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Norton Anti Virus detected a virus in a message you authored.

You have sent a message containing a virus. The sender has been notified that your
message contained a virus. The details listed below are for Technical Support staff
but contain details of the message. Please log a call with your Help Desk to have
your computer scanned for virus.

The scanned document was QUARANTINED.

Virus Information:
The attachment your_document.pif contained the virus W32_(_dot_)_Sobig_(_dot_)_F_(_at_)_mm and could NOT
be repaired.

This  email  and  any  attachments  are confidential and intended for the addressee
only.   If  you are not the named recipient, you must not use, disclose, reproduce,
copy  or  distribute the contents of this communication.  If you have received this
in error, please contact the sender and then delete this email from your system.