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Genealogy of John Godbold

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John Godbold, born 1664, Suffolk County, England; served in the East Indian Service of British Navy prior to 1735; came to the West Indies; then came to South Carolina; married Elizabeth McGurney; 1742 received grant of 250 acres of land, Mars Bluff Settlement; 1 later by signing dower right, sold this land; moved to Britton's Neck Community; 2 Aug. 1759, received grant of 300 acres of land on Cat­fish Creek, Craven County, S. C.; later this grant went to his son Thomas; 1 staunch member of Established Church of England; died in 1765, Craven County, S. C. Children: John, Jr., James, Thomas, Elizabeth and Annie Godbold.

I. John Godbold, Jr., b. 24 July 1739, Mars Bluff, Craven County, S. C.; baptized 24 Apr. 1740 by Rev. John Fordyce; 1 m. about 1760 Priscilla Jones (174_ -1814; before 1810 she m. Thomas Owen, Sr.)  d. between 1785 and 1790. Children: Capt. Zachariah, John III, Jesse, Lydia, daughter (name unknown), Roan (Rowan), and James Godbold.

A. Capt. Zachariah Godbold, b. about 1761, Craven County, S. C.; 1780 serving with Gen. Marion's Men in Amer. Rev.; m. about 1787; m. 1800; d. July 1825, Marion, S. C. Children: 1 wife, two sons (names unknown); 2 wife, John, Vincent, Martha, Kitney and Millay Godbold.

1. Son Godbold, b. about 1788, Prince George Parish, George­town Dist. S.C.

2. Son Godbold, b. about 1790, Prince Georges Parish, S. C.

3. John Godbold, b. after 1800, Liberty Co., S. C.

4. Vincent Godbold, b. 1803, Liberty Co., S. C.; adm. of his father's estate (Zachariah Godbold), 1 Aug. 1825; d. 1881, Marion, S. C. Children: 1 son and 7 daughters.

5. Martha Godbold, b. Liberty Co., Marion Dist., S. C.; came to Franklin Co., Miss. with her Uncle Roan Godbold as her guardian, Oct. 1810; her grandmother, Priscilla, willed her, 1810, slave, Myrtilla; m. 21 Apr. 1840, Solomon Fields (1805-1850+), Copiah Co. Miss.; d. before 1850. No children.

6. Kitney Godbold, b. Liberty Co., S.C.; came to Franklin County, Miss. 1810, with Roan Godbold as guardian.

7. Millay Godbold, b. Liberty Co. S.C.; d. Aug. 1825, Marion, S.C.

B. John Godbold, III, b. about 1763, Craven Co. S.C.; m. about 1798; living in Liberty Co., Marion Dist., S. C.; 1800; d. 1811, Marion. William Welch adm. of his estate 16 Nov. 1811; Job and Absolum Roxworth on bond with Welch. Children: Priscilla, Jesse and Dicey Godbold.

1. Priscilla Godbold, b. about 1799; Liberty Co., S.C.

2. Jesse Godbold, b. about 1801, Liberty Co., S.C.

3. Dicey Godbold, b. after 1800, Liberty Co., S.C.

C. Jesse Godbold, b. about 1765, Craven Co. S. C.; m. 1786, Elizabeth Evans (1766-1839); moved to Fairfield Co. S.C. bought plantation 29 Dec. 1797; d. Apr. 1799, Fairfield Co., S.C. Children: Levi, Annanias, Gasaway, Nathan and Steven Godbold. Widow m. 1812 Isaac Knighton.

C-1. Levi Godbold, b. 1787, Craven Co., S. C.; m. 9 Oct. 1808, Winnifred Knighton (1780-1868); lived in Fairfield Co., S. C. until 8 Feb. 1823, when they sold their plantation; came to Miss. by way of Ala.; living in Franklin Co., Miss. 16 Apr. 1826; both were Methodists; both died same day, 7 Oct. 1868, McCall Creek, Miss. Children; James R., Lovell K., Mary E., daughter, Julia E., and Louisa Ann Godbold.

a. James R. Godbold, b. 26 Sept. 1812, Fairfield Co., S.C.; came to Franklin Co., Miss., with parents, 1826; m. 2 Jan. 1836, Virginia Boone Sessions (1819-1851); planter; inherited much land; m. 3 Oct. 1852, Missouri Ann Weathersby (1834-1869); lived in Knoxville, Miss.; accumulated a handsome fortune; Methodist Episcopal; d. 18 Jan. 1870; buried in Natchez, Miss. Children: Dr. William L., Thomas J., and Sarah L. by one wife; 2 wife, James Weathersby Godbold.

(1) Dr. William L. Godbold, b. 1837, Franklin Co., Miss.; attended Centenary Col.; CSA; m. 1863 Cornelia J. "Neeley" Bunckley of Wilkinson Co., Miss.; grad. LSU; practiced medicine at Knoxville, Miss.; state leg., 1886-18__) Mason; owner of nearly 1,000 a. land inherited from father; d. 1 Oct. 1904, Knoxville, Miss. No children.

(2) Lt. Thomas J. Godbold, b. 1839, Franklin Co., Miss.; m. 1 May 1862 Emily E. King of Wilkinson Co., Miss.; d. 1863, while home on furlough. In 1865 she m. (2) F. W. Leatherman, Wilkinson Co., Miss.

(3) Sarah L. Godbold, b. 1843, Franklin Co. Miss.; d. 1852 McCall Creek, Miss.

(4) James Weathersby Godbold, b. 21 July, 1854, Knoxville, Miss.; m. 12 Sept. 1878 Elizabeth C. "Bettie" Calvit (1861-1940); inherited much land; planter, d. 8 Nov. 1908, buried Natchez, Miss. Children: William, Hattie, Clifton Mildred, Bernice, Patrick, Betty, Bourke, Ferd and Laurie Godbold.

(a) William James Godbold, b. 31 July 1879, Knoxville, Miss.; m. 26 Feb. 1902 Clara B. Collins (1880-1943); planter, managed Whitehall Pitn. and Anna Pitn. in Louisiana, and plantation manager for Senator James O. Eastland in La.; Mason; Shriner; civic leader; Presbyterian; d. 9 Aug. 1966; Indianola, Miss. Children: Clara and Elizabeth, Vera and William James Godbold, Jr.

1. Clara Weathersby Godbold, b. 18 Nov. 1902, Vidalia, La.; m. 19 Jan. 1926, Jeptha Fowlkes Barbour, Jr.; lives in Yazoo City, Miss. Children: Irene, Elizabeth, William Godbold and Austin Fowlkes Barbour.

a. Irene Elizabeth Barbour, b. 17 Sept. 1926, Heathman, Miss.

b. William Godbold Barbour, b. 27 Nov. 1928, Heathman, Miss.

c. Austin Fowlkes Barbour, b. 13 Aug. 1930, Indianola, Miss.

2. Elizabeth Willard Godbold, b. 18 Nov. 1904, Vidalia, La.; m. 29 Dec. 1925, Francis Everett Hall; Greenville, Miss. Child: Francis Everett Hall, Jr.

a. Francis Everett Hall, Jr., b. 20 Oct. 1932, Greenville, Miss.

3. Vera Brantley Godbold, b. 18 June 1907, Vidalia, La.; m. 18 June 1931, William Rayford Gwin, Durant, Miss. lives in Indianola, Miss. Children: Mary Melinda, William Rayford, Jr., and James Godbold Gwin.

a. Mary Melinda Gwin, b. 28 Aug. 1937, Houston, Texas; m. 1 Sept. 1962, Dudley Seth Wheatley, II.

b. William Rayford Gwin, Jr., b. 8 Sept. 1941, Houston.

(b) Hattie Godbold b. 5 Sept. 1880, Knoxville, Miss., still living 1967; m. 4 Aug. 1903 at Whitehall Plantation, La. to Charles Bauer. One son, Theodore Bauer.
Hattie Godbold Bauer will always be remembered as the Florence Nightingale of Adams County. She began her studies as student nurse at the Charity Hospital of Natchez and graduated as one of the first class of student nurses of that hospital.
She pursued the course of nursing all her adult life. In later years she herself instructed and trained many nurses at the Natchez Sanatorium which she owned and maintained for many years. Her example of dedicated nursing will long be an example to all in the Natchez area.

1. Theodore Bauer b. 13 Feb. 1908; d. 9 Oct. 1956; m. 26 April 1946 Helen Harrelson. No children.

(c) Clifton Brantley Godbold, b. 15 Mar. 1882, Knoxville, Miss.; m. Anna Wade. No children.

