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Re: Update for australiasia zoneinfo src file

Sorry, typo in the url, see http://www.tubnor.net/zoneinfo/australasia

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Sent: Tuesday, 8 November 2005 11:14 AM
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Subject: Update for australiasia zoneinfo src file


I have submitted a copy of this file to tz_(_at_)_elsie_(_dot_)_nci_(_dot_)_nih_(_dot_)_gov but
submitting a link to it here also
http://www.tubnor.net/zoneinfo/australiasia .  The change is to the
Eastern Australia states that participate in Daylight savings time.  As
the Commonwealth Games are being held in Melbourne next year (2006), the
local governments have extended the current daylight savings period by 1
week.  More information can be found here
http://www.dpac.tas.gov.au/divisions/policy/daylightsavings .  This
probably needs to be inserted into current supported releases as a patch
merged into -current tree.



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