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Box 235, Route 5 Natchez, Mississippi

Members of the Godbold Family

I little realized when Mrs. Hattie Godbold Bauer asked me to find the grave of Levi Godbold, her great grandfather, that it would entail a search of twenty-four years — and a pretty comprehensive knowledge of the Godbold family.

Thanks to Bishop Gregg's Old Cheraw and Sellers Marion County, S. C. and the help of many family researchers such as Dr. Harper, whose son loaned the Notes on the Godbold Family compiled by his father prior to his passing, a framework of the Godbold family was established.

The search led from South Carolina to California and comprised correspondence with very many of the descendants of John Godbold — but the biggest contribution has been from the years devoted to family research by Miss Mavis Godbold, Route 1, Box 167, Union Church, Mississippi, who has devoted many hours during the past forty years to record and clarify the lines of this illustrious family.

In conclusion I wish to thank Mrs. Betty Godbold Carter and Mrs. Laurie Lovell Godbold Ratcliffe for their encouragement to me and especially must praise Mrs. Edward Ratcliffe for her work in typing the manuscript in its final form.

Very sincerely,
John Mesick
Col. U. S. A. Ret'd.

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