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Giga Byte GS-SR125EDL

Does anyone here have any experience of the GigaByte GS-SR125EDL and OpenBSD ?

We're desperate to come back to OpenBSD - especially now SMP looks like it's on the cards :)

I've taken both a current snapshot and a release snapshot of 3.5's boot CD and tried to boot them on one of the boxes we have here, but I get "ERR X" before boot even starts.

Any suggestions gratefully received!

The server specs are here http://www.giga-byte.com/Server/Products/Products_RackmountServer_GS- SR125EDL.htm

briefly .. it appears to have the following chipsets .. some of which at least I can find on the i386 supported hardware pages

	• 	Serverworks® CMIC-SL Northbridge
	• 	Serverworks® CIOB-E Dual Gigabit LAN and PCI-X Bridge
	• 	Serverworks® CSB6 Southbridge
	• 	Windbond® W83627HF

Although the specs aren't fantastic ... they're currently running RedHat 9 .. I'd rather they weren't :)

Kindest Regards

Jon Morby

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