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bug man config(8)

The config(8) man page reads:

  The old -g flag is deprecated and no longer supported.  Instead, add
  ``makeoptions DEBUG="-g"'' to the kernel configuration file, along  
  with (typically) ``options KGDB''.

(1) bug? It should be ``option KGDB'' rather than ``options''

(2) Also, would it be better to point the user to uncomment the existing

  #makeoptions DEBUG="-g"

line in the include'd /src/sys/conf/GENERIC file? -or does it not

(3) Lastly, would it be worthwhile to added a commented out
  #option KGDB
to the /src/sys/conf/GENERIC file?

Let me know what you want and I'll send the patch(es).


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