Here's the lowdown on my partners in crime, the guys who came over with me from my school, Drexel University.

1. Randy Balisalisa. (Alias: Dirty Randy, The Doctor, Kanji-boy, Arimasen-san, Pachinko-san) Worked right acros the street from me at Kyoto Research Park.

2. William Bearyman. (Alias: Eeto-san, Osatoo-san, Hook, Tanigawa) Will and I had the same homestay while we went to school.

3. Chad Denham. (Alias: ) He arrived a month earlier, and left a month before us, and lived in Osaka, but he made his presence known via some wacky email and a few key appearances..

4. John Murray. (Alias: Smurph, Kodomo-san, Matsumoto) John worked over in Osaka, but that never stopped him from hopping a train over to Kyoto to getr some karaoke on.

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