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Re: reentrant variants of gethostbyname2/gethostbyaddr


On Mon, Mar 06, 2006 at 12:10:34PM -0800, Ted Unangst wrote:
>On 3/6/06, Hannah Schroeter <hannah_(_at_)_schlund_(_dot_)_de> wrote:
>> >you can make a gethostbyaddr_r by using a mutex and memcpy to passed storage.

>> I had ideas like that already.

>> But... IIRC one would have to copy several strings, keeping track
>> of things. Correct?

>> And a big disadvantage is creating a big bottleneck, if the name
>> server responds slowly.

>i don't think the backend supports threads particularly well, so
>wrappers are probably your best bet for now.

Ok, thanks for your feedback.

Any chance to get wrappers like this into OpenBSD so it'd provide
those interfaces at all, or should I better maintain them in a
portability layer in our (company I work for) own source tree?

Similar question for getpw{uid,nam}.

Kind regards,


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