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Re: We are looking for a particular SMP machine

By the way, we have not found a machine like this yet.

(An offer came in, but we've decided against shipping a 7U machine :-)

> As some of you have noticed, our SMP branch is working on almost all
> MP machines.  The test reports we have received have been really helpful.
> Thanks.
> There are currently about 6 known major problems, all of which fall
> into one particular area of the code: interrupt routing on a few very
> very badly designed machines.  Engineers should be shot, but as it is,
> we might as well make our code deal with this issue.
> The two most major issues:
>     1. "no MP mapping found".
>     2. Interrupts are disabled during bootup, leading to cardbus/pcmcia
>        and audio link rate probe issues; perhaps other issues too.
> There is a hackathon upcoming in Calgary where nearly 50 developers
> will be spending a week hacking on lots of things, including these
> problems.
> Unfortunately, none of the attending developers has a machine
> available which exhibits this problem!  We've been hunting everywhere!
> So we are hoping that before this coming Friday someone will step up
> who is willing to express ship us a machine (or motherboard + cpus +
> memory, assuming that it uses a standard power supply) which exhibits
> the problematic issue.
> We are looking for a machine that displays "no MP mapping found"
> messages during boot of GENERIC.MP.  If you have one available, please
> drop me a note saying what you can do (include as much of a dmesg as
> you can) and I'll pick the best of the worst and take it off your
> hands...  It is not going to work with GENERIC.MP until we fix this
> (and once we fix it, it will be a poor performer because the board is
> badly designed)
> Thanks a lot.