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Addenda and Conclusion

Just as the final typing of the basic manuscript was completed, Eva Godbold McCrary of Uvalde, Texas, inserted an item in the San Antonio Light re a Godbold book. Upon inquiry, I found she was of the Nathaniel Godbold line. Then next week, Mrs. J. W. Gerlich of San Antonio perked up with a promise of much on the descendants of Thomas E., a mutual forebear. So they must be added as addenda. Of course they belong as do many other Godbolds we have been unable to contact through lack of knowledge as to who they might be.

For each of you there are several blank pages at the end - just so you can continue your own line beyond what we could collect - and thus you will earn the gratitude of your descendants. I wish to thank Miss Mavis and the many, many Godbolds who have given their time and effort to make this pamphlet possible.

Especially I wish to thank Mrs. Karl Drake, Box 132, Bennettsville, South Carolina, for her help with records in South Carolina. Though she normally is a paid researcher, she has given generously of her time to help us in our early Carolina search.

For all the rest of the Godbolds, I hope you are of a forgiving nature. We are bound to have made mistakes but let me assure you, they are unintentional.

John Mesick Col. U.S.A. Ret'd.

Addenda (Some Repetition)

C-4-a. Thomas Evans Godbold b. 10 Aug. 1820, Fairfield Co., S. C.; moved to Conecuh Co. Ala. 1834; m. 23 Dec. 1841 Sarah Bolton Nunnelee; both joined M. E. Church South 1844; Masonic Lodge 1847; moved to Harrison Co., Texas, 1854; moved to Wood and then Raines Co. 1858; to Uvalde, Texas 1882; d. 13 Feb. 1907.

1. James Franklin Godbold b. 12 April 1843, probably Conecuh Co., Ala.; C. S. A.; m. last year of the war to E. Bell Simpson b. 8 Oct. 1846; d. 18 Feb. 1914 at Marshall, Texas. Bell died 26 Nov. 1933 Marshall, Texas. Lived for a time in Quitman, Texas, then moved to Marshall, Texas in 1872.

a. Sarah D. (Sally) Godbold b. 8 Dec. 1867; d. at 12.

b. Edwin L. Godbold b. 3 Nov. 1870; d. Texas 1928.

c. Susie Godbold b. 12 Mar. 1872; m. Chas. S. Solomon; d. 9 Feb. 1906.

d. Maggie G. Godbold b. 12 April 1873; m. James F. Martin; d. 21 June 1946.

2. Thomas Jefferson Godbold b. 23 May 1845, Ala.; m. Martha Elizabeth Leakey b. 24 Feb. 1849; d. 7 Jan. 1926. He died 1922 Leakey, Texas.

a. Thomas Arthur Godbold b. 25 Nov. 1869; m. Sarah Samson.

b. James Monroe Godbold b. 31 Mar. 1871, Overton, Texas; m. 22 Jan. 1905 Annie Tom.

c. Minnie Godbold b. 1 Dec. 1872 Quitman, Texas; m. 25 Nov. 1892 Ed A. Kelly.

d. Mattie Godbold b. 1874; d. at 2 years.

e. Mae Godbold b. 7 Jan. 1877; d. 1966; m. 1902 L. S. Mclntosh.

f. Naomi Godbold b. 11 April 1879; d. 22 Oct. 1939; m. Charlie Dulaney.

g. Rose Godbold b. 21 Sept. 1881; d. ____; m. 1911 B. W. Downs.

h. Rabb Godbold b. 12 Dec. 1883; d. 12 Jan. 1940, Texas.

i. Roy Godbold b. 25 May 1883; d. at 14.

j. Carra Josephine Godbold b. 16 Dec. 1888; m. Sam Hawkins.

k. Lucille Godbold b. 11 Nov. 1891; m. 23 Dec. 1914, Marshall Crenshaw.

