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Re: Bridging across VLANs? (fwd)

I sent this to Sascha yesturday.  Figured i would forward to tech seeing 
how everyone is replying to tech anyway.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Wed, 6 Aug 2003 12:50:02 -0400 (EDT)
From: Jason Houx <coldiso_(_at_)_houx_(_dot_)_org>
To: Sascha Luck <sascha_(_at_)_c4inet_(_dot_)_net>
Cc: misc_(_at_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_org
Subject: Re: Bridging across VLANs?


First of all read about the mailing list!!! TECH is for the really smart 
guys who know what they are doing - and you report bugs to them - please 
don't bother them with misc_(_at_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_org questions.  I would prefer to keep 
them happy with b33r and code than bother them with questions like this.

then look at the man page

man brconfig
man ifconfig

do you see traffic comming in the interfaces that are attached to the 
vlans - tcpdump comes to mind  - man tcpdump.  Next thing that comes to 
mind is spanning tree running on these switches? 

when you do a 'ifconfig bridge0'  is it up?

Jason Houx

On Wed, 6 Aug 2003, Sascha Luck wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have 2 VLANs on a SuperstackII switch and I am trying to bridge across these 
> with an OpenBSD 3.3 machine (MAC filtering is the intended use).
> The problem is, I can't seem to get the 2 VLANs to see each other. What am I 
> missing here? config files as follows:
> /etc/hostname.xl[0-3]
> up
> /etc/bridgename.bridge0
> add xl0
> add xl1
> add xl2
> add xl3
> maxaddr 256
> up
> This should work, right?
> rgds,
> Sascha

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