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Re: sk0: no PHY found!

At 10:19 AM 3/16/2005 -0500, you wrote:
hi all - so i'm having a small issue with sk(4) on an asus a8v amd64
motherboard. the device works with pxeboot(8), so i've ruled out a
physical problem. i've played with many options in the bios, from
disabling acpi/apm and other various settings without success. one
bug report (kernel/4041) was submitted then closed awhile ago, but
-current doesn't work for me (not sure about OP).

anyone else with a similar issue?

Had that exact problem on an ASUS A7V880 a while back, it occurrend when we booted the MB with a Linux CD.

Even after fixing it (rebooting with the Linux CD and setting the media manually), the port would die (stop passing traffic) every few days, even with a cron job pinging every second. Best solution is to install a PCI NIC; if you truly want to use sk0, write a cron job that will ping an outside IP and if that fails restart the interface.