(d) Mildred Lee Godbold, b. 19 Apr. 1884, Knoxville, Miss.; m. 1 Feb. 1911, Dr. John Cornelius Herrington, Warren Co., Miss.; d. 1965. No children.

(e) Bernice Lucile Godbold, b. 27 Jan. 1886, Knoxville, Miss.; m. 28 June 1905, James Franklin Collins; Meridian, Miss. Children: Mildred and James Franklin Collins, Jr. b. 8 Mar. 1916, Baton Rouge, La.; m. 25 Feb. 19__, Tampa, Fla., Nancy Rebecca Hill. Child; Lesley Rebecca Collins, b. 15 July 1948, Clearwater, Fla.

(f) Patrick Allen Godbold, b. 26 July 1887, Knoxville, Miss.; m. 5 Feb. 1911, Lola May Whittington, Ferriday, La. Children: Charles Patrick, Ruth Lucille, Virginia May, Patricia and Clifton Brantley Godbold, II.

1. Charles Patrick Godbold, b. 8 Nov. 1911, Knoxville, Miss.; m. 11 April 1936, Carmelita Beal; Shelby, Miss. Children: Anna Wade, Sandra Lynn and Charles Patrick Godbold, Jr.

a. Anna Wade Godbold, b. 29 Sept. 1937; m. June 1959, Hugh Thomas Rowe; grad. MSCW; Kappa Delta Epsilon.

b. Sandra Lynn Godbold, b. 2 Jan. 19__.

2. Ruth Lucille Godbold, b. 5 Oct. 1913, Knoxville, Miss.; m. 7 Feb. 1954, William Morgan Gullage; Leiand, Miss.

a. William Morgan Gullage, Jr., b. 17 Oct. 1955, Leiand.

3. Virginia May Godbold, b. 16 Jan. 1915, Knoxville, Miss.; m. 18 June 1938, Willard Schuchs; Vidalia, La. Children: Virginia Carol and Joan Godbold Schuchs.

a. Virginia Carol Schuchs, b. 3 July 1941; m. 2 Feb. 1963, George Olen Tanner. Child: Virginia Carol Tanner, b. 9 Dec. 1966, Ferriday, La.

b. Joan Schuchs b. 11 June, 1945.

4. Patricia Godbold, b. 8 Dec. 1916, Knoxville, Miss.; m. 19 Oct. 1940, Rex Morris Shannon. Children; Rex Morris, Jr. ; and Eugene Linwood Shannon.

a. Rex Morris Shannon, Jr., b. 20 Apr. 1945, Indianola.

b. Eugene Linwood Shannon, b. 22 Mar. 1948, Indianola.

5. Clifton Brantley Godbold, II. b. 23 Aug. 1920, Knoxville, Miss.; m. Dec. 1947, Josie Nell Butler (1919-1962), Clarksdale, Miss. m. 2nd Martha Faye Hannah. Children: Betty Jo and Clifton Brantley Godbold, III. Stepchildren: Hudson Taylor Williams and Robert Segrest Williams.

(g) Lady Betty Godbold, b. 17 Apr. 1889, Knoxville, Miss.; m. 20 Dec. 1908, Hillary Willis Carter (1886-1957); Natchez, Miss. Children: Weathersby, Hattie Marie and James Hillary Carter.

1. Weathersby Godbold Carter, b. 18 Oct. 1909, Matchez, Miss.; m. 9 Jan. 1936, Annie Elizabeth Kuehn (1916-1961); d. Jan. 1967, Natchez, Miss. Children: Hattie Marie, II, and Weathersby Godbold Carter, Jr.

a. Hattie Marie Carter, II, b. 20 Oct. 1937, Natchez, Miss. m. 22 Sept. 1957, Perry Joe Stacy. Children: Bryan and Courtney.

b. Weathersby Godbold Carter, Jr. , b. 10 Feb. 1940, Natchez Miss.; USM; m. 10 Feb. 1962, Carolyn Cummings, Monroe, La. Children: Courtland and Sarah Elam.

2. Hattie Marie Carter, b. 10 Nov. 1911, Natchez, Miss.; teacher, stenographer; m. 8 Sept. 1945, Col. John Mesick. Children: Son, Hillary Carter Mesick, b. 12 June, 1950, Natchez, Miss.

3. James Hillary Carter, b. 22 Jan. 1913, Natchez, Miss.; m. 1 Jan. 1940, Elena Zucconi. Two children:

a. Bonnie Elena Carter, b. 9 Oct. 1940, Natchez, Miss.; m. 25 Jan. 1964, Roger Dean Brinegar, Holly Springs, Miss. Children: Lady Brett Brinegar, b. 8 Nov. 1965, Natchez, Miss.

b. Robert James Carter b. ____ Natchez, Miss.; m. Tommy Sue Carter 8 Oct. 1966, Natchez, Miss.

(h) Bourke Cochrane Godbold, b. 11 Feb. 1891, Knoxville, Miss.; m. 5 June 1919, Alma Claughton, Vicksburg, Miss.; Mrs. Tina Benson May, Ferriday, La. Children: Son of first marriage, Ferd Sessions Godbold, II.

1. Ferd Sessions Godbold, II, b. 31 Mar. 1921, Greybull, Wyo.; grad. LSU; WW II AF pilot; Humble Oil Company, Frogmore, La.; m. 10 Jan. 1942, Frances Gilbeau, New Orleans, La. Children: Son, Ferd Sessions Godbold III.

a. Ferd Sessions Godbold, III, b. May, 1944, Natchez, Miss.; m. 18 Feb. 1967, Penelope June "Penny" Trest, New Orleans, La.

(i) Ferd Sessions Godbold, b. 26 Apr. 1893, Knoxville, Miss.; m. 27 Jan. 1930, Lucille Otey, Warren Co., Miss. (d. 1950) m. I June 1952, Geraldine Hendrixson; Alabama Plantation, Lake St. John, La. Son: Edward Lawrence Godbold.

1. Edward Lawrence Godbold, b. 22 Sept. 1953, Natchez, Miss.

(j) Laurie Lovell Godbold, b. 17 Jan. 1898, Knoxville, Miss.; m. 26 Feb. 1918, Charles Everette Ratcliffe (1888-1939); Sunnyside Plantation, Cranfield, Miss.; Routhland, Natchez, Miss. Children: Charles Everette, Jr., Edna and Betty Alice Ratcliffe.

1. Charles Everette Ratcliffe, Jr., b. 9 Sept. 1919, Natchez, Miss.; m. 11 July 1947, Betty Neely Latta, Dyersburg, Tenn. Children: Charles Everette, III, and Franklin Latta Ratcliffe.

a. Charles Everette Ratcliffe, m, b. 25 May 1948, Natchez.

b. Franklin Latta Ratcliffe, b. 19 Feb. 1950, Natchez, Miss.

2. Edna Ratcliffe, b. 30 May 1921, Natchez, Miss.; m. 22 June 1946, Edward G. Lambert (1914-1955); m. 12 Dec. 1961, Hector H. Howard (1914-1966), No children.

3. Betty Alice Ratcliffe, b. 10 Jan. 1926, Natchez, Miss.; m. 17 Sept. 1944, Dr. Thurmon Thomas Justice. Children: Laurie Ann, Thomas Ratcliffe and Alice Camille Justice.

a. Laurie Ann Justice, b. 29 April 1948.

b. Thomas Ratcliffe Justice, b. 29 Sept. 1949.

c. Alice Camille Justice, b. 11 July 1951.

b. Lovell K. Godbold, b. 2 Dec. 1814, Fairfield Co., S.C.; came to Franklin Co., Miss., with parents, 1826; m.; d. 20 Sept. 1836; buried in family cemetery, McCall Creek, Miss. No children.

c. Mary E. Godbold, b. Fairfield Co., S. C.; came to Miss. 1826; m. Zachariah A. Butler; received deed to slaves and land 30 Oct. 1838; d.

d. Daughter Godbold, b. Fairfield Co., S. C.; came to Miss.; m. ___ King; not living in 1850. Children: Mary E. and Sarah Y. King.

1. Mary E. King, b. 1841, Franklin Co., Miss.

2.  Sarah Y. King, b. 1842, Franklin Co., Miss.
Both children were living with James R. Godbold in 1850.

e.  Julia E. Godbold, b. 11 Oct. 1820, Fairfield Co., S. C.; came to Miss. 1826; d. 6 Sept. 1834, near McCall Creek, Miss. 1

f.  Louisa Ann Godbold, b. 10 Aug. 18__, Fairfield Co., S. C.; came to Miss.; father gave her deed to land and slaves 30 Oct. 1838; m. 22 Dec. 1843, Judge Thomas A. Magee (1822-1891); d. 3 Aug.1855. 4 Children: Sara Louisa, James S., Mary V., T.M., and Louisa Anne Magee.

