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PERC 3/DI improvements in 3.3?

I've been reading through the misc list about PERC 3/DI raid support in
OpenBSD.  In 3.2 aparently you needed to apply a patch, recompile the
kernel, burn bootible iso and disable a few other drivers.  I also read
that there were some stability issues and general problems with the
various solutions, but these messages talk about older versions of obsd.
Does 3.3 have these patches applied already? Are there still stability
issues?  And is there a nice step by step guide to the wizardry
mentioned above? (incl where's the patch) :)

If the driver is a bit flakey, does anyone have a suggestion for a good
2U server with roughly the same abilities as the Dell 2650?

I havn't bought the server yet, and 3.3 cds havn't arrived yet :)


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