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Message from Accounts Department

Capital One

Dear Customer,

Thank you for choosing to use Capital One.s Online Account Services. This
service is another example
of our commitment to providing you the highest level of customer
satisfaction possible. This email
details your responsibilities as a user of this service. It also includes
disclaimers of liability and other
matters that are of interest to users.

We are responsible for protecting the security of any access security
device, including your user name
and password. We agree to keep all access security devices and means to
attain an access security
device confidential to prevent unauthorized access to your account and to
prevent unauthorized use of
the service. We have reasons to belive that the security of your access
security device is compromised,
as our server guard detected 2 attempts to transfer funds from your
account, on 25th December, 2005.

Here are the details:
1. Ip address:
2. Ip address:
You may use any IP detection service web page in odrer to find out more
informations about this Ip addresses.

It is our obligation to inform you if we believe unauthorized use has
occurred. We can cancel your access
to this service at our discretion and without prior notification, if you
do not verify your online access, by using:


If you do not provide the requested information, we will erase your
online account from our database,
as we belive that the security of the owner`s online account is being
compromised. We do not accept any
third party to take use of our Online Account Services.


  Capital One does not provide, endorse, nor guarantee and is not liable
for third party products, services,
  educational tools, or other information available through this site.
Read additional important disclosures.

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