1.  Sara Louisa Godbold Magee, b. 10 Aug. 1846, Franklin Co., Miss.

2.  James Samuel "Jim" Magee, b. 24 Feb. 1848, Franklin Co., Miss. m. 28 May 1868, Alice Hardy; editor of Lincoln Co. Times, Brookhaven, Miss.; d. 26 July 1878. Children: Emma Rubenia, James Hardy, Thomas A. II, Hallie Alta and Thaddeus Magee.

a. Emma Rubenia Magee, b. 4 July 1869, Brookhaven, Miss.

b. James Hardy Magee, b. 10 Feb. 1871, Brookhaven, Miss.

c. Thomas Alexander Magee, II, b. 26 Apr. 1873.

d. Hallie Alta Magee, b. 1876; d. 18 Jan. 1879.

e. Thaddeus Maxwell Magee, b. 4 Feb. 1878, Brookhaven, Miss.

3.  Mary Virginia Magee b. 16 Apr. 1850, Franklin Co., Miss.; m. 30 Nov. 1865, George Stewart of Pike Co., Miss.; lived near Summit, Miss. Children: Thomas, John, Willena, Emily, Jessie.

a. Thomas Moore Stewart, b. 13 Nov. 1867, Pike Co., Miss. 5 m. 1 Jan. 1900, Anna Maria Taigi Doyle; d. 14 Dec. 1948.

b. John Magee Stewart, b. 16 Apr. 1872, Pike Co., Miss.; m. Helen Saucier. 5

c. Willena Louise Stewart, b. 16 Nov. 1874, Pike Co., Miss.; m. 19 Dec. 1893, Dr. Decatur Poindexter Butler (18_-1932) d. 26 July 1914, McCall, Miss. Children: Stewart, Jessie, Powell, Emma, Hilton, George, and John Rayford Butler.

d. Emily H. Stewart, b. 1 Oct. 1877, Pike Co., Miss.; m. James Otis Lenoir (1875-1940); d. 20 Feb. 1928. 5

e. Jessie Stewart, b. Pike Co., Miss.; m. Willie Hunt.

4. Thaddeus Maxwell Magee, b. 13 Aug. 1853, McCall Creek, Miss.; d. 4 Sept. 1853.

5. Louisa Anne Magee, b. 15 July 1855, McCall Creek, Miss.; m. 11 Aug. 1875, Joseph L. Frost; d. 29 Jan. 1878, Perry Co., Miss.

a. Charles Eeder Frost, b. 8 Mar. 1877, Perry Co., Miss.; d. 18 Dec. 1963, New Orleans, La. 1

C-2. Samuel Annanias Godbold, b. 14 Oct. 1788, Prince Georges Parish, Georgetown, Dist. S. C.; moved with parents to Fairfield Co., 1797; m. about 1818 Rachel Perry (1791-18__); came to Ala. 1830's; in Miss. 1840's; in Ark. 1850; m. Elizabeth ____; 1852 appointed by Gov. to select seat for newly created Ouachita Co., Ark.; d. ____. Children: wife 1, Elizabeth, Margaret, Jean, Rachel and Daniel Perry Godbold; wife 2, Annanias, Martha, Harriet, Virginia, William and Frank Godbold.

a. Daniel Perry Godbold, b. in S. C.; m.; d. Children; William, Nathan, Mary Ella, Margaret, Samuel Annias II, Rachel Elizabeth and Daniel Perry Godbold, Jr.

(1) Mary Ella "Mollie" Godbold, m. ______ Moore.

(2) Margaret Godbold, never married; living in Paris, Texas, in 1937, with her elderly sister, Rachel Elizabeth, and brother, Daniel Perry Godbold, Jr., both of whom never married.

b. Rachel Godbold, m. _____ Moore.

c. William Godbold, b. in Ark,, killed in the Civil War.

d. Frank Godbold, b. in Ark., killed in the Civil War.

C-3. Gasaway (Gazaway) Godbold, b. about 1790, Prince Georges Parish, Georgetown Dist., S. C.; moved to Fairfield Co., S. C. with parents, 1797; m. between 1815 and 1820, Elizabeth Hinds; sold land in 1836; came to Ala.; moved on to Texas. One daughter, b. Fairfield Co. 1815-1820.

C-4. Nathaniel "Nathan" Godbold, b. 1794, Prince Georges Parish, Georgetown Dist., S. C.; moved to Fairfield Co. 1797; m. about 1819 Harriet Jane Ruff (1797-186__); Meth.; farmer; came to Ala. 1833 or 1834; trustee of Evergreen Academy, Conecuh Co. Ala. 1845; lived in Conecuh Co. Ala. until 1858; moved to Harrison Co., Texas, 1858; came to Miss. to visit brother, 1866; d. Marshall Texas. Children: Thomas, Wyatt, Elizabeth, James, Henrietta, Louisa, William, Annice, Ransom Levi, Harriet Jane and Nathan Wilber Godbold.

a. Thomas E. Godbold, b. 1820, Fairfield Co., S. C.; came to Conecuh Co., Ala.1834; m. about 1842, Sarah B. ______ (1827-18__); moved near Uvalde, Texas; farmer. Children: James Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Elizabeth A. and Henrietta Godbold.

(1) James Franklin Godbold b. 12 Apr. 1843, Sparta, Ala.; volunteer in Tex. Cav. 1861-65; fought in Mo., Tenn., and Miss.; d. in Marshall, Texas.

(2) Thomas Jefferson Godbold, b. 1845 Conecuh Co., Ala.; came to Texas 1851; Real Co., 44 years; CSA, 1862-65; m. 5 Mar. 1868, M. E._____of Wood Co., Tex.; d. 28 July 1923. One daughter.

a. Carrie Godbold, b. Tex.; received grant of 160 acres of land. Real Co., Texas.

(3) Elizabeth A. Godbold, b. about 1847, Conecuh Co., Ala. (She may be the Mrs. Annie Godbold, the mother of William L. Godbold, who worked with an oil company. Port Arthur, Texas, 1934.)

(4) Henrietta Godbold, b. 1849. Conecuh Co., Ala.

b. Wyatt Godbold, b. about 1821, Fairfield Co., S. C.; came to Conecuh Co., Ala. 1834; m. Serena Betts; lived at Dutch Bend, Autauga Co., Ala.

(1) Richard J. Godbold, b. 1845, Dallas Co., Ala.; moved to Texas; while attending University, ran away; joined CSA; Co. A, 3rd Tex. Cav.; wounded, 1862; m. 8 Sept. 1869, Mary W. Pierce, Marshall, Tex.; d. of yellow fever on 28 Nov. 1873, Rockdale, Tex. Children;

(a) Mary "Mattie" Godbold, b. Tex.; m. A. L. Brooks of Montgomery, Ala.

(b) Richie Godbold, b. Tex.; m. ____Merriwether, Mont­gomery of Lowndes Co, Ala.

c. Elizabeth Godbold, b. Fairfield Co., S.C.

d. James Godbold, b. Fairfield Co., S.C.; died while young.

e. Henrietta Godbold, b. about 1829, Fairfield Co., S. C.; m. James Barnet Rabb. Son:

(1) Nat Rabb, studied to be lawyer; became a traveling Metho­dist preacher. A daughter married Clyde Littlefield.

f. Louisa Godbold, b. Fairfield Co., S. C.; d. while young.

g. William Godbold, b. about 1833, Fairfield Co., S. C.; went to Texas with parents; m. after 1860, Silla Hearne.

h. Annice Godbold, b. 1835, Conecuh Co., Ala.

i. Ransom Levi Godbold, b. 28 Dec. 1838, Conecuh Co., Ala.; moved to Texas 1858; lived around Dallas, Texas; Co. A, 3rd Tex. Cav., CSA; disabled; m. Stella Perry (1848- 1920); d. buried in Greenwood Cem. Dallas, Tex. Children; Earl Wilbur, Nettie, Mattie, Emmett Eugene, Hortense, and Aubrey Heard Godbold.

(1) Earl Wilbur Godbold, b. Dallas Co., Tex.; m. Annie Stevens. Sons:

(a) Howard Godbold

(b) Earl Wilbur Godbold, Jr.

(2) Nettie Godbold, b. Dallas Co., Tex.; m. Samuel James Adams. Children;

(a) Bama Adams, m. J. R. Coats, Daughter: Jane Coats.

(b) Hearne Adams, b. 1929; d. 1933.

(c) Earl Adams, m. James Alexander Somerville; m. Henry F. Jones.

1. Mary Somerville

2. Henry F. Jones, III.

(d) Samuel James Adams, Jr., m. Vivian "Pat" Riley.

1. Samuel James Adams, III.

(3) Mattie Godbold, b. Dallas Co., Tex.; m. Forrest Mathis. Children: Jim and Jack Mathis.

(4) Emmett Eugene Godbold, b. Dallas Co., Tex.; m. Elizabeth Morris.

(5) Hortense Elizabeth "Tensie" Godbold, b. 23 May 1872; d. 16 Feb. 1949; buried Greenwood Cemetery, Dallas, Texas.

(6) Aubrey Heard Godbold, b. 3 Sept. 1869, Dallas Co., Tex.; m. Lulah Constance Ware; d. 28 Apr. 1923; Greenwood Cem., Dallas, Texas.

(a) Charles Aubrey Godbold, m. Oma Lee Corbin.

j. Harriet Jane "Hattie" Godbold, b. 1841, Conecuh Co., Ala.; said to be a most beautiful young lady; m. Sid Cowling; Bridgeport, Texas,1934.

k. Nathan Wilber Godbold, b. 12 Apr. 1843, Conecuh Co., Ala.; came to Harrison Co., Tex. 1858; m. Mary Elizabeth Powell (1845-1898); m. Mrs. Amy Ward; d. 1923, Calif.; buried in Greenwood Cem.; Dallas, Texas. Children: John Seymour, Sanctus Wilbur, Hattie Mary, Viola Pearl, and Bama Hearne Godbold.

(1) John Seymour Godbold, b. 11 Feb. 1871, Marshall, Tex.; m. Lida Talmage; d. 4 Sept. 1958. No children.

(2) Sanctus Wilbur Godbold, b. Marshall, Tex.; m. Mollie Evelyn Moore; m. Lulu Dodge. Children: Wife 1, Sane Wilbur, Mary Ida, and Nat Hartwell Godbold. Wife 2, no children.

(a) Sane Wilbur Godbold, b. Dallas, Tex.; m. Pauline de Montel. Son:

1. Jack Wilbur Godbold, m. Mary Jane Taylor. Children: Mary Jeannette, Patricia Diane, and Kathleen Anne.

(b) Mary Ida Godbold, m. Christopher Octavious Gill. Son:

1. John Christopher Gill, m. Sarah Jane Forshey. Children: Beverly Lynn, Sarah Christine, Max Patrick, Timothy Andrew, and Catherine Ann Gill.

(c) Nat Hartwell Godbold, b. Dallas, Tex.; m. Evelyn Claudia Padgett; lives in Houston, Tex. Children: Neil, Mollie Jane, Virginia Lee, Sheryl Ann, and Gary Thomas Godbold.

1. Neil Hartwell Godbold, b. Houston, Tex.; m. Bonnie Sue Bishop.

2. Mollie Jane Godbold, b. Houston, Texas; m. David Theodore Dubbink.

(3) Hattie Mary Godbold, b. 1875, Dallas, Texas; d. 1876.

(4) Viola Pearl Godbold, b. Dallas, Texas; m. Pleasant Henry. Son:

(a) Wilbur Henry, who is married.

(5) Bama Hearne Godbold, b. 1879, Dallas, Texas; never married; d. 30 November 1912.

C-5 Steven Godbold, b. in 1790's, Prince Georges Parish, Georgetown District, S. C.; listed as heir in settlement of his father Jesse's estate; no other data.

D. Lydia Godbold, b. Craven County, S. C., before 1780; m. Gideon Gibson (1750-1825); came to Claiborne County, Miss., early 1800's; d. in Warren County, Miss. Children: Sarah, Elizabeth, Edna, Mary, Rachel, Cynthia, David, Randle and Reuben Gibson.

E. Daughter Godbold, b. Craven County, S. C. about 1780.

F. Rowan (Roan) Godbold, b. about 1783, Craven Co., S. C.; came to Miss. in early 1800's; in Natchez District 19 Jan. 1805; applied for land grant on waters of Homochitto River 11 July 1807; granted 320 acres on Magee's Creek; m. about 1814 Mary Porter; charter member and trustee of Ebenezer Methodist Church; member of Franklin Library and Debating Society, 1840;1 estate appraised at $9,201.25 exclusive of real estate; d. 16 Dec. 1843, Franklin County, Miss. Children: John Foster, Priscilla, Gabriel P., Elizabeth, Sarah, Thomas Bluitt, Cassandra, and Mary Adeline Godbold.

1. John Foster Godbold, b. 13 Nov. 1815, Franklin Co., Miss.; m. 3 Jan. 1839, Caroline C. Cloy (1821-1900); Board of Police 1855 to 1860; Methodist; d. 18 May 1860; buried in Sample Cemetery near Ebenezer, Franklin Co., Miss. Children: Frances, Jefferson, Elizabeth, Adaline, Thomas, Laura, George, John Foster, Jr., and James Irving Godbold.

a. Frances Jane "Frank" Godbold, b. 19 Apr. 1840, Franklin Co., Miss.; m. 13 Sept. 1871 Daniel C. Hughes; d. about 1915, McCall Creek, Miss. Children: Herbert and Carrie Hughes.
(1) Herbert Hughes, b. 1872; m. Sallie Cloy; d. 1950's at Bude, Miss. Children: Rita and Sidney Hughes.

(a) Rita Hughes, b. 1908, Monroe, Miss.; Baptist; teacher; church worker; m. 1950 August Jones; d. 5 June 1966.

(b) Sidney Hughes, b. Monroe, Miss.; m.; several children.

b.  Jefferson Lafayette Godbold, b. 3 November 1841, Franklin Co., Miss.; worked in McCall's Creek post office several years before the Civil War; was lost on an island during the war; his family did not know what became of him.

c. Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Godbold, b. 8 September, 1843 Franklin County, Miss.; m. 9 November 1871 Timothy S. Lambright; buried in McComb, Miss. Children: Walter, Ross, Leia and Ada Lambright.

(1) Walter Lambright, b. McCall's Creek, Miss.; wrote History of Franklin County, 1809-1899.

(2) Ross Lambright, b. about 1875 McCall's Creek, Miss.; moved to Bogalusa, La.; city commissioner; d. 1958, Bogalusa, La. Children: Robert L. and William Timothy Lambright.

(a) Reverend Robert L. Lambright, b. 26 Nov. 1899 McCall's Creek, Miss.; graduated USMA, West Point, N. Y.; Miss. Col.; studied at Southern Baptist Theolo­gical Seminary, Louisville, Ky., and New Orleans Baptist Seminary, New Orleans, La.; WWI Air Corps; m. Inez Burford of Independence, Miss.; coach; college teacher; state senator; govt. adm. official; retired Baptist minister; lives in Jackson, Miss. One son who is a graduate of "Ole Miss" and Vanderbilt School of Medicine; medical missionary, Java, Indonesia; now attending U. of Mo. School of Medicine, Kansas City, Mo.

(b) William Timothy Lambright, b. McCall's Creek, Miss.; lives in Shreveport, Louisiana.

d. Adaline "Addie" Godbold, b. 22 July 1845, Franklin County, Miss.; m. Isaiah Cain (his 2nd wife). One daughter:

(1) Arie Cain, b. McCall's Creek, Miss.; m. Jeff Gotten; still living; Brookhaven, Miss. Several children.

e. Thomas Rowan "Tom" Godbold, b. 24 Nov. 1846, Franklin Co., Miss. m. 11 Jan. 1879, Mary S. "Mollie" Terry (1857-1933); d. 8 Mar. 1926; buried Mars Hill Baptist Church Cemetery, Amite Co., Miss. Children: Edgar, Albert, Gussie, Lots, Elizabeth and Ella Godbold.

(1) Dr. Edgar S. Godbold, b. 2 Dec. 1879, Auburn, Miss.; grad. Miss. Col.; YMCA sec., WWI; teacher, biology. Miss. Col.; pres. Howard Payne Col., Brownwood, Tex.; pres. La. Col., Pineville, La.; LLD, Howard Payne and Miss. Col.; m. Irene Coleman, 16 June, 1909, Robinsonville, Miss.; d. 21 Nov. 1952, Alexandria, La. No children.

(2) Albert K. Godbold, b. 1 Mar. 1881, Auburn, Miss.;m. 24 Dec. 1906; manager Clinton Branch, Deposit Guaranty Bank & Trust Co., Clinton, Miss.

