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Re: sk0: no PHY found!

At 05:14 PM 3/16/2005 +0100, you wrote:

well, the really interesting question is what linux does to the chip
that it behaves like that. I have plenty of marvell-sks and none has
issues like that, but none has ever booted linux of course either.

The Linux Knoppix 3.4 seemed to set the chip for an 'autoselect' mode, but when the sk0 driver booted it couldn't find any media. After forcing the Linux driver to a specific media (10/100), everything worked fine until the port started locking up.

Apparently there is an issue with the sk driver and ASUS MBs, but since adding a NIC is actually a decent solution (less than $10), it didn't seem worth spending the time to investigate.