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Makefile.yp awk -> perl?

Hi, I have yet another idea kicking around after talking with a friend
about NIS last night. We had just attended a Sun Solaris 10 seminar on
all the nifty things in Solaris 10, and Sun covered process rights
management and user rights management facilities now in Solaris. That's
not the interesting part. The interesting part is that those facilities
can get their data via NIS. We use OpenBSD NIS servers for Solaris NIS
clients where I work and we're looking to go to Solaris 10. This means
that I'm going to be mucking around in Makefile.yp to be able to build
the maps for process rights management and user rights management. I
admit freely that I'm part of the new generation of sysadmins who are
perl whores and do not know awk, and rarely use sed. Thus, when I write
the targets for prm and urm maps, I'm going to write everything in perl.
Since I'm going to be there anyway, should I go ahead and re-implement
everything else in perl, then kick back patches?
Granted, Makefile.yp works, but the targets look like incomprehensible
line noise and as the years move on, fewer and fewer people will know

-Jesse Kempf
VLSI Lab Systems Manager
Center for Integrated Electronics
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute