Gregory N. Schuster

Home Address
6612 Towering Oak Path
Columbia, Maryland 21044
(410) 531-5768

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   Drexel University
   Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
   B. S. Electrical and Computer Engineering, June 1998     
   Cumulative GPA: 3.192 on a 4.0 scale

Computer Hardware                   Operating Systems I & II      VLSI Design
Fundamentals of Digital Computers   Electroacoustics              Comp. Networks
Non-Deterministic Systems           Electronics I & II            Control Theory
C Programming for Engineers         Communication Theory          Pascal I & II
Computer Logic Circuits I & II      Microprocessor Fundamentals   Minicomputers    

Senior Design Project:  Design and construction of a robot implementing
                        snake-like movement, controllable via PC.

   Advanced: Photoshop, Excel, ClarisWorks, Netscape Navigator
   Proficient:  Word, PowerPoint, PSpice, Illustrator, Shade III, Infini-D,
             Strata Studio Pro 
   Trained:  Lotus Notes, PageMaker, Matlab, Maple V, Interleaf, AutoCAD, FileMaker Pro,
   Proficient:  Java, C, HTML, Pascal
   Trained:  M68000 assembly, VHDL, Basic
 Operating Systems:
   Authority: Mac OS
   Proficient:  Unix, Windows 3.1, 95/98, NT
   Trained:  Solaris, VMS, OpenWindows, Linux

Multimedia Research Center   Kyoto, Japan                             11/96-3/97
Multimedia Developer
   Composed and arranged background music for use with web-based applications,
   presentations, and CD-ROMs.  Created graphic artwork and performed image
   manipulation on existing artwork to meet project needs.  Provided basic
   translations for English-language software.  Software experience: MIDI
   sequencing, SoundEdit/DECK 2, Photoshop, DeBabelizer, Illustrator, Shade III,
   Infini-D, CD Gear, and Director.

SmithKline Beecham   King of Prussia, PA                             9/95 - 3/96
Network Services Technician
   Assisted in maintaining the King of Prussia segment of SmithKline's worldwide
   network.  Worked independently on a project to help optimize usage of the
   available network space.  Performed hardware upgrades on Cisco AGS+ routers.
   Assisted consultants in troubleshooting network help-desk calls.  Inventoried
   surplus equipment.  Gained exposure to netowrking equipment, including
   routers, switches, and hubs, and expeience in VMS, Excel, and Lotus Notes.

Lockheed Martin   Moorestown, NJ                                     9/94 - 3/95
Hybrid Development Engineer
   Created and organized flowcharts, timetables, spreadsheets, charts, and
   graphics for use in records, reports, proposals, production, and
   presentations.  Assisted business staff in taking inventory and organizing
   electronic and mechanical parts into kits for use in projects.  Gained
   exposure to Unix, VAX and Macintosh systems operating on a large scale
   network.  Software experience:  Excel, FastTrack Scheduler, MacDraw,
   Interleaf, AutoCAD, and Mentor Graphics, and Unix, OpenWindows, and VMS
   operating systems.  

Edith M. Cord, Certified Financial Planner   Columbia, MD            6/91 - 9/93
   Duties included routine filing, office  maintenance, records of business
   expense, ordering supplies,  generating computerized presentation documents,
   and maintaining account files for over 300 active clients.  Experience with Excel,
   Word, and Windows 3.1.

   Partiipant Drexel Enhanced Educational Experience for Engineers (E4)
   Member Phi Eta Sigma Freshman Honor Society
   Academic Dean's List distinction Fall 1993 - Spring 1994
   AT&T Labs Student Enterprise Award Recipient, Senior Design Project
   Webmaster, Drexel University IEEE Chapter
   Webmaster, Drexel University Paintball Club

   Speak intermediate Japanese and French, and basic Chinese.  Excellent writing
   ability.  Experience maintaining and troubleshooting Macintosh computers in
   stand-alone, dialup, and Ethernet networking enviornments.

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