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Re: Access any pc worldwide in 10 seconds at the best price!


On 11/21/05, ****_(_at_)_whatsweb_(_dot_)_com <****_(_at_)_whatsweb_(_dot_)_com> wrote:
> ********** just launched ********** Access.  It is the very first Belgian
> remote support technology to support your internet customers worldwide in
> one step and 10 seconds.  This product is designed to increase your
> efficiency and reduce support costs.  A free 7 day evaluation version is
> now available for everyone!

> To contact a representative for more information, call: +32 - 14 - 705044

Since they have a contact in Belgium I took the liberty of calling
them and asking them to not spam tech anymore.

It supposedly was a guy in Beyjing which was "helping" them.

It shouldn't happen anymore.
Bram Dumolin