3. Elizabeth Ann Godbold b. 22 Aug. 1847; d. 23 Mar. 1934; m. William J. Godbold (Cousin) b. 7 Oct. 1837; m. 2nd James Hinton Allison.

a. Irene Godbold b. 18 Mar. 1870; d. 7 Dec. 1872.

b. W. Lovell Godbold b. 7 Dec. 1872; d. ____; m. Myra _____.

c. Mary Henrietta Godbold b. 26 Nov. 1873; living 1967; m. Will Bromley.

d. Sarah Bolton Godbold; b. 4 Feb. ____; d. young.

e. Hattie Allison b. 4 Feb. ____; d. young.

f. George Allison b. 8 Aug. 1886; d. ____; m. Earnestine.

g. John Thomas Allison b. 31 Mar. 1891; d. ____; m. Dana; m. 2nd.

h. Frances Elizabeth Allison b. 4 Feb. 1894; living in 1967; m. Phillips.

4. Henrietta M. Godbold b. 16 Feb. 1850 Raines Co. , Texas; m. Oliver D. Beard, b. 12 Sept. 1848.

a. Daniel J. Beard b. 4 July 1872; d. as child.

b. Thomas Beard b. 5 Mar. 1875; d. as child.

c. John Beard b.

d. Henrietta Beard b. ____; m. Callahan.

5. Mary Sarah Godbold b. 2 Aug. 1852; d. 3 Nov. 1913, Port Arthur, Texas; buried Uvalde, Texas; m. 20 June 1878 at Emory, Texas, Wilburn Maloney; m. 2nd Mr. English; m. 3rd J. Smith b. 26 June 1855 at Greenville, S.C.; Mr. Smith d. Dec. 1920 at Port Arthur, Texas, buried in Uvalde, Texas.

a. Martha Chloe Tilda Maloney b. 28 Dec. 1871, Emory, Texas; m. 30 Nov. 1892 Nathan F. Watkins.

b. Elizabeth English b. 22 Sept. 1875; d. 23 Jan. 1945; m. Fred Hargis.

c. Katherine (Katie) Cleo Smith b. 7 Jan. 1882 Emory, Texas; d. 14 July 1946; m. 13 May 1903 James C. Davenport.

d. John T. Smith b. 9 Feb. 1888; d. 7 April 1922; m. Annie Blanchette.

e. Lonnie Gage Smith b. 27 Sept. 1892; d. June 1966.

f. Eva Ruby Smith b. 11 Aug. 1896; d. ____; m. 1913 Leslie Crowley; m. 2nd Fred Owens.

6. William Henry Godbold b. 23 Sept. 1865, Harrison Co., Texas; d. 15 June 1929 Uvalde, Texas; m. 21 July 1880 Frances Damphier; she b. 6 May 1861 near Lake Butler, Fla., d. 21 Feb. 1940 at Uvalde, Texas.

a. Charles Edwin Godbold b. 28 June 1881 Leakey, Texas; d. 22 May 1947, Leakey, Texas; m. 24 Dec. 1911 Pearl Salmon.

b. Barnie Godbold b. 14 Oct. 1883 Uvalde, Texas; d. 16 Nov. 1943; m. 1919 Havana Cuba Brooks.

c. Earl Godbold b. 8 May 1885 Uvalde, Texas; d. 24 Oct. 1930; m. 21 June 1911 Agnes Davenport.

d. Asa Harris b. Sept. 1892 Uvalde, Texas; d. 5 Jan. 1950; m. Vesta Tom Harris.

e. Thomas Burton Godbold b. 4 Mar. 1897 Uvalde, Texas; d. 9 May 1950; m. 1 June _____ Jo Pellerin.

f. Eva Ima Godbold b. 9 Dec. 1905 Uvalde, Texas; m. 14 June 1925 Earl A. McCrary. (She living 1967)

7. Hatta or Harriet (No data) except b. 12 April 1858; d. 12 Oct. 1873

8. Sarah N. b. 21 Sept. 1861, Raines Co., Texas; d.

9. Nathan O. b. 14 Aug. 1863, Raines Co., Texas; m. Mary Judson Damphier b. 6 June 1870; m. 2nd Ann English.

a. Ira b. 6 May 1886.

