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IPsec over a wireless network to a W2K or Windows XP client?

Is it possible to set up a Windows 2000 or Windows XP client to
communicate with an OpenBSD system using IPsec, and pass all traffic
over the encrypted link?  I'm asking because I'd like to replace WEP
with IPsec on my wireless network, but everything I've read suggests
that Windows will only encrypt traffic to the other host or its
subnet, but not other hosts via the gateway.

Can this be don at all?  I know that it can be done from one OpenBSD
system to another; the page at http://rt.fm/~jcs/ipsec_wep.phtml
explains that well.  Moreover,
http://www.cs.umd.edu/users/mvanopst/xp2obsd.pdf shows how to get
Windows XP to communicate with OpenBSD over IPsec, so is there any way
to combine these two to get wireless network security using IPsec from
Windows 2000 or XP to an OpenBSD gateway?