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Re: bizarre make behaviour

On Sat, May 31, 2003 at 10:11:49AM +0100, Andrew Basterfield wrote:
> Does anybody have any idea why all of a sudden make(1) would start
> barfing on lines that start with
> <TAB># comment
> if I delete the tab all works fine.
> I am trying to make build and I have found this so far in
> Makefile.bsd-wrapper for lib2fc, binutils, less, sudo and bind, and I'm
> still plugging away.
> I have rebuilt and reinstalled make(1) to no avail.

It turns out it was my /etc/shrc which is set in $ENV and does some stuff
like providing the right umask and $PATH when I su.

This used a variable which I unset at the end. When I took this out make no
cares about the indented comments.

$ cd /usr/src/usr.bin/less
$ echo unset test >~/test.sh
$ ENV=~/test.sh make -f Makefile.bsd-wrapper depend
# Nothing here so far...
*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/src/usr.bin/less (line 87 of


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