So what's this Japan thing all about? Well, the aforementioned country was blessed (or cursed, however you may see it) with my presence for about six months, from October '96 to March '97. This page is dedicated to the interesting stories, information, and pictures of my trip.

Everything was great! I had a great time in Japan. I went to school for three weeks at the Kyoto International Center for some extra language training, and then I started work. I worked for a company called Multimedia Research Center. I made background music for them to use in their multimedia products. The guys who came over with me (Will Bearyman, Randy Balisalisa, and John Murray) are really great. Will and I lived together in our homestay, where we stayed while we were attending school at KIC. . Our host mother, Kidani-san, was the best. She always made us food we liked and bought us ice cream and chocolate and stuff like that.
If you ever wanted to know where to find the coolest apartment on the planet, here is the address:

#1004, Domwan Imadegawadori, Hanshuinmae-cho, Imadegawa
Senbon Higashi Iri, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto

But now, on to the pictures!

Cast of Characters. The guys who went with me.
Pictures of Temples. Some of the temples and shrines I visited while in Kyoto.
My Apartment. Pictures of and around the coolest place to live that I've ever seen.
Extra stuff. that defies categorization.

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