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[PATCH] PR #2122 (boot -a)

Hello people,

I discovered a (possible) fix for PR#2122, 'boot -a'
not working since the pcvt->wscons switch in 2.8-current.

--- /usr/OBSD/src/sys/arch/i386/i386/autoconf.c	Thu Jun  5 16:10:30 2003
+++ autoconf.c	Sat Jun  7 16:47:16 2003
@@ -355,7 +355,9 @@
 		char name[128];
 		printf("root device? ");
+		cnpollc(TRUE);
 		getsn(name, sizeof name);
+		cnpollc(FALSE);
 		if (*name == '\0')
 			goto noask;
 		for (gc = genericconf; gc->gc_driver; gc++)

Please bear in mind that my mailer seems to "eat" whitespace
like other people breakfast, and don't yell at me if that
does not apply cleanly as-is (that above is output from
diff -u, so it's clean).

Willst Du wegen dummer User immer 'Ja, ich will' nach einem rm an /dev/tty
eingeben müssen?		-- Bodo Eggert in de.alt.sysadmin.recovery

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