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Great Gay & Lesbian Travel Deals on Travelocity

Dear PlanetOut.com member, here's a message from our sponsor:
Gay & Lesbian Travel on Travelocity


You know that Travelocity is one of the leading travel sites
on the Web, but did you know that we're also leading the way
in online travel planning services for the gay and lesbian
The Gay & Lesbian Travel section on Travelocity.com is home
to a variety of articles, tools and recommendations you'll
find necessary in planning the perfect trip or vacation. We
advise you on the best in gay-friendly destinations, hotels
and cruise lines in the U.S. and abroad, and we've also put
together all-gay and gay-friendly vacation and cruise
packages to hot spots all around the globe. That means you
can focus all of your energy and attention on just having a
memorable time - for all the right reasons.
Of course, Travelocity will always try to get you the best
deals on your airfare, hotel rates, cruises and more. Next
time you're looking to plan a gay-friendly trip online,
visit Travelocity.com!

For more information, please go to:
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