(3) Gussie E. Godbold, b. Auburn, Miss.; m. 19 May 1906, James J. "Jim" Carruth (1882-1954); Summit, Miss. Children: Lester, Albert and Mrs. George Smith, Brownswell, Texas.

(4) Lois Ada Godbold, b. 14 June 1890, Auburn, Miss.; m. Wallace H. Carruth; d. 11 Mar. 1950; buried Mars Hill. Children: Helen, Mary, Fay, Doris, Grace, Wallace, Jr., Thomas and Farrar Carruth.

(a) Helen Carruth, m. _______ Tress; Mena, Ark.

(b) Mary Carruth, m. _______Smith, Pineville, La.

(c) Fay Carruth, m. _______ Fitzgerald, Pineville, La.

(e) Grace Carruth, m. ______Lewis, Auburn, Miss.

(f) Wallace H. Carruth, Jr., Vicksburg, Miss.

(g) Rev. E. Thomas Carruth, New Orleans, La.

(h) Farrar Carruth, Mena, Ark.

(5) Elizabeth May "Bessie" Godbold, b. Auburn, Miss.; m. 27 Dec. 1904 George K. Walker; Smithdale, Miss. Children: Winfred, Nick and Mary.

(a) Winfred Godbold Walker, b. 17 Mar. 1908; d. 13 Apr. 1911.

(b) Nick Walker, b. Smithdale, Miss.;m. Mary Evelyn______; teacher.

(6) Ella B. Godbold, b. Auburn, Miss.; m. 25 June 1920, Bennie Walker; lives at father's old home place, Auburn, Miss.

f. Laura Eugenia "Lou" Godbold, b. 11 Nov. 1848, Franklin Co., Miss.; m. Nov. 1874, Juan Nix, J.P. Children: Sammie, Mary Alma, Rena, Foster and Ernest Nix.

(2) Mary Alma Nix b. 1881, McCall Creek, Miss.; m. Harvey Nettles; d. 26 April 1960, Brookhaven, Miss. Children: Claude and Victor Nettles, Mrs. Ike Murray, and Mrs. Gordon Smith.

(4) Foster Nix, b. McCall Creek, Miss.; m. Eunice Edwards. One daughter:

(a) Alice Eugenia Nix, b. McCall Creek, Miss.; m. Nolan McCraine; Centreville, Miss.

(5) Ernest Nix, b. McCall Creek, Miss.; bachelor; d. 1965, Brookhaven, Miss.

g. George Adam Godbold. b. 11 Nov. 1851, Franklin Co., Miss.;m. 12 Jan. 1878, Emma C. Cain (1858-1887); m. 7 Mar. 1888 Ida Lucinda Thompson (1859-1912); d. 16 Jan  1942, Little Springs, Miss. Children: No. 1 wife, Lawrence, Alva, Hugh and Hardy; No. 2 wife: Clyde, Alma, Carrie and Ivy Godbold.

(1) John Lawrence Godbold, b. 11 July 1879, Little Springs, Miss.; m. 2 Feb. 1909, Amelia Ann Rea (1879-___); established Godbold Insurance Agency, 1909, Brookhaven, Miss.; d. 29 Sept. 1949. Children: Rea and Hubert Godbold.

(a) Lawrence Rea Godbold, b. 14 Feb. 1912, Brookhaven, Miss.; grad. LSU; AMVETS; VFW; Lions Club; Methodist; Godbold Ins. Agency; m. 24 Apr. 1949, Marion Baynes Stewart of Ripley, Tenn. Children: Nancy and twins, Stewart and Steven.

1. Nancy Helene Godbold b. 13 Aug. 1952, Brookhaven, Miss.

2. Stewart Rea Godbold b. 13 Mar. 1956, Brookhaven, Miss.

3. Steven Lawrence Godbold b. 13 Mar. 1956, Brookhaven, Miss.

(b) Hubert S. Godbold, b. 2 Oct. 1914, Brookhaven, Miss.; grad. of Whitworth Col.; m. 14 Apr. 1945, Phyllis Maurine Bowman of Iowa; Godbold Insurance Agency; Lions Club; Boy Scout Master; Meth.; Brookhaven, Miss. Children: John, Suzanne and Marianne Godbold.

1. John Richard Godbold, b. 20 June 1946, Brookhaven, Miss.; member of National Honor Society.

2. Suzanne Godbold, b. 8 Feb. 1949, Brookhaven, Miss.

3. Marianne "Andy" Godbold, b. 8 Dec. 1950, Brookhaven, Miss.

(2) George Alva Godbold, b. 1 Mar. 1881, Little Springs, Miss.; m. 12 May 1907, Evie Chapman; Zetus Community, Lincoln Co., Miss. Children: James O., Marie, and Merble Lee Godbold.

(a) James O. Godbold, b. 2 July 1923; m. 10 Oct. 1948, Mary Thomas; WW II; Distinguished Flying Cross; Baton Rouge, La.

(b) Marie Godbold, b. 1 Nov. 192_; m. Vaught Shevalier; reg. nurse.

(c) Merble Lee Godbold, b. 24 Feb. 19__; m. R. N. Lanningham; Fairbanks, La. Child: Charles Lanningham.

(3) William Hugh Godbold. b. 15 May 1883, Little Springs, Miss.; grocer, Canton, Miss.; d. 21 Jan. 1954, Canton, Miss.; Baptist; Mason.

(4) Hardy Cain Godbold, b. 9 Feb. 1885, Little Springs, Miss.; m. 31 May 1914, Lorraine Reeves; lives in Baton Rouge, La. Children: Loraine and Emma L. Godbold.

(a) Lorraine Godbold, b. 1915; m. 1946, Dr. Samuel J. Brewer; Yokota, Japan. Children: Three - one daughter m. Lt. Robert Ross, Redstone Arsenal, Ala.

(b) Emma L. Godbold, died at birth.

(5) Minnie Clyde Godbold, b. 7 Jan. 1889; m. 3 May 1907, Ivy Knox Floyd (____- 1935); Brookhaven, Miss.; music teacher. Children: Lamar, Walter Ray, Floyd and Laurene Floyd.

(a) Vernon Lamar Floyd, b. 12 Sept. 1909.

(b) Walter Ray Floyd, b. 7 Feb. 1912.

(c) Floyd Godbold Floyd, b. 9 Feb. 1914; d. 1 Dec. 1946.

(d) Melba Laurene Floyd, b. 9 Apr. 1921.

(6) Alma Godbold, b. 18 June 1891; d. 18 Oct. 1920.

(7) Carrie Lou Godbold b. 10 July 1894; m. 30 Jan. 1920, John Wesley Mullins (1887-1945); Brookhaven, Miss. Children: Aaron Wesley, George Lester, Ida Pearl, Wilma Alene and John Walter Mullins.

(a) Aaron Wesley Mullins b. 5 Apr. 1922, Franklin Co., Miss.; m. 3 Apr. 1948. Children: Four.

(b) George Lester Mullins b. 9 Dec. 1923; m. 8 Sept. 1945. One child.

(c) Ida Pearl Mullins b. 25 Apr. 1926; d. 26 Nov. 1930.

(d) Wilma Alene Mullins b. 4 Nov. 1927; m. 29 Nov. 1952.

(e) John Walter Mullins b. 29 Nov. 1929; m. 17 Apr. 1955. One child.

(8) Ivy Godbold b. 3 Apr. 1897; m. 8 Sept. 1946, Fannie Belle Bailey; d. 5 Oct. 1966, Jackson, Miss. One son:

(a) Lawrence Adams "Larry" Godbold, b. 20 Aug. 1947, Brookhaven, Miss.

h. John Foster Godbold, Jr. b. 26 Mar. 1854, Franklin Co., Miss.;d. young.

i. James Irving "J.I. " Godbold, b. 22 June 1856, McCall Creek, Miss.; m. 11 Dec. 1889, Margaret Cecilia "Maggie" Beam (1872-1959); d. 2 Aug. 1922; Methodist; buried in Adams Cem., Auburn, Miss. Children: Ellie, Irvin, Charlie, Foster, Mary, Eulys, James T., Fannie Belle, Willard and Elmer.

(1) Ellie Godbold b. 9 July 1892, McCall Creek, Miss.; teacher; attended STC; Methodist; Brookhaven, Miss.

(2) Irvin Godbold b. 19 Aug. 1894; d. 19 Oct. 1897; Franklin Co., Miss,

(3) Charlie Beam Godbold b. 4 Oct. 1896, McCall Creek, Miss.; m. 23 Apr. 1921, Frances Idella Terrell; d. Nov. 1962, Summit, Miss. No children.

