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Re: _XOPEN_SOURCE and select(2)

Marco S Hyman writes:
 >  > in unistd.h select(2) is only defined if _XOPEN_SOURCE isn't, yet
 >  > select(2) is POSIX, so you'd expect it to always be available.
 > POSIX says that select is in <sys/select.h>, not <unistd.h>
 > The POSIX version of <unistd.h> does NOT include select(2).
 > // marc

Hmm. Ok. Except a quick grep of /usr/include shows that select(2) is
ONLY defined in <unistd.h>, and not <sys/select.h>. I looked in the CVSweb
and it appears to be the same.

$ egrep -rn -E -e "int\W*select\W*\(" *
sys/sysctl.h:162:#define KERN_NSELCOLL          43      /* int: select(2) collisions */
unistd.h:186:int         select(int, fd_set *, fd_set *, fd_set *, struct timeval *);

Zachary Hamm

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