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Re: sk0: no PHY found!

thanks to all that chimed in on this one, however i seem to have
solved the issue - apparently not an OS issue.

for the archives, for i've seen a few posts about this on various
lists....my "system" (mostly barebones) came in and since the bios
date was listed as jan/05, and no later bios existed on asus'
website, i continued on, none the wiser. until i noticed that mark
had 1009 (dec/04) and his mb was working. so i thought, i'd downgrade
the bios; come to realize that the bios that was shipped with my
mb was not really a valid asus one - my oem replaced it with who
only knows...(oddly enough, 1 week after i order/receive the box
that company is no longer in business - figures). ripping the crap
bios off and putting a real asus one was a challenge, but after all
is said and done, sk(4) works. no real changes to the default bios
settings needed were needed to specificly make sk(4) work.

lesson learned.

anyway, thanks again. 


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