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Re: reentrant variants of gethostbyname2/gethostbyaddr

On 3/6/06, Hannah Schroeter <hannah_(_at_)_schlund_(_dot_)_de> wrote:
> I've got code here I'd like to be able to compile on OpenBSD some time
> in the future, if it works. However, that uses GNU extensions which add
> reentrant variants of gethostbyname2 and gethostbyaddr. In our manual
> page for these functions, it's mentioned that the functions use static
> storage, which is not too easily workable for threaded code. So it'd be
> good to have reentrant/threadsafe variants of them anyway.
> Is there any chance that code for that will be added, either (if the
> interfaces are defined in a sane way there) in the way glibc does, or in
> a cleaner way, if there is.
> Or is there any other suggestion for how to resolve hosts by name or
> address in multithreaded code on OpenBSD?

you can make a gethostbyaddr_r by using a mutex and memcpy to passed storage.

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