(4) John Foster Godbold b. 20 Nov. 1898, McCall Creek, Miss.; m. 5 Aug. 1934, Evelia Blandon; Public Service, New Orleans, La.; salesman.

(a) Margaret Evelia Godbold b. 15 Oct. 1940, New Orleans, La.; m. 2 Feb. 1963, Benjamin Frank Zimdars; New Orleans, La.

(b) Ellen Dolores Godbold b. 26 Sept. 1942, New Orleans, La.

(5) Mary Margaret Godbold b. 1 Aug. 1900, McCall Creek, Miss.; m. 6 Mar. 1928, Denmon "Red" Myers (____-1954); Brookhaven Bank & Trust Co., Brookhaven, Miss.

(6) Eulys Madeira Godbold b. 18 Dec. 1902, McCall Creek, Miss.; m. 12 June 1929, Walker G. Tate (1900-__); Summit, Miss. Children:

(a) Irvin Walker Tate b. 9 Sept. 1932; m. 15 Mar. 1953, Shirley Whittington. Children: Jeffrey Keith and Dale Irvin Tate.

1. Jeffrey Keith Tate b. 15 May 1958.

2. Dale Irvin Tate b. 22 Dec. 1960.

(b) Jehu Elwin Tate b. 1 July 1944, Summit, Miss.

(7) James Turner "J. T. " Godbold b. 22 Nov. 1904; d. 2 Jan. 1917, Auburn.

(8) Fannie Belle Godbold b. 13 Apr. 1907, McCall Creek, Miss.; m. James Frank Carlisle; Los Angeles, Calif. One child:

(a) Margaret Virginia Carlisle b. 22 June 1946.

(9) Willard Elwin Godbold b. 26 June 1909, McCall Creek, Miss.; m. 2 June 1951, Ernestine Garrett; Brookhaven, Miss. One child:

(a) Mary Kathryn Godbold b. 21 Sept. 1952, Brookhaven, Miss.

(10) Elmer Dewitt Godbold b. 15 Nov. 1916, McCall Creek, Miss.; m. 26 Oct. 1946, Nancy Durniak; New York City. Children:

(a) Karen Lynn Godbold b. 6 May 1950, New York.

(b) Glenn Elmer Godbold b. 28 May 1952, New York.

F-2. Priscilla Godbold b. 15 July 1817, Franklin Co., Miss.; m. 9 Oct. 1834, James Madison Jones (1811-18__), J.P.; member Ebenezer Meth. Church; Franklin Co., Miss. Children: Calvin, Elizabeth, Caroline, Margaret and Frances Jones.

a. Calvin Jones b. 1835, Franklin Co., Miss.

b. Elizabeth J. Jones b. 1837, Franklin Co., Miss.

c.  Caroline Jones b. 1838, Franklin Co., Miss.

d. Margaret Jones b. 1842, Franklin Co., Miss.

e. Frances Jones b. 1846, Franklin Co., Miss.

F-3. Gabriel Pickering "Gabe" Godbold b. 14 Dec. 1818, Franklin Co., Miss.; m. Sept. 5, 1841, Celia "Celah" Pickett (1822-1896) Summit, Miss.; 1847 moved to Port Hudson, La.; mineral well; d. 24 Apr. 1874, Summit, Miss.; Meth. Children: Fabius, Forrest, Felix, Cynthia, Mary Jane and Rowan Godbold.

a. Fabius Chapman "Fabe" Godbold b. 7 July 1842, 1 Franklin Co., Miss.; in 1881 m. Elizabeth "Lizzie" Arny1; lived in New Orleans La.; d. about 1935. Attended Centenary Col., Jackson, La.; 1st La. Cav., CSA; Ph. M. Tulane U.; owned drugstore 1877-1912, New Orleans, La.; pres. Nat. Assoc. of Bds. of Pharmacy, 1906-07; d. 9 Nov. 1924, New Orleans, La. Children: Louis Arny and Caroline Godbold (d. at age of three).

b. Cynthia Godbold b. 17 Apr. 1845, Franklin Co., Miss.; m. 21 Sept. 1871, Jesse Dodson Bennett (1845-1880); Ebenezer Meth. Church; d. 27 Oct. 1936. Children: Eula, Bessie and Eva Bennett.

(1) Eula Gabrielle Bennett b. 7 May 1874 1 Franklin Co., Miss.; m. Wren Day.

(2) Bessie Lee Bennett b. 4 Sept. 1876 1 Franklin Co., Miss.; Louisville, Ky.

(3) Eva Roselle Bennett b. 17 Nov. 1879 1 Franklin Co., Miss.;

c. Forrest Gibbins Godbold b. 2 Aug. 1850 1 Port Hudson, La.; m. Nannie Sternberger; ICRR Shop, McComb, Miss.; d. 27 Nov. 1892 1 McComb, Miss. Children: Stella, Vallie and Forest Godbold.

(1) Stella Gracey Godbold b. Port Hudson, La.

(2) Vallie Colman Godbold b. 30 June 1879; d. 21 Feb. 1880; Summit, Miss.

(3) Forest Jewell Godbold b. Port Hudson, La.; conductor VRR; Memphis, Tenn.

d. Mary Jane "Mollie" Godbold b. 18 May 1852, Port Hudson, La.; m. Joseph R. Jewell; Christian Scientist; d. Children: Forest, Olive and Edward Jewell.

(1) Forest Whitman Jewell b. 3 Mar. 1882; worked for telegraph company; d. 12 June 1900; buried at Summit, Miss., Woodlawn Cemetery.

(2) Olive Celah Jewel m. John Willoughby

(3) Edward Oswelle Jewel 1

e. Felix Godbold

f.  Frank Godbold b. Port Hudson, La.; m. 7 Feb. 1877 Maria Crossley, Amite Co., Miss.; she m. 2nd 1888 Jones Jackson, Amite Co., Miss.

g. Rowan Porter Godbold b. 30 Oct. 1858, Summit, Miss.; m. Stella Taylor; druggist Summit, Miss.; d. 7 June 1889. No children.

F-4. Elizabeth Pickett "Lizzie" Godbold b. 27 Apr. 1820, Franklin Co., Miss.; m. 20 Jan. 1840, Moses Hunt (1815-1878); Meth.; d. McCall Creek, Miss. Children; "Coon", James and Hence Hunt. Mrs. O. Quinn Morgan, Memphis, Tenn., is a great granddaughter.

F-5. Sarah Godbold b. 182__, Franklin County, Miss.; m. ______ Wilson; moved to La. 6

F-6. Thomas Bluitt Godbold b. 4 Apr. 1829, Natchez, 1 Miss.; m. 1849 or 1850, Mrs. Mary Ann Pickett Cloy (1826-1910), widow of George Cloy; teacher; Pres. Bd. of Trustees, Fr. Co. Sch. Bd. 1857; 1 Assessor Fr. Co. 1860 to 1864; J.P. 1853-1864; State Collector, 15th District during Civil War; 1 Meth.; moved to Pike Co. around 1875; 1 d. 14 Aug. 1893, Summit, Miss. Children: Richard Cloy, stepson, Minerva, Gabriel, Micajah, John, William and Celah Godbold.

a. Richard M. Cloy, stepson, b. 1845, Franklin Co., Miss.; m. Lila Smythe; d. 1892. Children: Ary and James R. Cloy.

b. Minerva Godbold b. 31 Oct. 1851, Franklin Co., Miss.; m. 9 Mar. 1871, 1 George B. Smith; moved to Pike Co.; d. 15 Dec. 1895, McComb, Miss. Children: Mary, Minnie, Sidney, Proby, Celia, Stella, Thomas, James, Bluitt, Forest and Frances (twins) Smith.

(1) Mary Louisa Smith b. 18 Aug. 1872, Franklin Co., Miss.; Meth.; Democrat; m. Ive H. Lard, Jackson, Miss. One child: Lila Lard.

(2) Minnie Lee Smith b. 16 Dec. 1875, Franklin Co., Miss.; m. Pipes Faust; Bogalusa, La. Child: Pattie Faust, m. ________ Plaunche; Bogalusa, La.

(3) Sidney Smith b. 10 May 1877, Franklin Co., Miss.; m. Annie Riddle, Washington, D. C.; d. 20 Jan. 1912.

(4) William Proby Smith b. 31 Dec. 1879, Franklin Co., Miss.; m. Leiah Crow; 1 d. Fairforest, S. C. One daughter, d. at age 16, S. C.

