Links to my friends.

Dug Song, one of my wacky friends, who runs the equally wacky

Elizabeth Rose, I went to prom with this crazy character back in high school. (Hey! Stop sending her those sympathy cards already!)

Bill Hall, my former roommate.

Andrew Lee, another one of my friends from Drexel. He's a mechanical engineer, can you tell?

Dream Kinematics, the company founded by my good friend Rodney Aiglstorfer, which I was most proud to be a part of. One day, we're co ming back to take over Microsoft.

Philana Chen, my unseen travel guide and companion while I was in Japan. Check out the links section on her page, it's great! I fear this page may be gone for good tho...=(

Companies who have employed me.

Multimedia Research Center in Kyoto, Japan.

SmithKline Beecham,where I worked for the Network Services department.

Lockheed Martin, where I worked in the Hybrid Development Engineering department.

Pages I've Made.

The Drexel University IEEE Chapter.
The Drexel University Paintball Club. (coming soon)

Links to cool places.

Coming soon!

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