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Re: tar and trailing slash for dirnames.

Andreas Kahari wrote:
> Han Boetes <han_(_at_)_mijncomputer_(_dot_)_nl> wrote:
> > So it is done on purpose. But it is incompatible with gtar.
> > And I just happen to run into a situation where this behaviour
> > is required, so I would like to request the change of this
> > behaviour. Or perhaps somebody can enlighten me why this is
> > the prefered behaviour.
> Do you have something that has to parse the output of "tar tf"
> and figure out if something is a directory or not? Can't you, in
> that case, just add a "v" to the options and test for a "d" in
> the first position of the resulting line?

Err no it's not a shellscript. It's a piece of C++ code. A simple
packagemanager to be precise. I slowly got rid of all dependencies,
except for gtar. Nothing important of course.

# Han

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