While in Kyoto, I lived in pperhaps the coolest place I'll ever live. It was located smack at the intersection of Senbon and Imadegawa streets. This was a great place to live, because virtually every bus in the city stopped just outside my door. But the best thing about this place was the spectacular 10th floor view.

1. A shot from the back of my apartment, facing forward. You cn see my poor litle Chirstmas tree that didn't arrive until February.

2. Another picture of the interior of the apartment. You can sort of see the kitchen off to the left.

3. The intersection of Senbon and Imadegawa, from the little balcony.

4. Facing south down Senbon. The dirextion I travelled to get to work, or to the downtown area. Also shot from the balcony.

5. Facing west down Imadegawa. The way to go to get to the 7-11 and the Mos Burger. Shot from the balcony.

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