. Richard Allan Godbold b. 13 July 1962, Natchez.

2. Peyton Earl Godbold, Jr., b. 13 Dec. 1936; Co-Lin; m. 1957 Barbara White, Wesson, Miss.; Bapt.; grocer; Eddiceton, Miss. Children:

a. Cathy Ann Godbold b. 18 May 1958, Brookhaven.

b. Janet Lea Godbold b. 12 June 1961, Brookhaven.

3. Alfred Philip Godbold b. 8 Sept. 1941; Hinds Jr. Col.; m. 196_ Evelyn Laird; Bapt. Natchez, Miss.

(b) Sherall Marvin Godbold b. 12 Nov. 1905, Kennolia, Miss.; m. 23 Dec. 1927 Frances Marie Kyzar; Bapt.; barber; ICRR shops; McComb, Miss. Children: Bobby, Marvin, Carolyn and Donald Godbold.

1. Bobby Gene "Bob" Godbold b. 25 July 1931, Brookhaven, Miss.; U.S. Air Force; m. 20 Sept. 1952 Jan Tamara Greer, Bogue Chitto, Miss.; Bapt.; McComb, Miss. Children:

a.  Vicky Marion Godbold b. 29 Dec. 1953, McComb.

b. Gabrielle Godbold b. 10 Dec. 1963, McComb, Miss,

2. Sherall Marvin Godbold, Jr., b. 14 Oct. 1936, Brook­haven, Miss.; m. Dorothy Ann Sanders; works for Hartman Funeral Home, Brookhaven. Child:

a. Alisha Darlene Godbold b. 10 June 1957, McComb.

3. Carolyn Marie Godbold b. 7 Jan. 1945, McComb, Miss,

4. Donald Ray "Don" Godbold b. 17 Jan. 1948; McComb.

(c)   Elaine Godbold b. 1908, Kennolia, Miss.; teacher; m. Aug. 1957 Robert S. Hall (1905- 1959); Smithdale, Miss. Two stepdaughters.

(d)   Enoch D. Godbold b. 1911, Veto, Miss.; m. Feb. 1936 Ida Lena Summers, Brookhaven, Miss.; Meth.; manager Morgan-Lindsay, Laurel, Miss. Children:

1. Evelyn Godbold b. 1938, Brookhaven, Miss.; grad. Millsaps Col.; m. July 1958 Joe Wimberly; Meth.

2. Son Godbold b. 1941 d. 1947, Grenada, Miss.

3.  David Godbold b. Mar. 1948, Grenada, Miss.; Laurel, Miss.

4. Keith Godbold b. 1950, Grenada, Miss.; Laurel, Miss.

(e) Wauline Godbold b. 25 Feb. 1914, Union Church, Miss.; m. John Kelly, New Orleans, La.; d. 23 Sept. 1954, New Orleans, La. Children:

1. Regina "Jean" Kelly b. New Orleans, La.; business course; m.; stenographer; Baton Rouge, La.

(f) Eula Mae Godbold b. 17 Mar. 1917, Union Church, Miss.; m. Robert S. Hall; d. 11 Dec. 1955, Pensacola, Fla. Children:

1. Dorothy Hall b. 1944, Pensacola, Fla.; grad. U. of Miss. Sch. of Nursing, Jackson, Miss.

2. Vera Hall b. 1945, Pensacola, Fla.; attending Millsaps Col.; Smithdale, Miss.

(g) Pinkney Lee "P. L." Godbold, Jr. b. 10 Jan. 1920, McCall Creek, Miss.; m. 17 Feb. 1940 Donnie Mae White; uphol­sterer; Brookhaven, Miss. Children:

1. Patricia Ann Godbold b. 27 Sept. 1942, Brookhaven, Miss.; m. 20 Jan. 1959 James P. Hart; Brookhaven, Miss. Children:

a. James Reginald Hart b. 14 July 1960, Brookhaven.

b. Christopher Blake Hart b. 26 July 1964, Brookhaven.

2. Betty Jo Godbold b. 9 Jan. 1947, Brookhaven, Miss.; m. 29 Aug. 1963 Tommy Jerry Wilson. Child:

a. Jeffrey Scott Wilson b. 17 July 1964.

3. Janice Susan Godbold b. 24 Apr. 1953, Brookhaven.

(4) Allie Cordelia Godbold b. 18 Feb. 1881, Franklin Co., Miss.; m. Dec. 1900 George Lusk Strait (1876-1951); Methodist; d. 1 Feb. 1915; buried at Hawkin's Chapel. Children: Marshall, Virgie, Mamo and Mildred Strait.

