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Re: Star & OpenBSD

* Joerg Schilling <schilling_(_at_)_fokus_(_dot_)_fraunhofer_(_dot_)_de> [2005-02-14 12:11]:
> Henning Brauer <henning_(_at_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_org> wrote:
> > * Joerg Schilling <schilling_(_at_)_fokus_(_dot_)_fraunhofer_(_dot_)_de> [2005-02-11 15:45]:
> > > Because the CDDL gives you enough freedom to do the same as you may do
> > > with the BSD license
> > this is an outright lie.
> You are using the term "lie", so it seems that you are one of the 
> religuous zaelots and no better than GPL zaelots :-(

look, it has been proven to you that some of the CDDL statements are 
obviously, completely and without doubt not in line with the BSD 
license, yet you continue to claim the opposite. In the western universe, 
people continueing to repeat proven-wrong statements are called a "liar" -
sorry, that's the facts.

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