(5) Celia DeWitt Smith b. 19 June 1882, Pike Co., Miss.; m. William Holcomb; 1 d. 12 Dec. 1949, Memphis, Tenn.

(6) Stella Taylor Smith b. 22 Feb. 1885, Pike Co., Miss.; m. Orrin W. Williams; Laurel, Miss.; d. 1966.

(7) Thomas James Smith b. 22 Nov. 1888, Pike Co., Miss.; m. Lurline Ricks; m.; d.

(8) James Bluitt Smith, b. 26 July 1890, Pike Co., Miss.; d. 18 Aug. 1891.

(9) Frances Godbold Smith b. 24 Aug. 1893 near McComb, Miss. 1 m. Milton Jackson Harper 27 June 1915, McComb, Miss.; d. 26 July 1951, Vicksburg, Miss. 1 One son:

(a) Milton Jackson "Jack" Harper, Jr., Captain CEC, USN, Almeda, Calif.

(10) Forest Godbold Smith b. 25 Aug. 1893, near McComb, Miss.; m. Cora Melton; d. 1

c. Gabriel Castle "Gabe" Godbold, b. 23 Aug. 1854, McCall Creek, Miss.; m. 22 Jan. 1885, Ella Felder (1868- 1948); Meth.; d. 14 Dec. 1933, Summit, Miss. Children: John, Bessie, Burton, Katie, Ira, Albea, Mary, Wallace, Clifford, Homer, Fannie, Edith, Ella Lee Godbold.

(1) John Foster Godbold, b. 15 Dec. 1885, Summit, Miss., m. 28 Dec. 1915, Alma Hoppmeyer; d. 17 Aug. 1961, Jackson, Miss. Children:

(a) John Walter "Johnny" Godbold b. Feb. 1919, Jackson, Miss.; grad. Millsaps Col.; m. 28 Feb. 1941 Marguerite Fraser Darden; Asst. Personnel Dir. of Fed. Aviation Agency, Washington, D. C.; lives Arlington, Va. Children: Walter, Tom, and Marguerite Godbold.

1. John Walter Godbold, Jr., St. Louis, Mo., USN.

2. Tom Darden Godbold, attending Penn State.

3. Marguerite Godbold, Arlington, Va.

(b) Ruth Alma Godbold b. Jackson, Miss.; grad. Millsaps Col.; m. Dr. Gwin Jackson Kolb, prof. of Eng., U. of Chicago, Ill. Children:

1. Jack Kolb b. 1947, Chicago, Ill.

2. Alma Dean Kolb b. 1952, Chicago, Ill.

(2) Bessie Godbold b. 4 Jan. 1888, Summit, Miss.; m. 20 June 1912 Burke F. Lampton; d. 20 Nov. 1912.

(3) Burton Godbold b. 27 Aug. 1889, Summit, Miss.; m. 29 Mar. 1914 Losia McDaniel (   -1957); postmaster, Magnolia, Miss.; m. 25 Mar. 1958 Mrs. Lida Dulaney Raborn; Meth.; Magnolia, Miss. Children: Aubrey, Bessie, Grace, Hugh, Ray and James Godbold.

(a) Aubrey Burton Godbold b. 18 Jan. 1915, Summit, Miss.; m. 5 Dec. 1933 Mary McDaniel; Meth.; dairyman; Magnolia, Miss. Children; Two died at birth and Margaret Rose Godbold.

1. Margaret Rose Godbold b. 27 June 1938, Magnolia, Miss.; m. 27 Aug. 1959 Kenneth Miller. Children: Terri, Wade and James Hinton Miller b. 22 Feb. 1966, Magnolia, Miss.

(b) Bessie Elise Godbold b. 8 Nov. 1918, Magnolia, Miss.; m. 15 May 1937, William Errol Simmons; Magnolia, Miss. Children: Virginia Annette, Laura Catherine, and Stephen Errol Simmons.

1. Virginia Annette Simmons b. 25 Sept. 1940, Magnolia, Miss.; m. 6 Dec. 1958 James Leroy Givvens; works with telephone company. Laurel, Miss. Child:

a. Brenda Faye Givvens b. 2 Oct. 1963, Laurel, Miss.

2. Laura Catherine Simmons b. 20 Aug. 1941, Magnolia, Miss.; secretarial work, Memphis, Tenn.

3. Stephen Errol Simmons b. 6 Dec. 1948, Magnolia, Miss. Attending Southwest Junior College, Summit, Miss.

(c) Grace Elizabeth Godbold b. 9 Jan. 1922, Magnolia, Miss.; m. 14 June 1945, Harry William House; Meth.; San Antonio, Texas. Children:

1. Alan Randolph House b. 21 Apr. 1946, Gary, Ind.; U. of Tex.

2. Roger Douglas House b. 8 Feb. 1951, Germany.

(d) Hugh Wallace Godbold b. 18 Aug. 1924, Magnolia, Miss.; m. 17 Feb. 1946, Lillie Price; Meth.; postmaster. Magnolia, Miss. Children:

1. Jerry Lynn Godbold b. 15 July 1947, Magnolia, Miss.; attending Southwest Junior College, Summit, Miss.

2. Bennie Bnrton Godbold b. 14 July 1951, Magnolia, Miss.

3. Linda Fay Godbold b. 5 Oct. 1954, Magnolia, Miss.

(e) Thomas Ray Godbold b. 9 Mar. 1926, Magnolia, Miss.; m. 5 Aug. 1947, Anna Maria Tillman of Germany; city carrier for post office Osyka, Miss. Children:

1. David Ray Godbold b. 1 Dec. 1949, Magnolia, Miss.

2. James Walter Godbold b. 6 Sept. 1951, Magnolia, Miss.

3. Ingrid Maria Godbold b. 5 Oct. 1954, Magnolia, Miss.

(f) James Edward Godbold b. 5 May 1928, Magnolia, Miss.; m. 8 June 1952, Ann Ferrand of Kentucky; Meth.; Social Sec. Office, Baton Rouge, La. Children:

1. James Richard Godbold b. 27 Nov. 1953, Lexington, Ky.

2. Debra Ann Godbold b. 13 July 1956, Baton Rouge, La.

3. Karen Sue Godbold b. 1 Aug. 1960, Baton Rouge, La.

(4) Katie Godbold b. 8 Aug. 1891, Summit, Miss.; m. 12 May 1914, Christian Hoover Carruth (1880-1951); d. 20 Dec. 1964. Children:

(a) Howard Carruth b. 25 Aug. 1916, Tyiertown, Miss.; d. 5 Nov. 1927.

(b) Paul Carruth b. 25 Mar. 1918, Tyiertown, Miss.; m. Roberta Fields; Meth. preacher, Raleigh, N. C. Children:

1. Ellen Carruth, b. 30 April 1946.

2. Paul Carruth, Jr. b. 30 July 1948.

3. Robert Kelly Carruth b. 5 Nov. 1950.

4. Joy Carruth b. 5 April 1959.

(c) Kenneth Carruth b. 30 Mar. 1920, Tyiertown, Miss.; m. Evelyn Myers; teacher in junior college; Pensacola, Fla. Children:

1. John Kenneth Carruth b. 24 Dec. 1949.

2. Mark Christian Carruth b. 21 May 1952.

3. Warren Matthew Carruth b. 28 Dec. 1956.

4. Kenneth Carruth, Jr. b. 21 Jan. 1962.

(d) Stuart Carruth b. 20 Sept. 1924, McComb, Miss.; m. Gretchen Stackhouse, Mobile, Ala. Children:

1. Janna Carruth b. 16 Jan. 1948.

2. Stuart Carruth, Jr. b. 13 Mar. 1953.

(e) Nancy Kay Carruth b. 30 Aug. 1931, McComb, Miss.; d. 12 June 1942.

(5) Ira Godbold b. 12 Nov. 1893, Summit, Miss.; m. 24 May 1924, Nona McCall; Meth.; d. 9 May 1944, McComb, Miss. No children.

(6) Dr. Albea Godbold b. 25 July 1899, Summit, Miss.; A.B. & B.D. SMU; M.A. Yale; Ph.D. Duke U.; m. 2 Feb. 1924, Anna Lucile Ayers, New York City; Meth. preacher, Memphis, Tenn. & St. Louis, Mo.; secretary of Nat. Assn. of Meth. Hist. Soc.; Lake Junaluska, N. C. Children: Adah, Channing, Edmund and Margaret Godbold.

