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RFC#18 - src sets

Request to create src sets installable during the upgrade/install procedure.

As of today OpenBSD provides patches as source diff only, however there're
no options to install the source code during the installation. The following 
would help any type of user to get want he wants in a faster and cleaner way.

I'm asking to modify src sets in this way:

1) renaming

src.tar.gz		->		src34.tgz
sys.tar.gz		->		sys34.tgz
XF4.tar.gz	->		XF4-34.tgz
ports.tar.gz	->		ports34.tgz

2) path modification

The installation procedure extracts each set in the root directory: tar zxfp 
$file -C /
This means that these sets should contain an absolute path.

3) modify the src/distrib/miniroot/install.sub file to support those 4 new 


# http://hacking.openbsd.it/