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For several years now we have been endeavoring to learn something of the priceless heritage our Godbold forefathers contributed through their undaunted faith, deep religious convictions, and high ideals to our present generation.

The tedious search for all their names and information concerning them led us to courthouses, libraries, and the archives in Jackson, Mississippi; in fact, to any place where we might glean data from land, marriage, family Bible, cemetery, and census records or historical books and journals.

Letters and information from relatives and friends have also proved a tremendous source. To each of you we are indeed grateful. The hours spent in research have been many but pleasant; the new friends made, delightful. To each of you we are deeply indebted.

Our feeble efforts have failed to produce a complete record of the John Godbold family. We do not claim our compilation to be free from errors, but we have striven to make it as nearly correct as possible.

To our gracious Heavenly Father be the glory for the privilege of passing on to you this tiny bit of historical material.

Mavis Godbold
Col. John Mesick
October 25, 1966

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