10. Amelia Pope Godbold b. 26 Mar. 1867 Raines Co., Texas; m. Oliver Milton Damphier b. 5 Sept. 1859 near Lake Butler, Fla.; she d. San Jose, Calif. 16 Oct. 1939.

a. Roily H. Damphier b. 26 July 1885, Texas.

b. Courtland Damphier b. ____; d. 15 Apr. 1939.

c. Frank Damphier b. ____; d. ____; m. Myrtle LeBogue.

d. Leon Damphier b. ______; d._______; m._______

e. Edna Damphier b. California; d. _______; m. George Hanson.

f. Oliver Milton Damphier b. 9 Nov. 1905, Cal.

From Lurline Gerlich, 315 Castano, San Antonio, Texas, has come the following:

C-4-a-5-a. Martha Chloe Tilda Maloney b. 28 Nov. 1871; d. 7 Nov. 1946, Victoria, Texas. Interment Uvalde, Texas; m. Nathan Fletcher Watkins b. 11 Sept. 1865 Wilson Co., Texas, d. 14 Mar. 1957, Uvalde, Texas.

1. Bert Benson Watkins b. 7 May 1894 Boerne, Texas; living 1967; m. 19 June 1919 Maude Lena Woods.

2. Lurline Cleopatra Watkins b. 4 Jan. 1898 Uvalde, Texas; m. (1) 1 Dec. 1915 J. E. Stapleton; m. (2) 18 Dec. 1932 J. W. Gerlich.

3. Oveta Edith Watkins b. 2 Nov. 1900, Uvalde, Texas; m. (1) 9 Jan. 1921 R. Greenwood; m. (2) 24 Mar. 1935 W. R. Nicholson.

4. Fred McClure Watkins b. 24 Nov. 1903 Uvalde, Texas; m. 24 June 1926 Mukel M. McKinney.

5. George Horner Watkins b. 31 Jan. 1911 Uvalde, Texas; m. 15 Feb. 1941 Mary Goldie Black.

From still another source, Mr. Bickham Christian, 644 Herndon Ave., Shreveport, La. 71101:
I have the following regarding C-4-g:

C-4-g. William E. Godbold b. 26 Mar. 1833; d. 12 Jan. 1871; m. Marsilla Hearne 13 Sept. 1858 Caddo Parish, La., she b. 10 Sept. 1804, d. 1 April 1912.
Marsilla Hearne was the daughter of George Thomas Coke Hearne and Frances Powell. They moved to Caddo Parish, La. in 1840's from near Lowndesboro, Ala. They had two daughters, neither of whom left descendants.

From Mary E. Brantley, 301 East Horner Street, Atmore, Ala.:

I have just received data on Elizabeth Evans who married Jesse Godbold. She married Isaac Knighton following the death of Jesse Godbold and had one known daughter of this marriage:

Cynthelia Mariah Knighton b. 23 June 1813, Fairfield Co., S. C., moved to Alabama 1834; m. 19 Jan. 1835 James Marion Betts, Monroeville, Ala.; d. 27 Jan. 1903 and is buried in Puryearville Cemetery, Monroe Co.

She made the following statement to a granddaughter, Cynthelia Lowrey:

"Elizabeth Evans was the daughter of John Evans and Mary Lucas. The Evans lived in Kershaw Co., S. C. at one time. Elizabeth Evans Godbold Knighton died in 1838 or 1839."

Under Wyatt Godbold who m. 22 Dec. 1842 Serena Betts, she states:

"They had one son named Richard. He had some daughters, one named Mattie and one Ritchie, possibly more. One of the girls married a Merriwether and lived in Montgomery County, etc."

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