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overwrite /dev/stdout? tar with option -z


Sine a few days I get the follwoed error messages, on a bootcd:
  overwrite /dev/stdout?
  tar: end of archive volume 1 reached
  tar: Sorry, unable to determinate archive format

If I don't us the "z" option in the tar command all is OK.

What I do is:  Mount the /dev filesystem to a mount_union ramdisk, from
the rc script.  The filesystem is is as a tar archive on the CD.

may it's a bug, but may it's my mistake.  I can use it with out
the "z" option, so the priority is very low.

I do the same thing also with /etc, and I got the same error message.

Not working code:
  if [ -f /cdboot/DateiSystem.tgz ]; then
    tar zxpf /cdboot/DateiSystem.tgz -C /
    echo 'var und tmp entpackt'

working code:
    if [ -f /cdboot/DateiSystem.tgz ]; then
      tar xpf /cdboot/DateiSystem.tgz -C /
      echo 'var und tmp entpackt'

If you need more infos, please tell me what you need and I'll send it as
soon as possible.


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