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Re: [Patch:] restore the native use of isdigit() instead of ap_isdigit() in httpd.

On Thu, Mar 30, 2006 at 02:44:19PM -0500, Daniel Ouellet wrote:
> What I did is to check how it was process by the macro in the 
> /include/ctype.h:
> __CTYPE_INLINE int isdigit(int c)
> {
>         return (c == -1 ? 0 : ((_ctype_ + 1)[(unsigned char)c] & _N));
> }

The important point is that isdigit should not be called with an argment
of type char. As I said, it works on OpenBSD. It does not work on other
systems. isdigit is a documented interface, so it should be used
correctly, since someone might want to use it on a different system


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