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ALTQ cbq(efficient) in OpenBSD 3.3

Hello All,

Ive set up OpenBSD to run ALTQ and it works very nice (alot better than
freebsd.. but freebsd is still be prefered OS). With ALTQ on FreeBSD I
could use the option efficient wich when I enabled this option it would be
able to use full bandwidth from its parent if borrowing was enabled.

Basically I have to classes under one parent. I wont both classes to get
gaurenteed bandwidth but if the other class is not using its bandwidth it
can be used by the class requesting it.

Current Setup:

altq on dc0 cbq bandwidth 100% queue { std_uplink, local_uplink }
queue std_uplink        cbq(default)
queue local_uplink      bandwidth 256Kb { jobsd_uplink, joxp_uplink }
 queue jobsd_uplink             cbq(borrow) bandwidth 128Kb
 queue joxp_uplink              cbq(borrow) bandwidth 128Kb

altq on rl0 cbq bandwidth 100% queue { std_hosting, local_hosting }
queue std_hosting       cbq(default)
queue local_hosting     bandwidth 256Kb { jobsd_hosting, joxp_hosting }
 queue jobsd_hosting            cbq(borrow) bandwidth 128Kb
 queue joxp_hosting             cbq(borrow) bandwidth 128Kb

		      [ Parent ]  256k Total
			|    |
			|    |
	[Jo XP]----------    ----------[Jo BSD]
         128k borrow			128k borrow


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