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Re: Problems with carp le and vmware

It looks like this is a bug in vmware ESX.

One has to set all underlying networking drivers to Allow promisous.
And then the problem seams to vanish.


--On Donnerstag, 27. Mai 2004 22:53 Uhr +0200 Manon Goo <manon_(_at_)_manon_(_dot_)_de> wrote:


I am trying to setup a openbsd machine under vmware sing carp.

As soon as I bring up the Carp interface the mac addresse handling is
becoming extreamly unreliable.
This means:
1.) I stop all arp traffic via tcpdump but all other machines see it
2.) The machine stops to answer with "ARP REPLYS" when either the
    Carp address or the LE(4) address is queried.

3.) when I add static mac addresses on the other machines everything
looks fine.


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