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Calling .init and .fini from dynamic libraries

In trying to port wine (ReWind) to OpenBSD 3.4-beta, I've come to believe
that when loading dynamic libraries, the .init and .fini sections are never

loader.c looks like it calls them in _dl_call_init:

        DL_DEB(("doing ctors: [%s]\n", object->load_name));
        if (object->dyn.init)

but I can't find anything that sets object->dyn.init.  I think it should be
done in resolve.c in _dl_finalize_object.  We have this:

        if (object->Dyn.info[DT_INIT])
                object->Dyn.info[DT_INIT] += loff;
        if (object->Dyn.info[DT_FINI])
                object->Dyn.info[DT_FINI] += loff;

But still, the init and fini function pointers go unset.  Is this assessment
correct?  If so, I'll work on a patch, though it may be a bit over my head.

Also, same sections are not called when loading a normal ELF executable
either.  Thorsten Glasser mentioned this in a ports@ post a while back, and
he mentioned that Dale Rahn had a patch.  I looked for that patch and
couldn't find it, so I thought I'd throw mine out there.  It's heavily based
on changes made to NetBSD when they were trying to get wine running some
time ago.


Thanks in advance

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