(a) Marshall Charles Strait b. 30 Oct. 1901, Zetus, Miss.; m. 17 Apr. 1927 Ruth Wallace; works for Public Service, New Orleans, La. Children:

1. Gwandolyn Strait b. Lincoln Co., Miss.; m. Bill Bates, Bogalusa, La. Children: Three.

2. George Eliot Strait m. Sue ____; living in South Carolina.

(b) Virgie Strait b. 29 Mar. 1904, Zetus, Miss.; m. 26 Dec. 1926 James Walter Wallace; Bogue Chitto, Miss. Children:

1. James Alton Wallace m. Betty Barnes; Jackson, Miss.; lawyer. Three children.

2. Carolyn Wallace m. Ernest Reeves; Bogue Chitto, Miss.

(c) Mamo Strait b. 6 Mar. 1906, Zetus, Miss.; attended STC; teacher; m. 24 Dec. 1931 Claude Bennett Smith; Church of Christ; Brookhaven, Miss. Children: C.B., John and Kerry,

1. Claude Bennett Smith, Jr. b. Lincoln Co., Miss.; m. Elaine Montgomery; Jackson, Miss. No children.

2. John Douglas Smith m. 1958 Anna Louise Sexton, Arvin, Calif.; Church of Christ; preacher; Calif. Child:

a. Terrie Lynn Smith b. Jan 1960; Calif.

3. Richard Kerry Smith b. Lincoln Co., Miss.; Co-Lin; m. 4 May 1962 Linda Reynolds of Okla.; Calif.

(d) Mildred Strait b. 24 June 1911, Zetus, Miss.; m. 11 Jan. 1936 Clyde E. Smith; Church of Christ; Brookhaven, Miss, Children:

1. Marvel Sue Smith b. Brookhaven, Miss.; stenographic course; works for Brookhaven Bank & Trust Co.

2. Clyde William "Billy" Smith b. Brookhaven, Miss.; Co-Lin.

(5) Mary Evelyn Godbold b. 13 May 1883, Franklin Co., Miss.; Meth, Whitworth Col.; never married; d. 20 Oct. 1962; Bethesda Cem.

(6) Clara Sallie Godbold b. 4 Nov. 1885, Kennolia, Miss.; grad. of Millsaps Col. and Ruskin Cave Col.; teacher; nurse; m. Aug. 1914 Enoch Carruth Seale (1887-1951); Meth.; d. 15 May 1953, Prescott, Ariz. Children: Enoch, Jr. and Evelyn Seale.

(a) Enoch Carruth Seale, Jr., b. 18 Dec. 1916, Nashville, Tenn.; m. Allene ____; lives in Prescott, Ariz. Children:

1. Virginia Seale b. Ariz.; m.; Children: Two.

2. Carl Seale b. Prescott, Ariz.

3. Louise Seale.

(b) Evelyn Seale b. Prescott, Ariz.; m. John Madden of Conn.; live in Phoenix, Ariz. Child:

1. John Madden, Jr.

(7) Horace Howell Godbold b. 14 May 1888, Kennolia, Miss.; m. 1910 Ota Coleman (1890-1923); m. Myrtle Hicks, Ark.; d. Feb. 1956, Cotton Plant, Ark. Children: Wife 1, Howeline and Mary Evelyn; Wife 2, Howell, Jr., Vera, Betty, Myrtle Sue, Glenda and Frances.

(a) Howeline Godbold b. 21 Dec. 1912, Veto, Miss.; m. 6 July 1934 Earl Price, Bude, Miss.; lives in Natchez, Miss. Children:

1. Corban Earl Price, adopted, b. 1937; Natchez, Miss.

2. Douglas Andrea Price b. 1945, Natchez, Miss.

(b) Mary Evelyn Godbold b. 1919, Ark.; d. 1925, Ark.

(c) Horace Howell "Buster" Godbold, Jr., b. 1924, Ark.

(d) Vera Godbold b. 1927, Ark.

(e) Betty Godbold, b. 1929, Ark.

(f) Myrtle Sue Godbold b. 1931, Ark.

(g) Glenda Godbold b. 1945, Ark.

(h) Frances Godbold b. 1947, Ark.; d. 1957, Cotton Plant, Ark.