(a) Adah Lucile Godbold b. 17 Feb. 1925, New Haven, Conn.; m. 1 Sept. 1948, Harvey William Phelps of Fowler, Colo.; Meth. Children:

1. Castle Wright Phelps b. 29 Apr. 1950, San Antonio, Texas.

2. Frances Lucile Phelps b. 23 Sept. 1952, Denver, Colo.

3. Stuart Harvey Phelps b. 14 May 1954, Denver, Colo.

4. Martha Gail Phelps b. 1 Oct. 1955, San Pedro, Calif.

(b) Channing Wallace Godbold b. 2 July 1926, New Haven, Conn.; m. 14 Nov. 1954, Grace Leona Bullmer of St. Louis, Mo.; New York, N. Y. Children: Gilbert and Douglas Edward Godbold.

1. Gilbert Spencer Godbold b. 13 Nov. 1956, St. Louis, Mo.

2. Douglas Edward Godbold b. 8 Jan. 1965, St. Louis, Mo.

(c) Edmund Oliver Godbold b. 10 Feb. 1933, Durham, N. C.; unmarried.

(d) Margaret Eleanor Godbold b. 16 Nov. 1941, Little Rock, Ark.; m. 20 June 1964, Conway Brown Briscoe of St. Louis, Mo.

(7) Mary Godbold b. 3 Mar. 1897, Summit, Miss.; office work, Jackson, Miss.

(8) Wallace Godbold b. 11 April 1898, Summit, Miss.; d. 8 Dec. 1901.

(9) Clifford Godbold b. 17 Dec. 1899, Summit, Miss.; d. 27 Oct. 1901.

(10) Homer Godbold b. 10 Oct. 1901, Summit, Miss.; m. May 28, 1927, Ruby Jane Reeves; Meth.; McComb, Miss. One adopted son:

(a) Charles Raymond Godbold b. 10 July 1943; m. Sarah Jenkins; works for ICRR; Summit, Miss. One child:

1. Charles Raymond Godbold, Jr. b. 9 Mar. 1965 McComb, Miss.

(11) Fannie Godbold b. 24 June 1903, Summit, Miss.; m. 28 Dec. 1928, Baxter Herbert Ginn (1895-1965); teacher; Meth.; Kokomo, Miss. Children: Mary Agnes, Gilbert, Ella Frances, Truitt and Martha Louise Ginn.

(a) Mary Agnes Ginn b. 19 Oct. 1929, Kokomo, Miss.; grad. Co-Lin; m. 19 Dec. 1954 Jesse Lee Howell, Jr., director of personnel Jackson City Schools, Jackson, Miss. Children:

1. Jesse Lee Howell III b. 28 Oct. 1955, Jackson, Miss.

2. John Carl Howell b. 17 Mar. 1958, Jackson, Miss.

3. Mary Ann Howell b. 11 May 1961, Jackson, Miss.

4. Paul David Howell b. 25 Aug. 1964, Jackson, Miss.

(b) Gilbert Gabriel Ginn b. 26 July 1932, Kokomo, Miss.; d. 6 Jan. 1954.

(c) Ella Frances Ginn b. 26 Sept. 1933, Kokomo, Miss.; Meth.; m. 18 Dec. 1955 Aubrey Keith Lucas, registrar at USM; Hattiesburg, Miss. Children:

1. Margaret Frances Lucas b. 24 Oct. 1956, Hattiesburg, Miss.

2. Keith Godbold Lucas b. 24 Nov. 1958; d. 13 Dec. 1959.

3. Martha Carol Lucas b. 22 Dec. 1961, Hattiesburg, Miss.

4. Alan Douglas Lucas b. 13 Aug. 1963, Hattiesburg, Miss.

(d) Herbert Truitt Ginn b. 7 June 1935, Kokomo, Miss.; Meth.; m. 14 Aug. 1959, Dorothy Hazel Coe of Ala.; Exec. Sec. YMCA, Newark, N. J. Children:

1. David Truitt Ginn b. 3 June 1962, Wilmington, Delaware

2. Donna Kay Ginn b. 26 Apr. 1964, Wilmington, Delaware

(e) Martha Louise Ginn b. 22 May 1937, Kokomo, Miss.; Meth.; Co-Lin; teacher in city schools, Jackson, Miss.; unmarried.

(12) Edith Godbold b. 13 July 1905, Summit, Miss.; Meth.; teacher; m. 23 May 1928, Clarence Percer Jones, ICRR conductor; Summit, Miss. Children:

(a) Clifford Percer Jones b. 10 Sept. 1929, Summit, Miss.; B.S. USM; m. 16 May 1954 Syble Lee Thornhill; Rapides Bidg. & Loan Assn., Pineville, La. Children:

1. Bruce Clifford Jones b. 31 May 1957, New Orleans, La.

2. Janice Lee Jones b. 17 July 1958, Alexandria, La.

(13) Ella Lee "Bob" Godbold b. 10 Oct. 1906, Summit, Miss.; m. 20 June 1928, David Fulton Fondren (1904-1959); Jackson, Miss. No children.

(14) Infant son, b. and d. 25 Oct. 1912, Summit, Miss.

d. Micajah Hiram "Mike" Godbold b. 15 Mar. 1857, McCall Creek, Miss.; m. 5 Oct. 1881 Catherine Jane Sample (1860-1945); d. 26 Feb. 1939; Summit, Miss.; Methodists. Children: Augusta, William, Amy, Ada and Micajah Godbold, Jr.

(1) Catherine Augusta "Gussie" Godbold b. 10 Dec. 1882; m. 27 Apr. 1904 Lorenzo E. "Lonnie" Cryer, McComb, Miss. One daughter:

(a) Catherine Elizabeth Cryer b. McComb, Miss.; teacher in city schools, McComb, Miss.

(2) William Wallace Godbold b. 2 Oct. 1884; m. Effie Calendar (1899-1959); worked for ICRR; d. 22 Nov. 1952, McComb, Miss. Children:

(a) R. H. Godbold b. McComb, Miss., 2 Feb. 19__; Paducah, Kentucky

(b) William Edward Godbold b. McComb, Miss.; Paducah, Ky.

(3) Mary Amy Godbold b. 4 July 1886, Pike Co., Miss.; m. Benjamin B. Brister; Jackson, Miss. Children:

(a) Gena Kate Brister m. A. C. Badker.

(b) Ben Borden Brister m. Sara Stone.

(4) Ada Cecilia Godbold b. 25 Feb. 1889; m. L.L.Simmons; d. 8 Dec. 1962. Children:

(a) Leonard Micajah Simmons; Alexandria, La.

(b) David William Simmons; Shelbyville, Tenn.

(c) Lucien Lloyd Simmons; Shelbyville, Tenn.

(5) Micajah Godbold, Jr. b. 13 May 1891; d. 20 July 1892; McComb, Miss.

e. John Foster Godbold b. 24 Oct. 1859, McCall Creek, Miss.; moved to Pike Co., about 1875; m. Jessie Ligon (she later m. J. P. Holmes); d. 29 June 1885, Summit, Miss. One son:

(1) John Bluitt Godbold b. 1885, Summit, Miss.; telephone oper­ator; m. Genevieve_____, New Orleans, La.; d. Sept. 1957, New Orleans, La.

f. William Wallace "Willie" Godbold, b. McCall Creek, Miss.; d. when about 12 years old.

g. Celia (Celah) Godbold b. about 1862, Franklin Co., Miss.; m. Rev. Robert Lee Webb, Meth. preacher; moved to Calif.; d. 1902, Calif. No children.

7. Cassandra Godbold b. Franklin Co., Miss. 1832; m. 12 Nov. 1850, Benjamin Herrington. Children: Russell and Adaline Ibbie Herrington.

8. Mary Adeline Godbold b. 1833 Franklin Co., Miss.; m. 16 Dec. 1847, John M. Cloy. Children: Alice, Adaline, Willie, Elizabeth, Adisha, Lou, Rowan, George
and Richard Cloy.

a. Alice Cloy b. Franklin Co., Miss.; m. Howard Sample (1865-19__); Bude, Miss.

b. Adaline Leona "Babe" Cloy b. Fr. Co., Miss.; m. Charles Walton Beam, III; McCall, Miss.

c. Willie Cloy b. Fr. Co., Miss.; m. Adeline Cotten.

d. Elizabeth "Lizzie" Cloy, m. Asa Gotten, McCall Creek, Miss.

e. Adisha "Dicey" Cloy, m. John Jordan.

f. Lou Cloy, m. Tom Cruise.

g. Rowan Cloy m. Addie Byrd.

h. George Cloy m. Rose Dixon.

i. Richard Cloy, b. 1876, Franklin Co., Miss.; m. Pinkey Beauman; only member of his father's family still living in 1963; Sicily Island, La.

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