This is a collection of pictures from some of the temples I visited in Kyoto.

1. The big arch in front of Heian Shrine.

2. A nice picture of the little lake in the back of Heian Shrine.

3. A picture of the stone bridge-things in Heian Shrine.

4. Another picture from Heian Shrine.

5. A very cool picture of the woods near Ginkakuji

6. The front of KyoMizu Dera, a beautiful temple which I foolishly waited too long to visit.

7. Another picture from the front of KyoMizu Dera.

8. A picture from KyoMizu Dera.

9. Another picture from KyoMizu Dera.

10. A strange picture of the roof of one of the builfings at KyoMizu Dera.

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