(8) Marshall Garrett Godbold b. 27 Feb. 1891, Kennolia, Miss.; m. 18 Oct. 1929 Lizzie Grider of Lucien, Miss.; Meth.; d. 5 Oct. 1932. Child: Mary Helen Godbold.

(a) Mary Helen Godbold b. 1930; m. 1950 George Hunter, Natchez, Miss.; Meth.; Lucien, Miss. Children:

1. Eddie Hunter b. 1951, Natchez, Miss.; Brookhaven, Miss., R. 5.

2. Linda Diane Hunter b. 1952, Natchez, Miss.

(9) Tillman Herring Godbold b. 31 Mar. 1908, Kennolia, Miss.; m. 1 June 1930, Mary Lou Gray; state senator; Co-Lin; grad. Miss. Col.; Dist. Supv. Rehab.; Meth.; d. 6 Apr. 1957, Oxford, Miss. Children:

(a) Shirley Ann Godbold b. Dec. 1938, Brookhaven, Miss.; Ole Miss,; m. John W. McCauley, band director; Kosciusko, Miss. Children;

1. Mary Margaret "Margie" McCauley b. 4 July 1960.

2. John Michael McCauley b. 1963.

(10) Jewell Wesley Godbold b. 8 July 1909, Kennolia, Miss.; m. 27 Dec. 1929 Georgia Buckels; Public Service, New Orleans, La. Children: Wife 1, Jewell Wesley "J. W." Godbold, Jr.; Wife 2, no children.

(11) Leslie Wright "Tap" Godbold b. 31 Jan. 1911, Veto, Miss.; Co-Lin; grad, of U. of Ind.; football coach; WWII; m. 1943 Maurice Woods; realtor, Jackson, Miss. Children:

(a) Stephen Woods Godbold b. Jackson, Miss.

(b) Douglas Gilmore Godbold b. and d. 1956, Jackson, Miss.

(12) Horace Gilmore "Little Bud" Godbold, Jr. b. 19 May 1912, Union Church, Miss.; Meth.; Co-Lin; LSU; teacher; coach; m. 1941 Hazel Cloy, Bude, Miss.; Supt. of Ed., Franklin Co., Miss. Children:

(a)  Horace Gilmore "Buddy" Godbold, III, b. 23 Apr. 1949, Brook­haven, Miss.; attending Hinds Jr. Col, Raymond, Miss.

(b) Margaret Godbold b. 25 Oct. 1950, Brookhaven, Miss.; Meth.; Bude, Miss.

e. Sarah Louise "Sallie" Godbold b. 9 Sept. 1857, Franklin Co.  Miss.; m. 9 Jan. 1880 Thomas Nathaniel "Tom" Cupit (1858-1942); Meth.; d. 17 May 1938, Brookhaven, Miss. Children: Ada, Alma, Bertha, Emmitt, Corene, Horace, Thomas, Leo and John E. Cupit.

(1) Ada Cupit b. 15 Jan. 1881, McCall's Creek, Miss.; m. Dec. 1901 Leonard Arthur "Lyn" Strait (1881-1957); d. 22 May 1964, Brookhaven, Miss.; Meth. Children: Thomas, Kelly, Velma, Fola Strait.

(a) Thomas Sylvester Strait b. Jan. 1903, Kennolia, Miss.; m. ______Magee, Lincoln Co., Miss.; Public Service, New Orleans, La.; m. Ann _____, New Orleans, La. Children: a son and a daughter.

(b) Daniel Kelly Strait b. 1905, Kennolia, Miss.; m. Katie Lou Magee; Ingalls Shipbuilding Div.; Pascagoula, Miss. Children; Marlene, Kelly, Jr., Laverne and Gene Strait.

1. Marlene Strait b. Lincoln Co., Miss.; m. 1955 Theodore Vinson; Citronelle, Ala. Children:

a. Marie Vinson b. 1956; Citronelle, Ala.

b. Thea Vinson b. 1958; Citronelle, Ala.

c. Kelly Vinson b. 1959; Citronelle, Ala.

2. D. Kelly "Nickey" Strait, Jr. m. while in service; wife d. Children:

a. Danny Strait b. 1955.

b. Cynthia Strait b. 1957.

3. Alice Laverne Strait b. Lincoln Co., Miss.  m. 23 Aug. 1958 Charles Allen Walker; dietician University Hosp., Jackson, Miss. Children:

a. Drew Walker b. 1959, Jackson, Miss.

b. Alisa Walker b. 1961, Jackson, Miss.

c.  Mark Walker b. 1963, Jackson, Miss.

