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Re: OSPF not in rc and rc.conf in 3.7 and 3.7-current

On Tue, Mar 22, 2005 at 04:21:12PM -0500, Jason Crawford wrote:
> I gather since OpenOSPFd was tagged for 3.7 it is now considered
> "stable" however it does not have an entry in either /etc/rc or
> /etc/rc.conf on either 3.7 or 3.7-current. Here's a small diff to put
> it in there, right above bgpd. If it is indeed in there, and my local
> repository is way out of whack, then I appologize for the uneccessary
> traffic.

Tagging and declaring something as stable are two different things.
Tagging is used to show what is included in 3.7 it does not need to be
stable. Honestly I currently would not call ospfd stable. It is not bad to
play with but has limitations. Running your daily business on it is a tad
to early.

:wq Claudio

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