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snapshot booting problem for spar64


As Theo requested, here is a problem report for the latest snapshot.
I did a fresh install from local ftp mirror.
Everything goes well with the installation procedure but when it tries
to boot the new shiny system, fails with an error and requests boot

Here's a terminal output
Sun Ultra5/10 UPA/PCI (UltraSPARC-IIi 270 Mhz), Keyboard Present
OpenBoot 3.11, 128 MB memory installed, Serial #10506835
Ethernet address *:*:**:**:**:**, Host ID: ********

Rebooting with command boot
Boot device: disk:a File and args
...>> OpenBSD 3.3-current (obj) #38: Sun Jun 1 16:03:55 MDT 2003
: trying bsd ...
open /pci_(_at_)_1f,0/pci_(_at_)_1,1/ide_(_at_)_3/disk_(_at_)_0,0:a/bsd : No such file or directory
: trying obsd ...
open /pci_(_at_)_1f,0/pci_(_at_)_1,1/ide_(_at_)_3/disk_(_at_)_0,0:a/obsd : No such file or directory


The interesting point is, when you type "bsd" like nothing happened, it
gracefully boots the bsd kernel.

I tried to reinstall bootblk with installboot but the it acts the same.

Is this a strl{cpy,cat} converison round bug?

Machine is an Ultra5 with two IDE disks.
I didn't attach dmesg output to save bandwidth. If you need, I can send


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