4. Gene Allison Strait b. Lincoln Co., Miss.; m. Oct. 1965 Alma Lou Freeman.

(c) Emma Velma Strait b. 3 Sept. 1907, Kennolia, Miss.; d. 6 Feb. 1918; buried Bethesda Cemetery.

(d) Fola Strait b. Veto, Miss.; m. Miss. Children: Two.

(2) Alma Cupit b. 2 Apr. 1882, McCall's Creek, Miss.; m. 26 Aug. 1903 William Warren Walker (188_-1961); d. 7 Dec. 1959, Meadville, Miss. Children: Leiand, J. W., James, and Mary Walker.

(a) Leiand Leo Walker b. 6 Feb. 1905, Franklin Co., Miss.; m. Beatrice Craft, Raleigh, Miss.; teacher. No children.

(b) John William "J.W." Walker b. 23 Mar. 1909; m. Ruth Whitehead; Baptists; Gulf Oil Station; Meadville, Miss. Child:

1. John William "Billy" Walker, Jr. b. 6 June 1957.

(c) James C. Walker b. 1 Dec. 1914, Eddiceton, Miss.; m. Gladys______; Wichita, Kans. No children.

(d) Mary Louise Walker b. 2 June 1918, Eddiceton, Miss.; m. 12 Jan. 1942 R. Gerald Lambuth; Methodists; Meadville, Miss. Children:

1. Janet Ann Lambuth b. 12 Aug. 1943; Meadville, Miss.; m. Robert H. Womack, lawyer, Jackson, Miss. Child:

a. Robert Kevin Womack b. 1 Apr. 1964.

2. Warren Gerald "Jerry" Lambuth b. 15 July 1946, Meadville, Miss.

3. Brenda Sue Lambuth b. 30 Jan. 1951, Bude, Miss.

(3) Bertha Cupit b. 20 Feb. 1884, McCall's Creek, Miss.; Methodist d. 8 Dec. 1899; buried at Bethesda Cem.

(4) Emmitt Cupit b. 15 May 1886, Kennolia, Miss.; d. 14 Oct. 1886

(5) Sarah Corene Cupit b. 25 Oct. 1887, Kennolia, Miss.; m. 2 Apr. 1913 Luther Magee; Meth.; Brookhaven, Miss. Children;

(a) Loraine Magee b. Brookhaven, Miss.; m. Robert Taylor; Hazlehurst, Miss. Children: Son and Shirley Taylor.

(b) Yvonne Magee b. Brookhaven, Miss.; m. W. Thomas West, Head of Dept. of Music Ed. and director of bands MSU. Children; Two daughters.

(6) Horace Dodds Cupit b. 3 Sept. 1892, Kennolia, Miss.; m. 17 Dec, 1919, Susie Wilkinson, Union Church, Miss.; farmer; merchant; Meth.; Crowder, Miss. Children: Horace, Jr., Thomas, Calvin, and Dorothy Cupit.

(a) Horace Dodds Cupit, Jr. b. 21 June 1921, McCall Creek, Miss.; m., 1940 Bonnie Mae Smith; WWII; Corn. of Jackson VFW Post 687; m. Rose Stevens Smith; Terry, Miss. Children: Wife 1, Dodds, Robert and Jerry Cupit; Wife 2, Nf

1. Dodds L. Cupit b. 8 Jan. 1942; m. 1962 Virginia Martens. Child:

a. Bonnie Marie Cupit b. 10 Dec. 1964, Jackson.

2. Robert D. Cupit b. 14 Mar. 1945.

3. Jerry L. Cupit b. 11 Mar. 1946.

(b) Thomas F. Cupit b. 18 June 1923, McCall Creek, Miss.; WWII; m. 29 May 1946 Edna Earle Ahrends, Union Church, Miss.; B.S. USM; B.D. Emory U.; Methodist pastor; Meadville, Miss. Child:

1. Martin Joel Cupit b. 15 Jan. 1955, Brookhaven, Miss.

(c) Calvin J. Cupit b. 14 July 1925; m. 1945 Rita Wilson; US Navy. Children:

1. Gary Calvin Cupit b. 4 Sept. 1947, Norfolk, Va.

2. William Don Cupit b. 9 Dec. 1950, Norfolk, Va.

(d) Dorothy Rose Cupit b. 24 June 1927, McCall Creek, Miss.; m. 15 Dec. 1948 Winford Wallace; Crowder, Miss. Child:

1. Winford Earl Wallace b. 15 Sept. 1950, Clarksdale, Miss.

(e) Donald Raiford Cupit b. 14 Mar. 1930; d. 1 Feb. 1931; McCall Creek, Miss.

