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Re: bgpd: fd passing to solve listener reconfig at runtime

* Tamas MEZEI <tamas_(_at_)_bazmag_(_dot_)_hu> [2004-06-18 13:50]:
> > 		fatal("fcntl");
> > 
> >+	prepare_listeners(&conf);
> >+
> > 	/* fork children */
> [...]
> > 
> >+	prepare_listeners(conf);
> bgpd.c says that conf is a bgpd_config struct, prepare_listeners() needs 
>  a pointer pointing to a bgpd_config struct.
> There's a missing '&' sign in the 2nd preprare_listeners() call.

no, sorry, you are wrong.

the first call to prepare_listeners() is from main(), where conf is 
defined as
        struct bgpd_config       conf;
so everything is cool there.

However, the second call is from reconfigure, and conf is...

reconfigure(char *conffile, struct bgpd_config *conf, struct mrt_head *mrt_l,
    struct peer **peer_l, struct filter_head *rules_l)

...already a pointer.

thanks for checking nontheless tho.

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