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patch to support Intel 865G integrated graphics

Hi All,

Here's a patch to sync i810 integrated graphics with
NetBSD (src/sys/dev/pci/agp_i810.c, 1.21). This patch allows
me to run X on my HP/Compaq d530.

After applying the patch you'll need to run make in
/usr/src/sys/dev/pci to regen the PCI data files.

This should also add support for i855 integrated graphics, but
I can't test that, as I don't have one of those controllers.

You can find the patch here:

Here's a before of the XFree86 startup log:

And the matching after:

This patch only directly affects i386 (by updating sys/arch/i386/pci/agp_machdep.c).

The patch is against -current as of tonight (2004/01/10 ~19:30),
source taken from anoncvs.ca.openbsd.org.


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