(7) Thomas F. "Tommy" Cupit b. 8 Nov. 1894, Kennolia, Miss.; m. 25 June 1924 Lois Miller, Eddiceton, Miss.; Meth.; plumber; Brookhaven, Miss. Son:

(a) Robert Marion Cupit b. Brookhaven, Miss.; m. ___Smith. Child:

1. Mary Lynn Cupit b. 19 Apr. 1964, Jackson, Miss.

(8) Felix Leo Cupit b. 13 May 1896, Kennolia, Miss.; m. 3 Feb. 1923 Eddice Marie Tillotson, McCall Creek, Miss.; Bapt.; Bogue Chitto, Miss. Children: Marie, Felix, Roy Gene and Joy Dale Cupit.

(a) Sarah Marie Cupit b. 24 Oct. 1924, McCall Creek, Miss.; Bapt.; m. 1 Sept. 1946 David Griffin; Bapt. Children:

1. Delilah Griffin b. 1 Oct. 1950.

2. Mitchell Griffin b. 24 Aug. 1951.

3. Amarylis Griffin b. 22 Feb. 1955.

(b) Felix Leo Cupit, Jr. b. 25 July 1927, McCall Creek, Miss.; m. 20 Dec. 19___ Imogene Smith, Brookhaven, Miss.; US Army, Africa; Bapt.; mechanic; Brookhaven, Miss. Child;

1. Stephen Dale Cupit b. 1958 in Ethiopia, Africa.

(c) Roy Gene Cupit b. 25 Aug. 1931, McCall Creek, Miss.; m. 1954 Esteen Nettles, Bogue Chitto, Miss.; works in Natchez, Miss.; lives in Vidalia, La. Children:

1. Dickey Wayne Cupit b. May 1955.

2. Bernadette Cupit b. 1956.

3. Roy Glen Cupit b. 1958.

4. Richard Anthony Cupit b. 1959.

5. Dennis Keith Cupit b. 1960.

(d) Joy Dale Cupit b. 1 May 1933, McCall Creek, Miss.; d. 4 Mar, 1936, Bogue Chitto, Miss.

(9) John Earl "Johnny" Cupit b. 24 Sept. 1898, Kennolia, Miss.; m. 4 Apr. 1923 Primrose Geneva Seale, Meadville, Miss.; Bapt. Children:

(a) Emmitt Milton Cupit b. 9 Dec. 1924, McCall Creek, Miss.; m. 30 June 1950 Myrtle Mclntosh. Child:

1. Emmitt Milton Cupit, Jr. b. 29 July 1951, Medrias, Miss.

(b) Mildred Earnestine Cupit b. 3 Oct. 1926, McCall Creek, Miss.; m. 29 May 1949 John Matthew Vernon, Bude, Miss.

1. Mickey Diane Vernon b. 21 Aug. 1950, Natchez, Miss.

2. Michael John Vernon b. 14 Oct. 1952, Williston, N. Dak.

3. Samuel Clarence Vernon b. 22 Aug. 1957, Silsbee, Tex.

(c) Billy Ray Cupit b. 7 Jan. 1929, Meadville, Miss.; m. 24 Mar. 1950 Elwanda Faulkner. Child:

1. Billy Rudolph Cupit b. 24 Apr. 1952, Leesville, La.

(d) Edwin Linfield Cupit b. 19 Aug. 1936, Natchez; d. same.

(e) Martha Ann Cupit b. 12 Nov. 1937, Natchez, Miss.; m. Maurice W. Needham, Houston, Texas. Children: Two

f. Thomas Godbold b. about 1860, Veto, Miss.; died while young.

g. Pinkney Godbold b. about 1864; died before 1880; fell from swing.

h. Cordelia J. Godbold b. 12 Sept. 1867, Veto, Miss.; m. 16 Nov. 1885 Duncan Luther Godbold of Caseyville, Miss.; Methodists; d. 23 Feb. 1954, McComb, Miss. (For descendants see page 40)

i. Hattie B. Godbold b. about 1869; baptised at Bethesda Meth. Church 20 Nov. 1872; d. young.

5. James M. "Jimsey" Godbold b. about 1828, Wright's Com., Franklin Co., Miss.; served in Mexican War; Ensign, 7 June 1846, Seventh Reg., Co. B; left Franklin Co. in 1886.

