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Driver Devel: Cardbus BAR Mapping/PCI Differences


 I'm currently trying to migrate the satalink driver to Cardbus on 
NetBSD, and I'm having difficulty getting detailed answers from their 
mailling list and I noticed OpenBSD Cardbus code is based on the NetBSD 
code but more upto date. So here goes with my questions:

1) When a Cardbus driver maps a BAR with Cardbus_mapreg_map, the 
returned bus_addr is later on OR'd with say CARDBUS_MAPREG_TYPE_MEM as 
used in the mapreg_map call, and Cardbus_conf_write'n back to the BAR.


2) Also, how would this work with a card that uses two BAR's.. satalink 
uses BA5 and the pciide code uses BA4 (I think). Would I need to write 
back the BAR's bus_addr, once mapped, for both?

3) I also notice that which ever CARDBUS_MAPREG_TYPE(IO MEM) is used as 
a guide to "make sure the right access type is on the Cardbus bridge" 
(as per driver comments). What if I wanted to map IO on one BAR and MEM 
on another.. how does this effect the value written to the bridge, using 

Any advice is greatly appreciated,
Thanks for your time.

Phil Quinton.