This is where you'll find some samples of the music I've created. Some of them were projects I did while working for Multimedia Research Center in Japan, where I got my start in both digital recording and editing, and in playing the keyboard. The others are mostly guitar-based tracks I recorded for the personal enjoyment of it.

Here are the audio samples, in .mp3 format. (zipped, of course) I tried to keep them as small as possible without degrading sound quality too much, so they might be a little short, sorry.

Rock2, my first attempt at using n-track, a great multi-tracker for the PC. It was done as a demo, so it's not exactly great playing. Recorded with a Yamaha Weddington Custon guitar through an Ibanez tube screamer, and into the AWE64. Then, recorded on MD, re-recorded on a Mac, converted to mp3, and uploaded. All things considered, I think the quality is pretty good. =)

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