6. Blueford Difinsworth "Blue" Godbold b. 8 Oct. 1830, Wright's Com.; m. 13 Nov. 1856 Fredonia America "Dona" Gilmer (Gilmore) (1842-1924), Copiah Co., Miss.; planter; Methodists; enjoyed shouting at camp meetings; d. 17 Dec. 1920; buried in Sweetwater Meth. Cem. Children: William, Mary, Allie, Minnie, James, Wilmer, Lula, Josie and Clarence Godbold.

a. William Montroseville "Willie" Godbold b. 7 Nov. 1857, Copiah Co., Miss.; m. 12 Dec. 1888 Etoile "Ettie" Boles; moved to Arizona, where he died some time after 1930. Children:

(1) Fredonia P. Godbold b. 17 Sept. 1889.

(2) William Boles Godbold b. 9 Apr. 1891; Texas.

(3) Eloise W. Godbold b. 26 Aug. 1893, Texas; m. William Sammann, Lockney, Texas.

(4) Blueford C. Godbold b. 29 Mar. 1896; in State of Washington in 1930.

(5) Mary Lucile Godbold b. 13 Oct. 1898; Arizona.

(6) Charlie G. Godbold b. 8 Mar. 1903, Texas.; m. and living in Ariz. 1930. Child: Daughter.

b. Mary Gilmer "Mollie" Godbold b. 25 Nov. 1859, Copiah Co., Miss.; Meth.; never married; d. 11 Aug. 1938, Sweetwater Cem.

c. Allie Elizabeth Godbold b. 4 July 1862, Copiah Co., Miss.; d. 26 May 1879.

d. Minnie Laura Godbold b. 16 May 1865; m. 9 July 1890 Robert Jackson Wright (1863-1942) of Roxie, Miss.; Meth.; d. 26 May 1939, Roxie, Miss. Children;

(1) Horace Montreville Wright b. 8 May 1891; d. 1911, Roxie, Miss.

(2) William Jackson "Willie" Wright b. 23 Aug. 1892; farmer; bachelor; Roxie, Miss.

(3) Bessie Lee Wright b. 15 Apr. 1894; never m.; d. 31 Dec. 1936.

(4) Wilmer Blueford Wright b. 19 Nov. 1895; d. 1917, A. H. S., Meadville, Miss.

(5) Robert Jackson "Jack" Wright b. 12 Mar. 1897; m. Jessie May, Franklin Co., Miss.; Meth.; worked 28 years for Esso Standard Co., Baton Rouge, La.; d. 20 May 1953. No children.

e. James Lovel Godbold b. 27 Feb. 1868, Copiah Co., Miss.; d. 9 Oct. 1868.

f. Wilmer Lee Godbold b. 11 Feb. 1870, Copiah Co., Miss.; Meth.; attended Millsaps Col.; lawyer, but did not practice long; m. 20 May 1916 Mrs. Lula Galbreath Moore; d. 19 Sept. 1937, Hazlehurst, Miss. No children.

g. Anna Elvira Godbold b. 17 Sept. 1872, Copiah Co., Miss.; Meth.; attended Whitworth Col.; m. 1 Feb. 1905 Daniel Baker McCallum (1876-1931); d. 23 July 1912. Children: James and Gilma McCallum.

(1) Dr. James Angus McCallum b. 4 Feb. 1906, Copiah Co., Miss,; A.B. U. of Miss.; m. 27 Nov. 1931 Edith Strait; M. D. Emory U.; M.P.H. Johns Hopkins U.; Dir. of Hosp. Operation, State of Md.; lecturer on faculty of Hopkins School of Health; Baltimore, Md. Children:

(a) James Angus McCallum, Jr. b. 8 Jan. 1933; A. B. Gettysburg Col.; M.A. Bus. Adm., Emory U.; Asst. Adm., Franklin Square Hosp., Baltimore, Md.

(b) Margaret Ann McCallum b. 2 May 1938, Md.; B. S. & R. N., Duke U.; M. S., Nursing Ed., U. of Md.; Baltimore, Md.

(2) Gilma McCallum b. 7 Jan. 1909, Copiah Co., Miss.; m. Robert "Bob" Sullivan; Abilene, Tex. Children: Edward, Anna Jane, Harry and Patsy Ruth Sullivan.

(a) Edward B. Sullivan b. 25 Nov. 1929; m. 25 Dec. 1950, Martha Mosley. Children:

1. Mary Ruth Sullivan b. 10 June 1958, Texas.

2.  Diane Sullivan b. 17 June 1959, Texas.

3. Jean Sullivan b. 25 Jan. 1961, Texas.

(b) Anna Jane Sullivan b. 28 June 1931; m. 20 Nov. 1954, E. Baxter Fortenberry. Children:

1. Patty Ann Fortenberry b. 13 Jan. 1956.

2. Marshall Scott Fortenberry b. 29 Aug. 1958.

(c) Harry M. Sullivan b. 28 Nov. 1934; m. 26 Dec. 1951 Sara Howell; m. 1962 Betty J. C___. Children:

1. Cynthia Ann Sullivan b. 3 Mar. 1955.

2. Vickie Lynn Sullivan b. 11 Aug. 1958.

(d) Patsy Ruth Sullivan b. 5 Aug. 1937; m. 13 Sept. 1958 Donald A. Sumrall. Children:

1. Donald Arthur Sumrall b. 9 Sept. 1960.

2. Robert Daniel Sumrall b. 27 Feb. 1962.

h. Lula Belle Godbold b. 4 Oct. 1875, Copiah Co., Miss.; attended WhitWorth Col. and Athens, Ala.; Meth.; m. 14 Dec. 1899 Joseph Eugene "Joe" Watson (1867-1952); d. 20 Apr. 1962, Teaneck, N. J. Children:

(1) Orville Eugene Watson b. 24 Mar. 1901, Hazlehurst, Miss.; d. 15 June 1901.

(2) Thomas Boyce Watson (changed to Jay A. McKay) b. 4 July 1902, Hazlehurst, Miss.; m. 20 Feb. 1937 June Oleska (now Mrs. Bruce Reagan); associated with McKay & Bind, New York City; d. 29 July 1952. Children:

(a) Carol Evelyn McKay b. 5 Aug. 1937; finished college; math teacher; m. 28 June 1959 Ronald Spielberger. Children;

1. Tommy Carl Spielberger b. 28 Feb. 1962.

2. John Roband Spielberger b. 4 Sept. 1963.

(b) James Curtis McKay b. 9 June 1941; finished college; d. 11 June 1964.

(c) Richard Jay McKay b. 11 Apr. 1949.

(3) Josie Fitch Watson b. 22 Apr. 1907, Hazlehurst, Miss.; Draughon's Bus. Col., m. 15 Feb. 1936 in N. Y. City Richard D. Williams, Asst. Reg. Supv., Agr. Dept.; Methodists; live in Silver Spring, Md. Children:

(a) Phyllis Ann Williams b. 5 Aug. 1937, Pittsburgh, Pa., M. S. in Christian Ed., Bob Jones U.; m. 17 Aug. 1963 Fred Schlotter, Jr.; teacher. King's Grant Christian Day School, Norfolk, Va.

(b) Kenneth Owens Williams b. 12 Jan. 1944, Pittsburgh, Pa.; graduate of Wheaton Col., Wheaton, Ill.

(c) Judith Kay Williams b. 30 Oct. 1945, Atlanta, Ga.; d. 4 Nov. 1945.

(4) Walter Lee "W. L." Watson b. 2 June 1913, Hazlehurst, Miss.; Co-Lin; graduated from law school, Washington, B.C.; m. 3 Sept. 1938 Margaret Wickliffe, Washington, D. C.; works with Gen. Counsels Office, Income Tax Unit of Treasury; Chicago, Ill. Children:

(a) Warren Bradford Watson b. 28 Oct. 1939, Washington, D.C, d. 12 Feb. 1940.

(b) Thomas Lee "Tom" Watson b. 9 Nov. 1940, Washington, D. C.; M. S. in Mech. Engineering, Purdue U.; working for aeronautical aircraft company in Texas.

(c) Robert Wickliffe Watson b. 24 Oct. 1942; college graduate.

(d) Jean Watson b. 11 Aug. 1946; attending college at DeKalb.

(e) Dennis Brian Watson b. 17 Nov. 1948.

(f) Judith Watson b. 20 June 1952.

(g) Nancy Watson b. 22 Aug. 1954.

i. Josie Fredonia Godbold b. 29 June 1879, Copiah Co., Miss.; d. 30 July 1883; buried in Sweetwater Methodist Cemetery.

j. Blueford Clarence Godbold b. 1 Oct. 1882, Copiah Co., Miss.; m. 22 Jan. 1914 Roxanna Swartz (1882-1933); Meth.; attended Millsaps Col.; worked for an irrigation company in Arizona; d. 24 June 1955, Arizona. Children: Son and then twins:

(1)   Garland Blueford Godbold b. 3 Nov. 1914; m. 20 Aug. 1935 Martha Elizabeth Gates. Children:

(a) Gary Wilmer Godbold b. 27 Feb. 1939; m. 15 Apr. 1959 Barbara Ann Rice.

(b) Keith Gates Godbold b. 15 Feb. 1942.

(2) Gilmer Edward Godbold b. 14 Jan. 1924; m. 9 Aug. 1947 Gladys Lorraine Wilson. Child:

(a) Kenneth Marvin Godbold b. 10 Sept. 1948.

(3) Gertrude Godbold b. 14 Jan. 1924; m. 18 June 1948 Francis Pondalee Patrenos; living in Jacksonville, Fla. Children:

(a) Faye Frances Patrenos b. 9 Jan. 1950.

(b) Sandra Lee Patrenos b. 1 Apr. 1951.

(c) Cathy Louise Patrenos b. 3 Oct. 1953.

(d) Gregory Pondalee Patrenos b. 10 Aug. 1955.

(e) Lauri Lynn Patrenos b. 12 Apr. 1958.

7. William S. Godbold b. 1836, Franklin Co., Miss.; bachelor; 1 Apr. 1862 enlisted in Co. D, 33rd Miss., Franklin Guards; returned home; Meth.; buried in Wright's Cemetery.

8. Louisa Missouri Godbold b. 1838, Franklin Co., Miss.; Methodist; m. 19 May 1864 Patrick R. Fleeman; moved away. Children: Herbert and Willie Fleeman.

9. Thomas Whitfield Godbold b. 23 July 1840, Franklin Co., Miss.; Meth.; attended college; m. 10 Oct. 1866 Mary Ann Cato (1845-1916), Union Church, Miss.; dentist; moved to Vicksburg to practice; d. 2 Oct. 1900, Vicksburg, Miss. Children: Louise, Mary, Frances, Luther, Lawrence, Purnell and Hiram Godbold.

a. Blanche Louise Godbold b. 1867, Union Church, Miss.; m. 17 Jan. 1899 William H. English, Vicksburg, Miss.; d. 4 Dec. 1953. Children: Mary, Dorothy Ann, William, John, Lewis Cato and Thomas Lawrence English.

(1) Mary Louise English b.; m. James E. Harwell; Meth.; worked for office supply co., Jackson, Miss.; d. 20 Nov. 1964, Jackson; buried Quitman, Miss. Children:

(a) Janie Louise Harwell b. Quitman, Miss.; m. 2 Apr. 1961 Richard E. Fuchs of Milan, Tenn.; lives in Baton Rouge, La. Child: Son b. 1962.

(b) James English "Buddy" Harwell, attending MSU; Jackson, Miss.

(2) Dorothy Ann English m. L. L. Martin.

(3) William Mark English m. Children: William Malcolm and Anna Lucy English.

(4) John Henry English m. Child: Judy English, d. young.

(5) Lewis Cato English m. Children: Malcolm Lewis and Madeline.

(6) Thomas Lawrence English m. Children: Thomas and Kathy.

b. Mary "Mamie" Godbold m. Ed Graham; d. 9 July 1942; buried in Meridian, Miss. Children:

(1) Willie Graham m. _____ Fauk; lives and works in New Orleans, La. Child:

(a) James Edward Fauk b. 23 July 1916, New Orleans, La.

c. Frances "Fanny" Godbold m. 20 Jan. 1897 William H. Berdon (1868-1954) candy factory; d. 8 Feb. 1943, Natchez, Miss. Children:

(1) Frances Mary Berdon b. Natchez, Miss.; m. William L. Gray; d. Oct. 1950 Children:

(a) William Berdon "Billy Bert" Gray b. 1938, Natchez, Miss.

(2) William H. Berdon, Jr. b. Natchez, Miss.; m. Children:

(a) William H. Berdon, m, b. Natchez, Miss.

(b) Lawrence Berdon, Natchez, Miss.

d. Luther Godbold, died young.

e. Lawrence Godbold, bachelor; druggist in Natchez, Miss.

f. Purnell Godbold, druggist; bachelor; Vicksburg, Miss.; d. 4 Dec. 1923.

g. Hiram Cassidy Godbold, bachelor.

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