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Suggestion to make the floppy names more obvious.

>From http://www.openbsd.org/37.html

> OpenBSD/i386:
>      Play with your BIOS options to enable booting from a CD.
> The OpenBSD/i386 release is on CD1. If your BIOS does not
> support booting from CD, you will need to create a boot floppy
> to install from. To create a boot floppy write
> CD1:3.7/i386/floppy37.fs to a floppy and boot via the floppy
> drive.
>       Use CD1:3.7/i386/floppyB37.fs instead for greater scsi
> controller support, or CD1:3.7/i386/floppyC37.fs for better
> laptop support.

Wouldn't it be easier for people if the names were changed like this:

mv floppyA38.fs floppy_normal_38.fs
mv floppyB38.fs floppy_scsi_38.fs
mv floppyC38.fs floppy_laptop_38.fs

I mean floppy?38 is already 9 chars long and out of proper DOS
naming ;-)

# Han

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