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ahd testing

krw@ and I have been working on ahd over the last few days at the hackathon and we are reasonably sure that ahd works very well as long as the older version of the chip is used.  The only issues we seem to have are whenever we use a chip version that is newer than the AIC7902A.  Our experience seems to indicate that the issues could be PCI-X related.  To narrow this down we would appreciate if people could give this a twirl and send us dmesg' plus success/failure stories.

Big thanks must go out to two people who made this development possible:
* Diana Eichert went through quite some pain collecting donations to enable krw@ to purchase a board to develop with.
* Milos Urbanek created the initial port from the FreeBSD code that was written by Justin T. Gibbs.  He did that in only a few short days and he did this without hardware!

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