A Partial Genealogy of John Godbold of South Carolina

by Col. John Mesick and Mavis Godbold

HTML conversion by John Blandon Ray

Some time ago I became interested in tracing my family history, only to discover that my mother's family, the Godbold family, has already been extensively documented by Colonel John Mesick, with the help of various Godbold family members, particularly Mavis Godbold. My mother was kind enough to loan me her copy of Col. Mesick's volume, which I have scanned into an OCR system and converted into HTML format. As far as I know, this isn't available anywhere else unless you can track down one of the few hundred or so originals published privately in 1966, so I hope it proves helpful to anyone out there researching Godbold history.

One of my goals in doing this is to expand the genealogy with any new information that has become available since it was published. If you have any corrections, additions, or other new information, feel free to contact me at: blandoon (at) gmail (dot) com (sorry this isn't a link, but linked email addresses tend to get caught by programs that harvest email addresses for spam).

Note: I don't have any way of knowing what the copyright status of this work is; the original bears no copyright notice. I can only assume that the authors never intended for their work to remain private for the sake of making a profit, and would have preferred that as many Godbold descendants and other interested parties see it as possible. However, if you are the copyright owner and wish to have your work withdrawn from Web publication, please contact me immediately.

Table of Contents

Symbol Key
The Name Godbold
Chart of the First Three Generations
Immigrant John Godbold
Genealogy of John Godbold:
1: John Godbold through Richard Cloy (i)
2: James Godbold (G) through Hiram Cassidy Godbold (g)
3: James Godbold (II) through Annie Godbold (V)
Unknown Descendants