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Re: RFC#14 - openssh keysize

I fail to see how you two arguing about who knows more (or less) about
cryptopgraphy adds ANY value to this list.  Please don't bother me
with assertions about who was privy to god's own truth in this matter.

This is an ideal candidate for a PRIVATE exchange: a pissing contest.

I'm getting pretty tired of people that need an audience to argue in
front of.

And please don't accuse me of being hypocritical.

You wrote:
> > Learn to stay focused. I am referring to a symmetric cipher, not a
> > assymmetric cipher like RSA. I agreed with you. Get on a leash, and show
> > some restraint. Once again, if you forgot already, I agreed with you re:
> > not having to brute force a public cipher.
> Yes, you are referring to which symmetric cipher that uses 1024 bit keys
> exactly?  And why would you be using this magical symmetric cipher to
> tell the original poster he is dumb, when he very clearly was referring
> to asymmetric ciphers?
> > Once AGAIN, I was not talking about assymetric ciphers. In case you forgot
> > what I wrote above, I *AGREE* with you re: not needing to brute-force
> > assymetric ciphers. Please drop it.
> Then whey are you trying to prove your point by saying its a 2^1024
> bigger keyspace to search?
> Jesus christ dude.  Nevermind, you win.  You have finally convinced me
> that you really do have a learning disability.  I am sorry I cannot be
> of any help to you, perhaps you can speak to your caretaker and they
> could explain it better in person, using visual aids or something.
> Adam